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Where Dreams Are Born by Joyce DeBacco
It was supposed to be a win-win situation for single mom Vicky and widower Jack. But life has more in store than either imagines.

Obsession by Sharon Buchbinder
A desperate mother. A Mexican drug lord. A dangerous match.

Civil War Valentine by Haley Whitehall
Recently divorced museum curator, Charlie Bristol, never imagined donated Civil War Valentines could lead to a timeless love.

Against All Odds by Melanie Atkins
A detective determined to solve the murder of an ADA risks his life to protect the man's widow… the only woman he has ever loved.

Rebel by Jennifer Lynn
Sworn to hate, destined to love.

Rescue Me by Jody Vitek
Can Catherine accept the consequences of a great-aunt's dying wish without losing her heart or independence?

The Calypso Ring by Tricia Jones
Anonymous notes and a sexy stranger. Mia wasn’t sure which threatened her the most.


Gavin’s lost his title, fortune, and good name -- then he loses his heart to Elizabeth.

Charmed Lovers (Box Set) by Zenobia Renquist
With humans caught in a war between vampires and mages, three couples' love endures amidst the chaos.

What Lies Within by Jamie Cortland
Is he her dream man or the hideous creature from her nightmares?

Winner Take All by Denyse Bridger
A gambler, a saloon manager, a kid who thinks he can have whatever he wants...disaster strikes...

See Bride Run! by Charlotte Hughes
Latest romantic comedy release by Charlotte Hughes, New York Times Bestselling Author.

Suspicions of the Heart by Rita Hestand
Candy Arnold inherits a ranch in the Panhandle of Texas, then all hell breaks loose, she's shot at, and stolen from, her could it be her sexy neighbor who wants her off the land? Who can she trust.

Broken by Izzibella Beau
Can they help each other fix the damaged pieces of their lives or will unforeseen circumstances keep their lives forever shattered?

Night Magic by Kathleen Ann Gallagher
Book 1 of the Moonlight and Jasmine series, Night Magic is available now from Secret Cravings Publishing!

Denim and Diamonds by Lori Robinett
4-heart review! Beth is a strong woman who gets what she wants. But will she get the cowboy who wants to take her ranch away from her?

Elixxir by Deena Remiel
She needs his protection. He needs the Elixxir. Secrets, lies, and love's loyalties tested. What price for immortality? What price for love?

Welcome Home, Bethie McGee by Amie Louellen
Have you ever wished for a second chance with your first love?

Dark Solace by Tara Fox Hall
Would you risk it all if saving the life of someone you love would cost you your own humanity?

Willpower by Anna Durand
The award-winning Psychic Crossroads series: David sacrificed his freedom for Grace, but will unearthing her secret past destroy them both?

A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing by Deborah MacGillivray
Now is Tradesize and Kindle from Montlake Publishing

Reality Bites by Gail Koger
Who knew a Coletti warlord would think being zapped with a cattle prod as foreplay?

Coveted by Stacey Brutger
Discover what happens when a woman finds a Scottish werewolf imprisoned in a thousand-year old dungeon. Magic, mayhem, a lot of kick-ass action and some sexy hijinks of course.

Vexing Voss by Gail Koger
Determined to find her mother's killer, Zoey must evade capture by a ruthless Warlord.

Tempting a Devil by Samantha Kane
A notorious rake catches a beautiful thief stealing his valuable family heirloom. On sale now! Only $2.99 for a limited time.

Hungry Like the Wolf by Paige Tyler
INTRODUCING SWAT: SPECIAL WOLF ALPHA TEAM They're tight. They're on target. They're as alpha as men can get.

Say something by BA Tortuga

Murder Most Foul by JoAnne Myers
What does an F.B.I. Agent assigned to solve a double homicide do when he becomes the prey?

Bloodsworn by Stacey Brutger
Falling in love might be the most dangerous thing they've ever done...

Driving in England by Cynthianna and AJ Matthews
Susannah and Duncan drive into romance when they go on an urgent mission for her boss. Will love prevail?

Electric Storm by Stacey Brutger
A woman with a dangerous past risks everything to claim the pack destined to be hers...if she can keep them all alive long enough.

Shoot to Thrill by T.L. Schaefer
Agent Arin Thomas' life just got weird. She'll have to Shoot to Thrill just to stay alive.

Crazy For You by Sandra Edwards
Check out this controversial romance from NYT & USAT bestselling author, Sandra Edwards.

Behind Blue Eyes by T.L. Schaefer
4.5 Stars, RT Top Pick. "Clever writing style for a killer story."

The Billionaire Games by Sandra Edwards
Three Siblings. Three Marriages. Three Books. NYT & USAT Bestseller!

Happily Even After by Michelle Irwin
All fair in love and . . . love?

Second Chance Bride by Sandra Edwards
Escape to paradise with NYT & USAT Bestselling author Sandra Edwards in her latest modern-day, romantic fairytale.

Shadow by Maureen A. Miller
Surely crossing the Atlantic would deter her shadow.

The Crime of the Centry by JoAnne Myers
The Crime of the Centry by JoAnne Myers - This 1982 double homicide shocked the Nation and destroyed families.

A Desperate Destiny by Patrice Wayne
Desperate times call for shocking measures....what will Henry do for love?

Wicked Intentions by JoAnne Myers
Wicked Intentions by JoAnne Myers - a paranormal/mystery anthology PG-13.

Midnight Heat by Sarah Grimm
She was the only woman ever to rock his world.

Four Times A Virgin by Suzi Love
Four Times Virgin, A Regency Noir, a darker historical romance set in London.

Detour Ahead by Adriana Kraft
Threatened race horses, city slicker attorney, sexy California wrangler—what can possibly go wrong?

Frog Juice and Figgy Pudding by Destiny Blaine
Unlikely suspects with misunderstood agendas cripple the horse industry and leave everyone to question the motivation behind the senseless killings.

Taming Two Bad Boys by Anita Lawless & Roxxy Meyer
Kylie, the protégé of renowned dominatrix Mistress Jasmine, faces her ultimate challenge—taming two rugged bad boy bikers.

Riding the Thunder by Deborah MacGillivray
Book 2 – Sisters of Colford Hall
Now is Tradesize and Kindle from Montlake Publishing
Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Winner

Love and Wishes by Anne Kane
A wish gone wrong can be a very dangerous thing...

Thin Ice by Lianna Laverentz
I absolutely love this book...Emily and Eric are perfect for each other. ~ Five Hearts from The Romance Studio

The Magic of Moonlight by Fiona Neal
A wild prediction, a moonlit waltz, and a forbidden kiss lead Charlotte Purcell and Lord Knollton to love and danger.


Tethered by Pippa Jay
She can kill with a kiss. But can assassin Tyree also heal one man's grief, and bring peace to a galaxy threatened by war?

The Silk Romance by Helena Fairfax
An unforgettable, powerfully intense and beautifully written contemporary romance. Runner-up in the 2014 Global Ebook Awards

The Cowboy Way by Tory Richards
Arson, murder, an escaped convict and a scorned ex-lover complicate the lives of a rancher's daughter and the cowboy who wants her for his own.

Some Other Child by Sharon Buchbinder
A stolen baby, a missing aunt, decades of secrets to unravel, and love lost and found.

Keeping Her Guilty Secret by Anna James
Keeping Her Guilty Secret -- Book 1 Forever Yours Trilogy -- 5 Hearts from TRS!

Ashton's Secret by Lianna Laverentz
Ashton's Secret blends romance and mystery with exceptional skill.  ~ Snippet from one of three Five Star Reviews

All You'll Ever Need by Sharon C. Cooper
Football player, Zack, soon discovers that the last thing on this sassy construction worker's mind is getting her hands dirty.

Truth or Consequences by Sharon C. Cooper
To protect the woman he loves, Former Navy SEAL, Malik Lewis, is hunting a killer whose skills match his.

Kissing the Highlander by Terry Spear
Five new Highland novellas by Bestselling Authors of Highland romances that will delight with mystery, intrigue, romance, drama and much more!

A Highland Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear
He is a Highland Wolf, assigned to watch out for another, who has an ex-fiance stalker and the sparks fly.

Call of the Cougar by Terry Spear
Special Agent, Tracey Wittington, takes down wildlife traffickers, and ends up with a cougar deputy sheriff, who vows to protect her.

Best Woman for the Job by Sharon C. Cooper
Craig needs a plumber, but not bad enough to hire a woman or so he thinks. *FREE*

Killer Kisses by Shaorn Buchbinder
A collection of tales, ranging from contemporary, short and chaste to paranormal, long and spicy.

Wolves and Warrants by D.F. Krieger
Once you've discovered the Hidden World, you become part of it. (Print Edition)

Survival Instinct by Lynette Endicott & Tami Dee
Survival Instinct by Lynette Endicott & Tami Dee

Destiny by Celia Breslin
Carina has days to open her new dance club, patch up a rocky relationship and save her friends from death by vampire. Come on, destiny, give a girl a break.

Chameleon's Shadow by Lynette Endicott & Tami Dee
Chameleon's Shadow by Tami Dee

New Prints In Old Calico by Jennifer Lynne
Some people dream of life in simpler times, but when dreams turn into reality, Amy learns that even simpler times can be complicated.

Ask No Tomorrows by Rita Hestand
Sam knew he'd have to help Riley Morgan. She was an innocent with a big problem that might get him killed!

Haven by Celia Breslin
When a witch brings danger to her door, a streetwise nightclub owner begins a dangerous dance with vampires out to protect, love, and kill her.

One Taste of Scandal by Heather Hiestand
A cup of sugar... a dash of cream... and a craving for a cake decorator that won't be denied...

Animal Instinct by Lynette Endicott & Tami Dee
Animal Instinct by Lynette Endicott & Tami Dee

Tempting Josie by Anh Leod
Her first love is back in town, sexier than ever...

The Invasion of Falgannon Isle by Deborah MacGillivray
Book 1 – Sisters of Colford Hall
Now Published by Montlake/Amazon Publishing
He came for revenge, but found Magic instead
Sale 1/17 only - $2.99 Kindle!

Wolf Magic by Shirley Martin
A beast trapped inside her, Annwn fears she will never find happiness with the man she loves.

Allegra's Dream by Shirley Martin
Allegra must choose between the needs of her country and the desires of her heart.

Enchanted Cottage by Shirley Martin
Can magic make miracles happen?

Night Shadows by Shirley Martin
Three men desire Fianna, but she loves only one.

Night Secrets by Shirley Martin
A man and a woman who fear to love each other must save the kingdom from betrayal.

Whispering Lake by Jessica Coulter Smith
One hot werewolf. One determined ghost. And a woman with a choice...

To Tempt a Werewolf by Jessica Coulter Smith
One determined werewolf. A woman on the run. Will Lila stop and listen to her heart, or deny herself the one thing she wants most?

Wild Marauders MC by Tory Richards
Kat is forced to pay the price when she steals the motorcycle belonging to the president of the local motorcycle club!

Tried by J.L. Wilson
The trial was the beginning of what might be the end of Hannah's life.

The Outlaw in Her Bed by K.E. Shade
When Ella realizes that her mysterious guest, Travis, has a deadly past, she has to come to terms that it may just be the cause of her husband's untimely death.

Hot-Shot Doctor Comes to Town by Susan Carlisle
One look at the bad-boy doc and Shelby wants to send him straight back! Taylor is the last thing she needs, but everything she wants!

A Cowboy Sunrise by Kirsten S. Blackfeter
Katie never expected her impromptu vacation at her best friend's dude ranch to have such glorious scenery...or tight wrangler clad cowboys.

The Devil's Thief by Samantha Kane
On sale for $.99! She can steal his treasures, but can she steal his heart? The Saint's Devils, Book One.

Southwest of Love and Murder by Brenda Whiteside
Writing murder mysteries is all in a day's work until an obsessed fan brings Phoebe's stories to life.

My Highland Love by Tarah Scott
How does a woman tell her betrothed that she murdered her first husband?

The Story of Us by Palessa
How a well-place lie brought a family to it's knees.

Matrix Crystal Hunters by Janice Seagraves
Vach Namaste has desired the Earth woman Maya. He makes plans to take her as his bride... willing or not.

Her Beauty Within by K.E. Shade
In order for Adele to find her one true mate, she's got to learn to see beyond the veil of vain beauty.

Dark Sentinels Book Two: Torin by Dariel Raye
Born to protect, ruled by passion.

Highland Seer by Willa Blair
The MacKyrie Seer negotiates for the stubborn Lathan Arms Master's help to save her struggling clan, but Donal MacNabb will not be anyone's pawn.

Shattered by Ava Conway
The consequences of their forbidden love will change their lives forever!

Much Ado About Madams (Hearts of Owyhee) by Jacquie Rogers
Reese is saddled with six whores and a suffragist. What a ride!

The Bride, the Baby and the Best Man by Liz Fielding
Faith knows that love is like meringue -- all sugar and air. But then she meets Harry March.

The Kidnapped Bride by Heather Hiestand
Pursuing this elusive heiress will be the ultimate temptation…a new novella in the Redcakes series.

The Frost of Springtime by Rachel L Demeter
A passionate tale of revolution, redemption, & the healing power of love. "We fell in love, really hard." - Divas Book Blog

Saints United by Rhiannon Ayers
He needed their love. They wanted his submission. Can Ryder and Lyss unite and claim the man they both crave?

The D.I.R.E. Agency Trilogy -- Books 1 -- 3 by Joni Hahn
"Joni Hahn's D.I.R.E. Agency series is a MEGA five star must-read. Be prepared to stay up all night to finish it!"

Agent M4: Riordan, Book 4 in The D.I.R.E. Agency Series by Joni Hahn
"..It has an amazing twist of sci-fi, romance, suspense, action, and drama..."

Agent T3:  d'Artagnan, Book 3 in The D.I.R.E. Agency Series by Joni Hahn
"I love the idea behind these books, the combination of romance and scify had me cheering!"

Agent E2: Aidan, Book 2 in The D.I.R.E. Agency Series by Joni Hahn
"I keep reading every page holding my breath for the next twist..."

Agent I1: Tristan: Book 1 in The D.I.R.E. Agency Series by Joni Hahn
"...From the moment I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. Literally, I couldn't put it down..."

Poisoned Apple by Katherine McIntyre
Will Neve's bad luck always trump?

Secrets by Anne Patrick
New release in the award-winning Wounded Heroes Series!

Fire Within by Ally Shields
Ever had a man you couldn't forget? Who haunted your dreams? Was he a vampire?

Heart's Haven: Maria's Angel by Marianne Evans
A mechanic, a widow, a broken-down car. Sometimes life's purpose is found by accident.

Best Together by Janet Eckford
Love will find a way. Destined for Love Series.

Trained to Kill by Melanie Atkins
Cadence is a tough chick with an eagle eye. Brody doesn't care; he wants her off the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team.

Best Together by Janet Eckford
Love will find a way. Destined for Love Series.

More Than My Everything by Janet Eckford
Love will find a way. Destined for Love Series.

Beyond Tomorrow by PL Parker
No one knows what will happen -- when the past becomes the future.

Animal Instinct by Tami Dee
Will ancestral memories hold the key to freedom, or overwhelm Allison and Sean with fear?

Into the Savage Dawn by P.L. Parker
Life in its beginnings, only the strong survive.

The Thirty Day Gamble by Jill Blair
Simone Banks finds more than Bakken oil when she travels to Brent Talbot's North Dakota ranch.

Riley's Journey by P.L. Parker
She stepped back 40,000 years and found her future.

Chameleon's Shadow by Tami Dee
Caught between two worlds, Elisabetta will do whatever it takes to survive. Can William win her trust and heart?

America, Inc. by A.E. Weber Wolstein
What if your reality wasn't real?

Survival Instinct by Tami Dee
Can Mike convince Winter to put aside her fears and take a chance on him?

Frozen featuring Tara Fox Hall
Want to let it go? Find ice, magic, and romance in Frozen, 11 all-new short stories to inspire holiday romance!

Twice in a Blue Moon by Cate Masters
Can true love strike twice?

Kentucky Blue Bloods by Jan Scarbrough
Can Reggie save what's left of her family horse farm and her proud Kentucky heritage?

Much Ado About Marshals (Hearts of Owyhee) by Jacquie Rogers
Which marshal should Daisy marry? Romantic romp in the Wild West!

A Love for Lera by Aliyah Burke
Two races, both honored, one known and one believed extinct come together, engaging in a battle for love.

Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore by Aliyah Burke
Sometimes a stranger isn't a stranger at all, but the one you've needed all along.


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Indelibly Intimate - Regina Cole
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Cat Came Back - Anne Kane
Smoldering Nights - Lisa Carlisle
Deadly Encounter - Nancy Kay
Siren's Serenade - Dominique Eastwick
Deadly Revenge - Nancy Kay
Deadly Reflection - Nancy Kay
Hand-me-Down Bride - Juliet Waldron
Stormbound - Vonna Harper
Marriage Made in Haven - Nina Barrett
To Tame a Montana Heart - Dawn Luedecke
Losing and Gaining - Heidi Champa
Midnight Rescue - Elle Kennedy
Obsidian - Laurann Dohner
A Vengeful Affair - Carmen Falcone
His Unexpected Family - Robyn Thomas
Taming the Tycoon - Amy Andrews
Into the Fire - Donna Alward
Wild Encounter - Nikki Logan
Bared to You - Sylvia Day
Tender Warrior - Ashlynn Monroe
Savage Redemption - Alexis Morgan
A Warrior to Love - Marisa Chenery
A Night of Southern Comfort - Robin Covington
Freefall - Susan Rae
Her Forgotten Betrayal - Anna DeStefano
Her Unlikely Bodyguard - Lorraine Nelson
No Hero - Mallory Kane
The Lost Night - Jayne Castle
Mercenary's Reward - Stephanie Snow
Hoofin' It to the Altar - Silvia Violet
The Briar Rose: Hoarse Play - Sean Michael
Miss Good Samaritan - Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
Tularosa Moon - Stacey Coverstone
A Woman's Place - Josie Malone
Ticket to Love - Lyncee Shillard
Reckless Heart - Madeline Baker
His Forbidden Submissive - Brandi Evans
The Viking's Witch - Kelli Wilkins
Ravished - Julia Keaton
Serving Nicole - Marilyn Campbell
Powerful Moves - Tonya Ramagos
Daddy, Daddy and Me - Sean Michael
A Very Demon Christmas - Evanne Lorraine
Cherry Red - Jack Greene
Wolfishly Yours - Lydia Dare
Lucky Moon 2: The Luckiest - M.J. O'Shea & Piper Vaughn
An Improper Wife - KyAnn Waters & Tarah Scott
Cherish - Ann Mayburn
Tangled Shadows - Tina Christopher
Ghost Station - Adam Fitzroy
Taming Tamara - Beverly Rae
Mary and the Bear - Zena Wynn
Worth the Risk - Robin Bielman
Tempting the Best Man - J Lynn
Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire - Nina Croft
One Wet Summer - Ann Montclair
In the Zone - Sierra Cartwright
Destined for the Dom - Jan Bowles
Touch of Darkness - Victoria M. Noxon
Tameka's Smile - Zena Wynn
Family Matters - J.J. Massa
Dirk's Love - Marisa Chenery
Tangled Leashes - Jet Mykles
Nashville Naughty - Bethany Michaels
Taming the Boss Lady - Jan Bowles
Designs on a Warrior - Marisa Chenery
Quinn's Quest - N.J. Walters
Some Like It in Handcuffs - Christine Warner
Blood Of The Vines - Ann Cory
Flower Passage - Liz Crowe
Claiming Shayla - Zena Wynn
Grave Secrets - Linda Trout
Deadly Memories - Kathleen Mix
Love in Lone Creek - Mary Manners
Checking It Twice - Jodi Redford
Returning to Love - Lisa Phillips
Hot in Handcuffs - Anthology
Designs on Haley - Nita Wick
Diving In Deep - Louisa Masters
Love at First Bite - Jessica Coulter Smith
Last Resort - Cynthia Sax
Werewolves in London - Karilyn Bentley
The Wolf Who Loved Her - Kasey Moone
Roadside Assistance - Heidi Champa
The Gift - VS Morgan
Codename Winter - Aubrey Ross
Under His Skin - Sydney Bristol
A Cascades Christmas - Anthology
Fierce Paradise - Cassidy Hunter
The Diplomats Daughter - Liz Crowe
Passionate Ink - Jan Springer
Howl For It - Shelly Laurenston & Cynthia Eden
Call Me Miz - Gem Sivad
Loving Peter - Bonnie Dee
Shadow Wolf - Marteeka Karland
Yours Forever - Missy Welsh
Rope Me In - Cerise DeLand
Lady Sin - Dany Sirene
Hell on Wheels - Julie Ann Walker
Right Moves - Ava McKnight
It Takes a Thief - Dee Brice
Not Just a Fling - Christine Butler
Tattooed Tryst - Cynthia Sax
Out of Place Mate - Rebecca Royce
The Real Mason - Julia Devlin
Taming Her Heart - Marisa Chenery
Halfbreed Werewolf - KM Rockwood
Pact of Seduction 2: Beg for I - Stacey Kennedy
Seduced by Wolves - Kristina Lee
A Friend In Need - Rosalie Stanton
Razor's Edge: New Beginnings - Dirk Tyler & Kameron Brook
Rebirth - Rebecca Royce
Of Blood And Blessings - L. Shannon
Space Bride - Missy Martine
Paging Dr Wolf - Rebecca Royce
Heavy Issues - Elle Aycart
Tip of the Iceberg - Saloni Quinby
Captivated - Colleen Love
Inertia - Amelia Gormley
Angels of the Night: Divinity - Paula Kennedy
Satisfying The Curse - Kelly Gendron
Four Cowboys & A Witch - Cheryl Dragon
Were Fever - Lia Slater
Power Play: Kelsey and the Executive - Selena Kitt
Power Play: Katie and the Dom - Selena Kitt
Dragon's Fire - Abby Blake
Master of Submission - Jan Bowles
He Speaks Dead - Adrienne Wilder
Mating Season - Allie Ritch
Night With a Dom - Casea Major
Collared: Ashton - Angela Wray
A Wild Night's Bride - Victoria Vane
Undone Rebel - Lila Dubois
McCallan's Heart - Lynn Lorenz
Cuckold by Request - Isabelle Drake
A Secret Disgrace - Penny Jordan
In Rides Trouble - Julie Ann Walker
Breaking Point - Delores Goodrick Beggs
For Better or Hearse - Ann Yost
Backlash - Karyn Good
Kidnapped - Maria Hammarblad
The Highwayman - Angela Plowman
Undone Dom - Lila Dubois
Shibari Auction House 3: Ben - Sean Michael
False Pretenses - Cara Bristol
Dangerous Relations - Marilyn Levinson
Hear No Evil - Suzanne Rossi
Love Everlasting - Marisa Chenery
Conviction of the Heart - Alana Lorens
Trust No One - Laurel Bradley
Beneath The Blood Moon - Amanda Jayde
Private Encore - Elle Rush
Cherished - Maya Banks and Lauren Dane
Temptation in Tartan - Suz de Mello
Out Of The Smoke - Becca Jameson
Doubtless - Cat Grant
Beautiful Obsession - Juniper Bell
Rawhide: Buckskins, Boots & Bondage - Desiree Holt
Christmas With Miss Austen - Laura Briggs
Courting Darkness - Yasmine Galenorn
A Breach of Promise - Victoria Vane
But I Never Said I Didn't Love You! - Andy Dunn
Hard as Stone - Sara Brookes
The Valley of the Shadow of Death - Julie Bozza
The Right Wrong Turn - Heidi Champa
Savage Menage - Cynthia Sax
Riding with Heaven - L.C. Chase
The Master - Anya Winter
A Gift of Trust - Jeanette Grey
Destiny's Desire - Melody S. Monroe
Cole for Christmas - Treva Harte
Academic Pursuits - Lou Harper
Beyond Honor - Tyler Robbins
Hotshot - Lolita Lopez
Night Shift - Missouri Dalton
Hushed - Kelley York
Amber’s Muse - Lacey Wolfe
When Love Collides - Michelle Sutton
Robert's VP - Lynn Hagen
Satin Sheets in Space - Jessica E. Subject
Guardian's Tales 1: On a Whim - Zenobia Renquist
Blonde and Owner - Sindra van Yssel
Not So Common - Peyton Elizabeth
Lovegames - M. Jules Aedin
Eye on the Ball - Shelley Munro
White Rain - J.R. Loveless
Incubus - Angie West
Borderline - TA Chase
Long Way Home - Carolyn Gray
Unbreakable - Mary Eason
Bite The One You're With - J Morgan
Enemy Mine - Aline Hunter
One Man Advantage - Kelly Jamieson
Shadows' Edge - J.T. Geissinger
Hair of the Dog - Kelli Scott
Be Still The Night - Shannon Reckler
Captivated - Lauren Dane
His Capture, Her Rescue - Emma Lai
Waltzing with the Wallflower - Rachel Van Dyken and Leah Sanders
Wolfsblood: Snow Wolf - Marteeka Karland
Island Wolfman: Paradise - Brannan Black
Operation: Tempt Me - Christina James
The Hanged Man's Ghost - Missouri Dalton
Broken Hearts & Candy Kisses - Sammy Jo Hunt
Somewhere In Between - Stacey Kennedy
Direct Strike - Lorelei Buckley
Fantasy Mountain - Piper Denna
Soaring with Hawk - Sean Michael
Across the East River Bridge - Kate McMurray
Acting Out - Tibby Armstrong
Scandalous Desire - Lana Dare
Rock and a Hard Place - Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow
Married by Monday - Catherine Bybee
Secret Temptation - Melody Snow Monroe
Open Season - Kaliana Cole
Dreaming Ivy - Rhonda Lee Carver
This Endris Night - D.L. Jackson
Back to Life - Emma Hillman
Mistress in the Making - Lynne Silver
Haven: Rules of Mating - Nia K. Foxx
A Fling with the Billionaire Cowboy - Paige Cameron
Weekend Agreement - Barbara Wallace
Too Hot to Handle - Aleah Barley
For Her Honor - Lynn Tyler
Her Forbidden Hero - Laura Kaye
The Guy's A Loser Detective Agency - MT Albright
The Chimera Affair - Keira Andrews
Task Force Three and the Irish Jewel - Dixie Lynn Dwyer
Love the Sinner - Avril Ashton
Everglades - Petie McCarty
Rez Dogs and Scooter Trash - Deirdre O'Dare
Foxy: Once Was Lost - Zenobia Renquist
Bound By the Night - Anastasia Rabiyah
Possessing the Flame - Ann Lory
Moonstruck - B.J. McCall
Curse of a Dragon's Claim - Ciara Lake
Always a Bridesmaid - Cindi Myers
Kill Shot - Anne Patrick
Getting Ahead - Emily Cale
Absolution - Diane Alberts
One for Three - Becca Van
Want - Ann Mayburn
Cole's Promise - Susan Macatee
Interview with a Killer - Miranda Stowe
Trespasses - Anne Patrick
A Dance to Die For - Rebecca Lee Smith


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Zachriel wants payback. Royanne wants freedom. Capturing her reveals his past. Can these two demons find love and a future together?

A Man of Honor by J.P. Grider
Storm contends with his feelings for his brother's girlfriend, while formulating a plan to finish off the evil empath out for Honor's blood, once and for all.

Charmed Lovers by Zenobia Renquist
With humans caught in a war between vampires and mages, three couples' love endures amidst the chaos.

Preachin' to the Choir by Cynthianna
Once Jonathan notices the beautiful Katrina, he starts preachin' to the choir. But will Kat let him?

Flagitious by JoAnne Myers
A four story collection of mystery, lies, deceipt, betrayal, and murder unleashed.

Risking It All by JM Stewart
Love requires a leap of faith...

Eye of the Storm by Tara Fox Hall
Dare you make a move... when you're standing in the eye of the storm?

The Loves We Left Behind by Margaret Tanner
A three novel collection, depicting the tragedy and triumph of three different women during World War 1.

Falsely Accused by Margaret Tanner
With a price on his head, will Jake come out of hiding to protect his fledgling family?

Cecilia by Blair Bancroft
A courtesan learns to readjust her snobbish attitude after a lord of London's Underworld rescues her from abuse by a marquess.

Haunted Hearts by Margaret Tanner
After her husband dies in Afghanistan, Abby vows to keep her daughter safe, even if it means fleeing to another country.

Against the Darkness by A.M. Griffin
When darkness falls, love shines.

Rogue's Destiny by Blair Bancroft
When an English rogue is asked to save the life of a young Canadian heiress, his wandering days are over.

Fall in Love: A Dark Castle Lord Anthology featuring Kate Hofman
Featuring Kate's A Thanksgiving Picnic.

Save the Last Dance by Jude Johnson
While the road to love is rocky, it shouldn't resemble a Spartan obstacle course! Or should it?

Stubborn by Jeanne Arnold
With a train ticket, a bad attitude, & obscenities scribbled across her forehead, seventeen-year-old Avery Ross is sent to live with her aunt.

To The Wind by Ute Carbone
Their love is a force. It will be sorely tested.

The Diddington Diamond by Wendy Burdess
Where there's a will, there is most definitely a wife.

Unforgettable Summer by Sami Lee
Catching the one that got away could be the ultimate ride.

Bayne by Misa Buckley
Can one woman heal the battered heart of the Overlord?

The Highland Troth by Willa Blair
Can Jamie find a way to claim the lass he's loved for years without starting a war between three clans?

Adam & Sheila by Diane Davis White
Adam & Sheila by Diane Davis White

Murder by the Salish Sea by Jennifer Mueller
Murder by the Salish Sea by Jennifer Mueller

A Little Roman Scandal by Jennifer Mueller
A Little Roman Scandal by Jennifer Mueller

A legendary family estate. A mutual longing. A bargain struck. THE BURLINGTON MANOR AFFAIR.

Adam & Sheila by Diane Davis White
Adam & Sheila by Diane Davis White

Egyptian Days by Jennifer Mueller
Egyptian Days by Jennifer Mueller

Conall by Samantha Kane
The passion between the three of them is worth fighting for. The 93rd Highlanders, Book Two.

Angels and Heavenly Visitations (The Best of FATE Magazine) by Jean Stine

Twisted Love by JoAnne Myers
12 riveting true cases of obsession, lust, murder, secret lives, and sexual depravity, when love goes bad.

Texas Two Step by Jody Vitek
When we're inexplicably drawn to a particular person or certain place, is it coincidence or something more?

A Portal in Time by Claire Fullerton
When we're inexplicably drawn to a particular person or certain place, is it coincidence or something more?

Sunset Beach Sizzle by Carol Burnside
After months of denied pleasure, a forbidden attraction goes Hawaiian with a hot affair, but complications await their return home.

Heart 2 Heart by Carol Burnside
A Short Story Collection: Sweet romance, sensual romance, plus some fun flash fiction for your reading pleasure.

A Way from Heart to Heart by Helena Fairfax
A heartwarming contemporary romance, set on the Yorkshire moors in England. Will Kate turn her back on love?

Dominated by Desire by Barbara Donlon Bradley
The Vespian ambassador exudes pheromones that pushes people's emotions. If Heather is immune what makes her desire skyrocket whenever Storm's around?

Vexing Voss by Gail Koger
Zoey uses her own brand of whoop-ass to discourage a Warlord's pursuit.

The Big Uneasy by Pauline Baird Jones
When Nell attracts the attention of the mob, a handsome homicide detective may be her only chance of surviving the Big Easy.

Jodie's Song by Marianne Evans
Can Jodie and Kevin work beyond troubling family circumstances and create a bridge made of love?

Vampire King of New York by Susan Hanniford Crowley
Buy now!

Passionate Desire by Barbara Donlon Bradley
This couple starts mentally sharing their orgasms with Kuarto, then a spaceship crashes nearby containing a beautiful pilot with amnesia. What's next?

Let's Fall in Love by Pauline Baird Jones
It's spring, the perfect time to fall in love -- and into four romance short stories.

Taming the Alpha featuring Candice Gilmer
Twenty Steamy Stories. Twenty Bestselling Authors.

Heroic Measures by Jo-Ann Power
Gwen Spencer sails to France to nurse American soldiers -- and finds love with a British captain.

Loves, Myths and Monsters by Joanne Myers
11 tales of fantasy, intrigue, and mystery, entwined within the human world.

The Last Warrior by Karen Kay
Their sweet harmony could tame the wrath of a god...or separate them forever.

Lore anthology featuring Theresa McClinton
A collection of six folklore retellings that will twist your mind and claim your heart.

Colorado Billionaires Boxed Set by Regina Duke
USA Today Bestseller! Contains The Wedding Wager, The Wedding Hazard, and The Wedding Venture. 4.5 stars

The Wedding Venture  by Regina Duke
Jason needs a wife. Vicky is broke and desperate. A marriage contract should solve everything, right?

The Wedding Wager by Regina Duke
Megan leaves the hospital whole but in despair. Can Kevin heal her heart?

Maxie by Kimberly Dean
When Maxie's world turns upside-down, she latches onto Zac for support.  It's just pretend, but soon nobody wants to stop.

The Taste of Magic by Gina Rosavin
How can she save her family when she can't resist the vampire's allure?

Maxie by Kimberly Dean
When Maxie's world turns upside-down, she latches onto Zac for support.  It's just pretend, but soon nobody wants to stop.

Sea Change by Cindy Spencer Pape
He'll fight drug lords, pirates and even gods to protect her.

Resolutions by Teri Riggs
On the run, Mac and Eve must learn to trust each other again in order to stay alive.

Distortion by Deena Remiel
A hero on thousands of romance covers; can Jamie be one for real when lives are on the line?

Adrienne by D. Renee Bagby
He crossed dimensions to claim her as his queen—but her reign may destroy his world.

A Little Deception by Beverley Eikli
Lord Rampton is not unhappy when he's tricked into marriage, but is his bride a faithless diamond thief? Short-listed for an Australian Romance Readers Award.

Passion in Pamploma by Kate Hofman
What will Olivia do when Alex refuses to fall in love?

Sam's Temptation by VS Morgan
Sam's sole purpose is the survival of his family and their ranch. Will he be tempted by a sassy chef?

Embracing Scandal by Suzi Love
How will Cayle be able to convince Becca that he can be more to her than just a protector?

Of Love and Vengeance by Louise Lyndon
He is her enemy. She is his wife.

If You Believe by Mya O'Malley
Sometimes You Need to Let Go To Find Your Way -- A Cozy Holiday Romance Wonderful for Any Time of Year.

Across the Wilderness by Pamela Ackerson
A love story that transcends time, bringing two soul mates together on a journey interwoven with romance, revenge, and intrigue.

His Perfect Match by Jessica Coulter Smith
From the moment they touch, Kate Witten knows there's no other man for her than Alec Westbrooke, Earl of Lynox.

The Long Road Home by Maddie James
Callie doesn't expect to rekindle an old relationship with ranch hand, Murphy Reynolds.

Star-Crossed by Maddie James
Jasmine doesn't expect her troubled teenage past to collide with her professional future.

Rescued by the Baron by Jessica Coulter Smith
A man who barely escaped with his life. A woman determined to survive at any cost. A marriage of convenience...or is it?

To Kiss a Lord by Jessica Coulter Smith
A scandal. An unwanted marriage of convenience. And a damsel in need of rescue.

Scenting Scandal by Suzi Love
Will Laura and Richard also discover a passion neither counted on?

The Spawn Medusa by Mary Bernsen
Sent to slay her mother's assassin, Medusa's daughter never imagined her heart would be her true enemy.

The Book Waitress by Deena Remiel
The portal between Hell and Earth is torn asunder, and it will take everything Camille Dutton has and then some to close it. But nothing worth everything comes without a price.

Falling for Mr. Unexpected by Inge Saunders
Can Emma fall for Mr. Unexpected when she doesn't believe in Mr. Right or even Mr. Right Now...?

The Reluctant Bride by Beverley Eikli
Can Honour and Action Banish the Shadows of Old Sins? For Emily Micklen, marriage to taciturn Major Angus McCartney will salvage family honour. But while Angus may have won his heart's desire, the ghost of his dead mistress is only one of the secrets that may divide them forever.

Bare Back by N. Kuhn
Grab your copy while it's still $0.99!

The Key by Pauline Baird Jones
"Clearly this author knows how to tell a story no matter what the genre. Her character development, pacing and humor satisfy across genre boundaries.” Mostly Fiction Reviews

Box of 1Night Stands: 17 Sizzling Nights
More heat, more heart, more Sizzle! Let a 1Night Stand (or 17) change your life.

Vampiris Sancti: The Elf by Katri Cardew
Zyre is left the choice of whether to pursue the dangerous decision of revenge, or give into the obsessive love of another.

Strike Out by Roz Lee
She'll break his game down into a science.

Nor Really Mr. Smith by Katri Cardew
He had given up on love -- she had given up on life. Not Really Mr. Smith -- a unique love story.

Hearts on Fire by Roz Lee
When hearts meet, magic happens.

Rapture at Midnight by Isobelle Cate
Finn can't have a woman complicating his life. Eirene can't fall for him. Now she's in danger. Finn can't lose her.

Falling for Mr. Unexpected by Inge Saunders
Will Emma fall for Mr. Unexpected when she doesn't even believe in Mr. Right?

The Depth of Desire by Jill Blair
Sarah Templeton finds romance when she visits her brother's best friend's dive resort on the tropical island of Cozumel.

Early Surrender by Jill Blair
Jacelyn Montgomery-Allison's first mistake was falling in love with Nick Corso. Her second was marrying another man.

Operation Owl by Tara Quan
A Beyond Fairytales Adaptation of Grimm's The Owl.

Surrender Box Set featuring Anita Lawless
A top 5 Amazon and All Romance bestseller! 15 ebooks filled with billionaires, bad boys, and BDSM romance.

Black is the Colour by Nicole Hurley-Moore
A Medieval Fairytale. Ciana will do anything to save her lover from the witch's curse.

Agent S5: Jaydan, Book 5 – The DIRE Agency Series by Joni Hahn
"I love this series, it's well written, exciting, dangerous and sexy."

Night Music by Tara Fox Hall
The unearthly beautiful music Krys hears each night stirs her soul to romance. Can its creator heal her broken heart?

Stormy by Tina Gayle
Karen and Daniel turn a friendship into red-hot passion. Does the heat between them led to a future together?

Skin Deep by Jennifer Wilck
The story of a man with a terrible secret from his past, and the woman who teaches him that love truly can conquer all.

The Seduction of Esther by Jennifer Wilck
The story of two people so busy hiding their secrets, they must learn love can only flourish out in the open.

Eagle Dance by Mary Quast
Amanda wants to forget unrequited love; Dyami needs a woman to accept him.

Red Hawk's Woman by Karen Kay
Their passion is thunder and lightning. Their fate could be a flood of sorrow.

Goddess of the Hunt by Becky Flade
Lust may compromise the craftiest of spies...

Just a Taste by Shannyn Schroeder
Grief has brought them together again—will love open the door to their future?

A Heart of Little Faith by Jennifer Wilck
The story of two damaged people—one physically, one emotionally—who overcome their distrust of one another and discover love.

Mooncusser Cove by Darragha Foster
Vesper is the twinkle on the water, the itch you can't reach to scratch. The dream you just can't remember at dawn.

Perfect Fit by Taige Crenshaw
When your love for someone is tested, how do you get beyond the silence and pain to get back to what made you become an us...

Dead Man's Fingers by JK Bovi
Dead Man's Fingers by JK Bovi ~ Available from Vinspire!

Dark Callings by Taige Crenshaw
When faced with your destined bond you either accept or face the consequences.

Haunted Chemistry by Lindsey Loucks
A ghost from an apartment's past seeks revenge. Two college co-eds risk their lives--and their hearts--to stop it.

Power of Enticement by Taige Crenshaw
A man who encompasses both the world of light and dark will engage your senses before you ever meet. His battered soul craves to match with yours.

Her Avenging Angel by Felicity Heaton
An angel of darkness. A demon of light. The fate of our world in their hands.

Kissed by a Dark Prince by Felicity Heaton
A dark elf prince. A demon-hunting doctor. One bite will change their lives forever.?

Moving On by Annette Bower
There are billions of secrets in the world. Anna has one. Nick has one. Only the strong survive revelation.

Seductions Dance by McKenna Jeffries
An unlikely pair comes together and realised that their expectations of each other leads to an intense passion that will enhance them both.

Romance Super Bundle featuring Linda McLaughlin
Ten full-length romance novels by ten of your favorite authors, all for one low price!

A Woman of Substance by Annette Bower
Robbie is a cliché, walking in another's shoes. But she needs to even if it means Jake doesn't understand.

McKingley Volume 3 by McKenna Jeffries
McKingley Volume 3 by McKenna Jeffries

At First Sight by Mya O'Malley
Do You Believe in Love at First Sight? A Humorous Story of Finding Love in Today's Modern World.

The Spirit of the Wolf by Karen Kay
The end of a curse hides behind a riddle -- and the final clue in the heart of a woman.

Where There is Love by Mya O'Malley
Will Mia Let Go of Past Obstacles and Open Her Heart to Love?

Her Dream Lover by Kate Hofman
Will Luke be able to convince Angela that age is just a number?

Much Ado About Mavericks (Hearts of Owyhee) by Jacquie Rogers
Can a Boston lawyer tame a wild filly? Romance in the Owyhees.

Running From Christmas by E.A. West
She's frozen by fear. He wants to warm her heart. Can he succeed before Christmas?

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine by Jess Dee
One sip of passion leaves them thirsty for more... (Book 3 in the Tastes of Seduction series)

The Bear Goddess by kelley Heckart
Forbidden love... Broken vows... Betrayal... A nymph. A centaur. Enemies in love. Will love be enough to save them?

Her Pirate Rogue by Aliyah Burke
A tumultuous meeting leads to a journey across the ocean and starts something new.

Table For Two by Jess Dee
A brand new friends-to-lovers romance from Jess Dee. (Book 2 in the Sunday Night Dinner Club series)

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