Dyanne Doezz

Hi everyone, my pen name is Dyanne Doezz. I'm a married mother of four young adults, and our pet is one spoilt Labrador/Bouvier Benoit dog that my daughter adopted from our local SPAD (dog pound) about two years ago. She's a real beauty and intelligent to boot.

During my youth, I discovered Nancy Drew and many such books. Most of my adult life I've read mostly Harlequins. Likewise, I began writing romance novels, I've several novels written, yet just one is edited and was sent into an agent. However, seeing as I donít want to self-publish at least not at this point I am looking for another agent, for I gave notice to the agent that we will no longer be doing business together. My editing of the other books is progressing along.

I find different things to do that can help others as well as myself and my writing. A few years back, I critiqued in a forum, until I realized I needed something else. This year I decided I had to do something different than before and what better than reviews. I love the part of the reading and writing stage of reviewing. I've read several of the reviews from 'The Romance Studio,' and believe me when I say the reviews have that touch that makes a reader want to read on.

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