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McFarland's Farm by Cardeno C.
Quiet but lonely Jared has to decide how much of himself he's willing to risk to keep party-boy Lucas.

Jumping In by Cardeno C.
Clint's having a bad day, but Hawk's going to make sure it ends with a bang, preferably in bed.

The Purest of Intentions by Shawn Bailey
A one night stand goes wrong when Alexis Rhodes and Madison Alleman end up being neighbors.

Knights of Brazil by Shawn Bailey
Gorgeous Brazilian singer has his hands full with a crazy group of employees and sexy lifeguards at his Rio beach resort.

One Perfect Wish by L.M. Brown
Playing the part of another man's husband is easy, but what happens at midnight when the magical day is over?

Between Life and Death by L.M. Brown
When an angel and a demon fall for the same mortal man there is only one solution... share him.

Fatal Games by Dulce Dennison
Catching the bad guy has never been sexier...

Complicated by Megan Slayer
Finding the love of your life is hard, especially when you're young and in the movies.

Fresh From the Sea by Fabian Black
Gay Romance. Lin encounters prophetic bees, a mysterious sea mist, an irksome guest and an irate partner.

A Spanking Good Christmas by Roz Lee
Can a gift certificate to a fetish club and a pervertable Christmas decoration bring two co-workers together?

Storm in a Teacup by Fabian Black
Gay Romance. David has his work cut out keeping Lin in order after a visitor lets slip some unwelcome news.


Red Sky by Morning by Fabian Black
Lin's chance to reclaim fame is thwarted and he isn't too pleased about it.

Desert Heat by Lucy Felthouse
Their love is forbidden by rules, religion and risk. Yet still they can't resist.

Going to the Chapel by Tarn Swan
Another delightful foray into the world of Tarn and his beloved partner Jonathan, aka, Stardust Twinkles.

Swan Songs by Tarn Swan
Meet the Diva -- prepare to be entertained!

The Stardust Diaries by Fabian Black
Funny, romantic, thought provoking and endearing... a glimpse into the life of an special couple and their colourful lifestyle.

Fantasy vs Reality by Zenobia Renquist
When the line between fantasy and reality is erased, the real fun begins.

THE PLEDGE, Virtus Saga #5 by Laura Tolomei
If this love you can't do without is another aspect of power, it's also the most volatile one, always uncontrollable.

Campus Cravings by Cassandra Carr
Sweet & sexy tales of college life crafted by nine of today's hottest gay romance authors.



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One Perfect Wish by L.M. Brown
Posted by: TRS Staff
2015-02-23 -

One Perfect Wish by L.M. Brown

Scott Baxter is a workaholic with no time for love, until a djinn pulls him out of his life and deposits him into the bed of Cameron Kirk. Cut off from his life, Scott isn’t happy about the idea of being forced to help the djinn grant an unspecified wish, but he soon finds he has no real choice in the matter. The djinn, who has turned his life upside down, has powers that prevent Scott from leaving and ensure he does nothing to ruin Cameron’s day with his ’husband’.

Reluctant at first, Scott finds that as the day progresses he starts to enjoy playing the role of Cameron’s husband. He connects with his unexpected lover in a way he never has with other men.

Scott searches for clues to help him track down Cameron after the day is over and he returns to his own life. He doesn’t want the day to end, but the wish is out of his control and when the magic is finished his time with Cameron may be over too.

"I was not expecting to find such a great story in these short 60 pages." - Love Bytes

"For a short story this packs a big punch." - MM Good Book Reviews

"This is such a beautiful and unexpected story, very different from the usual and a read that grips the imagination and emotions." - Multitasking Mommas

Read an excerpt

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Pursuing Their Fantasies by Kayleigh Malcolm
Posted by: Decadent Publishing
2015-02-21 -

When Amadora wins a trip to a Mexican resort, she contacts the 1Night Stand service to live out a one-time fantasy—a night with two hot men.

Undercover DEA agents Jason and Angus have been playing it fast and loose with each other. The sex is good, but Jason blames himself for the death of his wife during a stakeout and refuses to weigh his heart down with any more guilt. Angus has withheld from Jason how much he cares about him for fear of being pushed away.

Meeting Amy forces them both to reevaluate their relationship and consider more than one night as a threesome. When her life is threatened, can the three of them accept the risk to their hearts and take a chance on the love they all crave?

To learn more about Pursuing Their Fantasies click here.

Razor by Jon Keys
Posted by: TRS Staff
2015-02-21 -

Razor by Jon Keys

When the world crashes down around your ears, sometimes all you can do is punt and hope for the best. That’s exactly what James and Micah decide to do when one of them is diagnosed with cancer, and the other discovers a serious heart defect. When the doctor tells them to start working on their bucket lists, the two take a trip in an effort to create some good memories, and forget the ugly truths, while they focus on their time in each other’s arms.

Their vacation turns into much more than they anticipated when they find themselves drawn to a club like sailors to a siren. Several sexy waiters, some unforgettable lap dances, and one whip-wielding stud later, they stumble upon the answer to their prayers. Their sex is wild again, and the pair find themselves living for tomorrow. But with every answer comes questions, and Micah’s search for more may destroy them both.

Will they be able to recover from his thirst for the truth? Or will the men always live walking on the edge of a Razor?

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Between Life & Death by L.M. Brown
Posted by: TRS Staff
2015-02-21 -

Between Life & Death by L.M. Brown

With one of his lovers imprisoned in the Underworld, Mac has no choice except to go where most angels fear to tread.

With Tristan imprisoned in the Underworld, the ménage is broken. Angels are forbidden to enter the demonic domain and while Mac has been breaking rules in recent months, he doesn’t have the power to enter the Underworld.

Alastor is still unsure about his position in the relationship following recent revelations, but he cannot walk away when he is the only real link between his two lovers. Splitting his time between Mac and Tristan, he hopes they can soon find a way to reunite the two men in his life.

As time moves on, Alastor realizes he is struggling to satisfy Tristan’s thirst for sex. His lover needs more than he can give him and craves Mac in his bed.

Mac still believes he can complete his mission to save his two lovers, but with one of them out of his reach, it is going to be far from easy.

During their time together they have made plenty of enemies, including one who would seek to separate them forever, even if it means biding his time until Alastor and Tristan are at their most vulnerable, when even the love of an angel can’t save them.

“One hell of an amazing erotic paranormal romance series.” - The Jeep Diva

"I was left quickly flipping pages and sat on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it would all work itself out." - Prism Book Alliance

Read an excerpt/Buy it today!

Their Secretary by TL Reeve
Posted by: Decadent Publishing
2015-02-18 -

Piper Collins is out of love and out of time. After witnessing her bosses affection for one another, she resigns her position and decides to start over. But before embarking on her new life, she decides to give 1NS and Madame Eve a chance to show her what she could have had, if only she were braver.

Business partners, Colton Shaw and Tyce Stewart have been lovers for years. But something is missing from their union. Their beautiful but shy secretary has been watching them day and night, as though she were a love struck puppy. However, their plan to bring her into their relationship backfires. Not only will she not join them, she runs away heartbroken.

With Madame Eves help, they want to prove once and for all she is their girl—the third to complete them. Can Colton and Tyce convince Piper of their love, or will they lose the girl of their dreams forever?

Read an excerpt and get your copy today!

Bratty Angel by Chris T. Kat
Posted by: TRS Staff
2015-02-16 -

Bratty Angel by Chris T. Kat

A bratty angel…

First Patrick is accosted by a hellhound with a yen for fries and ketchup. Then he encounters a beautiful, but bratty, angel who doesn’t seem to understand the concept of ’no’… or personal space. Not to mention he demands Patrick pleasure him, which Patrick refuses to do. So why does Patrick feel a connection to this unruly seraphim? And why can’t he forget him?

Two weeks later, the brat is back, making more demands. But Patrick makes it clear he doesn’t do demands. That should be the end of it, right? Or not… Maybe there’s more to this bratty angel than meets the eye. If Patrick has the patience to get past his bratty ways.

Buy it today!

Fairysmacked by Declan Sands
Posted by: TRS Staff
2015-02-14 -

Fairysmacked by Declan Sands

Chasing bounties comes natural to a bloodhound shifter. Except when the bounty is a sexy earth fairy with an attitude.

Bounty Hunter Matthew Blood is a Bloodhound shifter from the planet Eninac. Rum is an earth fairy who left the fairy mound to save some kidnapped fae. When they learn they might be pursuing the same people, they decide to join forces. Unfortunately, Blood soon discovers that fairy dust isn’t the only addictive thing about a fairy!

4.5 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs Reviews: Declan Sands has created an exciting, as well as very enjoyable romantic suspense. I am looking forward to the next episode.”

4.5 Stars and a Sizzling rating at SensualReads.com: “Mystery and humor, passion and heat all combine to make Blood Hound 1: Dusted by talented Declan Sands a captivating read that leaves us all panting for more.”

4 stars from Manic Readers "What do you get when you mix an off planet shifter, a sexy fairy and a dead drug dealer…fairy-smacked! A fun, sexy, well-written novella and I for one can’t wait to see where this series goes next."

Love Romances and More”I absolutely adored this book. It was funny, smoldering hot and kept me on the edge of my seat as I flipped the pages, hoping Rum and Matthew would be able to find the missing fairies. Declan Sands is a talented storyteller who packs a lot in this story but also doesn’t overkill with lots of telling instead of showing. The story flows smoothly, the simmering sexual tension between Matthew and Rum is quite hot and some of the phrases, such as fairy smacked, left me giggling at times. This is a fast paced story that will keep you highly entertained.”

Read an excerpt

Buy it today!


Needing Desire by Megan Slayer
Finding the love of your life is hard, especially when you're young and in the movies.

Hotter in Zero by Megan Slayer
Come to Eight Ball bar, pull up a stool, and spend some time in this chilly town. These characters will warm the heart.


Marked by Jade Buchanan
Ainsley Porter's caught between a rock and a hard place -- a burly alien warrior and a sensual alien prostitute.

Jake's Thief by AC Katt
What happens when a desperate man picks a Dominant's pocket. Jake's Thief by AC Katt. 1/16/15 from MLRPress.com

Murmur by Ryal Woods
Murmur: a sound, a wordless expression, things given voice to, yet unspoken; perhaps indefinable. My essence is this, and more.

Saints United by Rhiannon Ayers
He needed their love. They wanted his submission. Can Ryder and Lyss unite and claim the man they both crave?

Silver/Steel by Belinda McBride
When Dylan has the chance to free himself from centuries of enslavement, can he betray the man he has come to love?


Fighting Addiction by B.A. Tortuga
Fighting Addiction by B.A. Tortuga

Bondage Slave For Hire by Laura Tolomei
Whether vampires, shape-shifters or demon-switchers, all slaughtered in the most efficient manner. No mercy. No pity.

Slave For Sex by Laura Tolomei
What can you do when the love of your life is dead but there's a faerie that looks just like him?

Erotic Escapades of a Married Couple by Lynda Bailey
Polyamory Paradise… See what happens when a married couple asks their best friend to join them -- on a permanent basis. EROTIC ESCAPADES

Deadlines by Fabian Black
Joseph Townsend discovers more than he bargained for about the boy he loves with all his heart.  



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