Dee Dailey

Hi all, I'm a born and bred Yankee (Wisconsin) who's been transplanted many times in the last eight years and now qualify as being a full-fledged 'Damn Yankee' (one of those northerners who moved south and stayed.) In the last eight years I've lived in Hawaii, New York, Texas and Tennessee following my grandchildren and military daughter and son-in-law. We're settled now so I spend my time, when I'm not reading, taking care of my three grandkids aged six weeks, two and eight years old or working as a nurse.

I've been reading every book I could get my hands on since second or third grade. At one point in time I'd read every fictional book in our small town library and at my school! Reading a full-length book a day isn't unusual for me. Every genre is interesting. I can't watch horror movies or TV shows but I can read anything in print. The newer paranormals with vampires, witches, shapeshifters, wolves, dragons are a lot of fun. Erotic fiction, medieval romance, historical far, except for textbooks in college, I haven't found a book I didn't like!

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