Alien Sex 103

Allie Ritch
Fantasy romance
Available from Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 978-1-59578-980-8
October 2012

This is the third book in the fun Alien Sex Ed series, and for the most part can be read as a stand alone book. However, it does refer to other characters whose stories are covered in previous books that may make you wonder and have to buy the previous books. They're sort of a set of short stories that all intertwine and tell the sexy stories of their romances and the sometimes hilarious issues that develop with alien dating. This book starts with the great story of Varion and Benni and their very adventurous sex life.

As a Multan, Varion has some very unique skills that has made him a successful corporate spy. His entire race can change and manipulate their features and coloring, a trait that fellow Sex Ed student Benni finds incredibly arousing. Which is good since Varion can't get enough of Benni and the incredible flexibility that comes with being a Flexion. Things seem to be working out incredibly well between the two of them, at least until Benni recognizes Varion one day while he's with the company he's spying on, and learns that his job may have a huge impact on hers. Suddenly they both start questioning their attraction to each other and whether they really have a future together.

And while I've truly enjoyed all the characters and their stories I have to admit that the second part of this book was about the two characters that I was waiting with baited breath for their story and I wasn't disappointed at all. In fact this could be one of my favorite pair in the whole series. Zeo and Pixie manage to have a very sweet yet erotic courtship.

Pixie is a very sheltered Earthling who has struggled to gain independence from her loving but over protective parents. While Zeo is a large fierce catlike Nimanian who is convinced that shy virginal Pixie is his destined mate. But with such incredibly different backgrounds it's going to take some incredible patience and compromise on both their parts to make their relationship work.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Amy Hopkins
January 3, 2013

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