...When Eric woke for the second time, sunlight streamed through the partly opened curtain hanging over the window. He sat up and stretched his knotted muscles, and then looked over his shoulder at the man in his bed. Usually his hook-ups were short, and by sun-up, he was alone in his room or on his way home.

Braden had stayed the entire night only because he had wanted him there. They had fucked through most of it like two horny teenagers. He didn’t look forward to ending his enjoyment of his lover. He had a long drive home, however, and he needed time to clear his head and get a grip on his emotions.

He bent down and grabbed his pants from the floor.

When Braden moaned softly, the sleepy sound drew Eric’s gaze to Braden’s lean sinewy body sprawled out in a vulnerable position. Thoughts of repeating the night’s events hardened him. All he had to do to position himself over Braden was to straddle that nicely rounded firm ass. He could wake him with a quick morning fuck, and then send him on his way. Except he didn’t want to make Braden feel used. What if he took his time and sucked him first, before he took his ass? What were a few more hours of his time when they could be as blissful as he had been all night?

Eric decided to go get some coffee and donuts, and bring it back to the room. They’d regain some energy that way.

While sitting, he put his feet into the pant legs. Another moan from Braden turned his head. He glanced back at the muscles in Braden’s ass twitching. Eric’s cock jolted. He reached to touch Braden’s downy buttocks, splotched red from the slaps he’d given him.

A cell phone rang and he drew back his hand. The interruption stopped him from analyzing his feelings or waking Braden with his sexual desires. He got up, drawing his pants to his hips, and walked to the other pile of rumpled clothes on the floor.

“Is that my phone?” Braden moaned, covering his head with a pillow.

Eric reached down into the pocket of the pants and retrieved the phone. He flipped it open. “Hello.”

“Sorry about dumping you at that club and taking the car last night, Braden, but are you ready to go home?” a woman asked.

Unable to expel the air in his lungs, Eric’s chest tightened with a burning sensation.

“Braden, honey? Can you hear me?” she asked.

“He’ll be ready. Pick him up at the Round-up Hotel,” he answered and snapped the phone shut.

Eric felt used. All the time Braden was kissing him, making him feel connected to his soul, there was someone else. Not a man, but a woman. Did she know what her man was up to? Was she aware at how excited he got when he was fucked in the ass? She couldn’t give him that. Or maybe she could. It was obvious Braden had been on the bottom before. Maybe his woman had a big rubber dildo she used on him.

Eric tossed the cell phone on the bed. It bounced and hit Braden, making him lift and look out from under the pillow.

“I told your ride you’ll be ready when she gets here to pick you up.” Eric informed him.

“My ride?” Braden rolled over, showing no modesty.

Eric glanced at the lean body stretched out on his hotel bed. Braden’s morning erection, an obelisk of hard flesh, invited him to shake off his annoyance with the female caller. What did he care if the guy had cheated on his girlfriend. He just came to Houston looking for sex, not a love affair, and certainly not a commitment...