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Desert Heat by Lucy Felthouse
Their love is forbidden by rules, religion and risk. Yet still they can't resist.

My Dragon, My Dom by Dulce Dennison
Even if he's capable of bowing to the Dom, what's he supposed to do when he catches a dragon by its tail?

Going to the Chapel by Tarn Swan
Another delightful foray into the world of Tarn and his beloved partner Jonathan, aka, Stardust Twinkles.

Swan Songs by Tarn Swan
Meet the Diva -- prepare to be entertained!

The Stardust Diaries by Fabian Black
Funny, romantic, thought provoking and endearing... a glimpse into the life of an special couple and their colourful lifestyle.

(Watch Me) Body You by Avril Ashton
(Watch Me) Body You -- Amazon Bestseller: Denial only lasts so long... eventually the heart wins out

Fantasy vs Reality by Zenobia Renquist
When the line between fantasy and reality is erased, the real fun begins.

Hunter's Mark by V.S Morgan
Attraction flares between the hit man and his former target. Can Hunter resist the sweet shifter in his care?

Alani by A.J. Llewellyn
After a bad breakup, Lio rents a cheap house with magical views. It seems the perfect solution, but the house has a haunted connection with an ancient statue.

THE PLEDGE, Virtus Saga #5 by Laura Tolomei
If this love you can't do without is another aspect of power, it's also the most volatile one, always uncontrollable.

Destiny Calling by Fabian Black
Is Sam boyfriend material, or simply a boy fiend who's best avoided?

Campus Cravings by Cassandra Carr
Sweet & sexy tales of college life crafted by nine of today's hottest gay romance authors.

Spanking Dee-Dee by Fabian Black
Dee-Dee wants an alpha mate to rule his heart and his home, but do such men exist?

Erotic Escapades of a Married Couple by Lynda Bailey
Polyamory Paradise… See what happens when a married couple asks their best friend to join them -- on a permanent basis. EROTIC ESCAPADES

Deadlines by Fabian Black
Joseph Townsend discovers more than he bargained for about the boy he loves with all his heart.

Slave For Sex by Laura Tolomei
What can you do when the love of your life is dead but there's a faerie that looks just like him?

Enough by Matthew J. Metzger
Jesse can do the math: Ezra's perfect, he isn't, and this relationship is doomed. Until the accident forces Jesse to recalculate.

Bondage Slave For Hire by Laura Tolomei
Whether vampires, shape-shifters or demon-switchers, all slaughtered in the most efficient manner. No mercy. No pity.

Shadowboxing by Diana DeRicci
If Curtis were still alive, he could help unravel Wayne's condition. But dead men don't talk.

Some Mistakes by Matthew J. Metzger
Craig's life is defined by ugly mistakes. This 'arrangement' with sex-mad Damian is another -- but maybe some mistakes aren't so bad after all...

Fighting Addiction by B.A. Tortuga
Fighting Addiction by B.A. Tortuga



Latest happenings at THE RAINBOW STUDIO.

Jake’s Thief by AC Katt
Posted by: TRS Staff
2015-01-29 -

Jake’s Thief by AC Katt

What happens when a desperate man triesto pick a Dominant’s pocket?

Jake Cohen is lonely; he wants a submissive of his own now that his friends all have someone to take care of. He’s so desperate he’s going to ask the Sub Club for help. Until the worst pickpocket ever bumps into him one night.

Davey just doesn’t have it in him to be a good pickpocket but he’s desperate. Luckily, he tries his skills on Jake. When Jake hears Davey’s story he’s inclined not only to help him but Jake thinks Davey is just what he needs both in his professional and personal life.

Can two desperate men that are looking for the same thing overcome their pride, fears and give in to their wants?

Buy it today!

FairySmacked - Fun and Sexy Paranormal Romance!
Posted by: Declan Sands
2015-01-23 -

Chasing bounties comes natural to a bloodhound shifter. Except when the bounty is a sexy earth fairy with an attitude.

Bounty Hunter Matthew Blood is a Bloodhound shifter from the planet Eninac. Rum is an earth fairy who left the fairy mound to save some kidnapped fae. When they learn they might be pursuing the same people, they decide to join forces. Unfortunately, Blood soon discovers that fairy dust isn’t the only addictive thing about a fairy!

Buy FairySmacked Now!

New Hoale Construction Mystery!
Posted by: Declan Sands
2015-01-22 -

In with the new and out with the old? Sometimes new things come with old vendettas.

A deadly game of cat and mouse has made Adam realize someone sees him as the cheese. And that same someone is setting a trap that could put an end to Adam’s love life issues…once and for all.

Buy today!

Shadowboxing by Diana DeRicci
Posted by: TRS Staff
2015-01-22 -

Shadowboxing by Diana DeRicci

Wayne Hightower has lived with a secret since he was a teenager. Debilitating to relationships, his condition stands in the way of his father’s ultimate expectation: Finding a woman to marry. Of course, if he could do that, he’d have the grandchildren his mother was craving. And everyone would be happy happy happy. Or so he’d been raised to believe. If he could find her. If he could get over his problem.

Ditched by his brother for their planned night of sibling bonding, Erich Villalobos invites Wayne out instead as a simple act of friendship. One night that throws Wayne into an environment he’d never been exposed to and revealing a playfully animated side of Wayne Erich had never imagined. One that he quickly learns he’s actually attracted to.

Secrets. Everyone has them. Wayne. Erich. Even Wayne’s parents. If Wayne’s brother Curtis were still alive, he could tell Wayne the cause of his condition and how to cure it. But dead men don’t talk.

Read an excerpt/buy it today!

For Rubys Love by Starla Kaye
Posted by: Decadent Publishing
2015-01-18 -

Calhoun does not want to lose Daniel, but will their differences finally be too much?

Learn more about this steamy sequel to The CEO and the Cowboy

Brit Boys: On Boys featuring Lucy Felthouse
Posted by: TRS Staff
2015-01-17 -

Brit Boys: On Boys featuring Lucy Felthouse

From east to west and north to south, these British boys are having a blast in and out of the bedroom with the men of their dreams. They’re topping and bottoming from London to Cardiff, living out fantasies in the wildest fells and hooking up while serving HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

With passion and lust the name of the game, nothing is off limits. Throw in honed muscles, high-strength testosterone and an accent to die for and there is nothing they can’t do and no one they can’t get in this world or another.

Don’t miss Brit Boys: On Boys—a smokin’ hot box set, containing 147,000 words/440 pages of unforgettable M/M erotic romance from eight popular British authors.

"All the books have sex on the page, and it is totally steamy. Beware: There’s a whole lotta manlove going on, and I adored every word of it." 5* Amazon Review

"Not only are these short stories erotic, fun and exciting but clever and well written. Each authors writing style shines through in the plots and characters and I just couldn’t stop reading!" 5* Amazon Review

"… very erotic… I found the plots exciting and bonded with the characters. The story lines are so different from each author, I found myself eager to start the next. This book was hard to put down. A wonderful read." 5* Amazon Review

Read an excerpt/Buy it today!


Wulf by Kayelle Allen
Lust. Power. Forgiveness. A Chosen loves forever.

Heart's Beat by Charity Parkerson
Music was his greatest love. This is, until Cade met Dylan.

Sizzled (Blood-Hound) by Declan Sands
Intergalactic intrigue, sizzling sexual tension, and a giant snake shifter to vanquish. Things are never dull!


Holding the Edge by Keira Andrews
Gay figure skaters keep their relationship secret—and end up on thin ice.

A Spanking Good Christmas by Roz Lee
Can a gift certificate to a fetish club and a pervertable Christmas decoration bring two co-workers together?

Complicated by Megan Slayer
Finding the love of your life is hard, especially when you're young and in the movies.

Needing Desire by Megan Slayer
Finding the love of your life is hard, especially when you're young and in the movies.

Hotter in Zero by Megan Slayer
Come to Eight Ball bar, pull up a stool, and spend some time in this chilly town. These characters will warm the heart.


Blake's Home by Cheryl Dragon
Sexy gay cowboys enjoy The Love Shack but can true love overcome a shifter secret and tortured past?

Marked by Jade Buchanan
Ainsley Porter's caught between a rock and a hard place -- a burly alien warrior and a sensual alien prostitute.

Jake's Thief by AC Katt
What happens when a desperate man picks a Dominant's pocket. Jake's Thief by AC Katt. 1/16/15 from MLRPress.com

Dark Cavities by LJ Halkett and RT Lucas
Dark Cavities by LJ Halkett and RT Lucas

The Tempest by Shannon West and Selena Cooper
The Tempest by Shannon West and Selena Cooper

The Captive by Shannon West
The Captive by Shannon West

No Denying Sin by B.L. Morticia
The men at nineteen are burning with desire for one another and pleasure is beginning to be almost as important as business.

Murmur by Ryal Woods
Murmur: a sound, a wordless expression, things given voice to, yet unspoken; perhaps indefinable. My essence is this, and more.

Saints United by Rhiannon Ayers
He needed their love. They wanted his submission. Can Ryder and Lyss unite and claim the man they both crave?

Brit Boys on Boys featuring Lucy Felthouse
Brit Boys: On Boys -- a M/M erotic romance boxed set with a distinctly British flavour.

Silver/Steel by Belinda McBride
When Dylan has the chance to free himself from centuries of enslavement, can he betray the man he has come to love?

Apparition by Iyana Jenna
Take one virginal widow, add Molly Simpkins School of Seduction and one obliging gentleman, and what do you get? Scandal avoided and a virgin no more?




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