Title:  Singing Up The Sun
Genre/Line: Futuristic, SciFi, M/M
Author:  Adera Orfanelli

Author URL:  http://www.aderaorfanelli.net

Release Date or Available Now: AVAILABLE NOW
Publisher:  Changeling Press
Publisher URL: http://changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=1592

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For discharged soldier Dougaln, the Winter Holidays are simply a time of little work and no prospects. But when he hears a beautiful tenor voice during a stroll in the Reclamation Gardens, Dougaln’s dark days suddenly brighten.

Exiled from his people, Reynau travels from world to world sharing his people’s spiritual traditions and learning new ones. For him, the Longest Night is a time to celebrate joy, ensuring that the new year brings happiness and light.

But Reynau refuses to be anyone’s “secret,” and Dougaln has too much to hide. Can a retired soldier open up and let a young man sing the light back into his life?


Content Warning: Contains hot guys on a space station finding “joy” during the winter holidays


* * * *



Reynau winced at the elbow poking him in the side. Dougaln’s heavy weight pinned him down, and the rivets at the joints of the metal floor panels pressed into each vertebrae. With a wheeze, he drew air into his lungs, enough so he could push Dougaln off and wriggle out from beneath him. He lay for a moment, his legs still partially pinned, and simply breathed. The back of his head throbbed, the stars fading from his vision, and in spite of all his bruises he grinned like a maniac. His cock twitched. He might get laid after all.


A quick check confirmed Dougaln hadn’t passed out, and Reynau knew they couldn’t lay on the floor with the door open all night. He crawled onto all fours and pushed Dougaln’s legs out of the way to shut the door. It closed with a satisfying thud, and Reynau reached up to flip the bolt and mark the com panel as “do not disturb.”


Dougaln groaned. He flopped onto his back, his arm hitting the wall with a metallic clang. “Damn! Ow!” He rubbed his elbow, then swiped his hand across his forehead. “You okay?” His speech still slurred, though it seemed the effects of the reclaim wine might have begun to wear off.


“I’m not the one who hit my elbow on the wall.” Reynau sat against the door, legs alongside Dougaln’s. Sitting there and staring at the soldier wouldn’t make anything happen, though he didn’t want to pounce on a wounded man. Then again, Dougaln leaned forward and started to draw his legs beneath him. Before he could stand, or worse yet, leave, Reynau moved. He grabbed Dougaln’s arm and drew the man closer. “Wait.”


“I wasn’t going anywhere,” Dougaln said.


“Good.” Pulling him closer, Reynau released Dougaln’s arm to caress his cheek. Brushing his thumb across the stubbled skin, he savored the touch, the sensation of skin against skin. He rubbed his thumb against Dougaln’s lower lip, and the man turned into the touch. Reynau closed the space between them and kissed the soldier.


Instead of the mash of lips and teeth Dougaln had given, Reynau offered gentleness. The brush of lips, the mingling of breaths, savoring every single moment. Reaching around Dougaln’s head, Reynau let the spiky strands of the soldier’s hair tickle his palm, and he curled his fingers into it. A gentle stroke of his tongue, and Dougaln opened his mouth.


Damn, the man was responsive. Given his state of inebriation, Reynau wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Even so, Reynau tried to hold back in spite of the blood rushing to his cock and his sudden need for more.


Dougaln clamped his hands onto Reynau’s back, sliding them down his spine to the waistband of his loose trousers.


Reynau moaned. The sweep of fingers over his flesh made him wonder what that strong hand around his cock would feel like, and it made him want it.


Dougaln sat against the wall, and Reynau broke the kiss long enough to straddle his legs. He swept his hands over the front of Dougaln’s uniform shirt, undoing the first few buttons. Sliding his hand inside, he stroked hot skin and tight male nipples. A quick hiss of breath and the clamp of a hand over his told Reynau how much Dougaln wanted him.


“You tease.” He leaned forward, the aggressor this time, and kissed him. No more fumbling, no more banged teeth and lack of finesse. Instead, the sweep of a tongue, fingers curled across his hip, and the undeniable need to make joy on this Longest Night morning. Yes. Reynau opened his mouth to Dougaln, not caring that the metal floor bit into his knees or the sounds of someone doing… something… in the room next door created a clamor that made it hard to think.


Reynau finished opening the buttons on Dougaln’s shirt, then explored the marvelous, muscled expanse of the soldier’s chest with his fingers. He learned every indent, every muscled ridge, and the way the skin around his nipples crinkled with the slightest touch. A breath of air, a brief separation, and then Reynau kissed him again, delving his tongue into Dougaln’s mouth, giving as good as he got.


The soldier tugged at the fabric tie at the waistband of Reynau’s pants, freeing them, shoving the gathered fabric down over his hips and releasing his cock. Long fingers, talented in loving and killing, wrapped around Reynau’s shaft, and he bucked his hips as Dougaln’s fingers spread the drops of moisture over the head of his crown.


“Taste,” Reynau whispered when he pulled away to breathe, then kissed a trail over Dougaln’s chin and neck. The stubble against his lips gave way to whorls of chest hair. Drawing his tongue over the flat bead of a nipple, he teased and tormented it until Dougaln bucked beneath him. The motion pushed his engorged cock against Reynau’s inner thigh.


The floor provided a poor scene for seduction, but Reynau didn’t care about that. Nor did he care that his cabin lacked a window, a means to see outside to the sun as the station rotated toward the daylight side of the planet below. The head of his bed faced the outer wall; had he a window, he could have seen it. Instead, he imagined having his view unobstructed, having Dougaln on the bed beneath him, and making them both delirious with pleasure. Reynau worked between both of Dougaln’s nipples, back and forth, until big hands clamped onto his hips.


“Can’t -- last --” Dougaln panted. “Been… too… long.”






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