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Bringing Bobby’s Gym into the twenty-first century should have been fun. But the dead guy draped over the weight machine definitely took the joy out of it!

The Hoale Construction gang has taken on the task of bringing Bobby’s Gym into the twenty-first century. But the dead guy hanging from the new lat machine is putting a serious crimp in their timeline. When Bobby becomes the number one suspect for the murder, Adam and the gang are forced to try and clear him. But who is the guy? And was Bobby really the last one to see him alive? Questions only seem to multiply the deeper they dig. Until they uncover a connection with a group of thugs who call themselves the Indiana Mobsters. Things just continue to spiral downward from there.

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About Declan Sands

Declan Sands writes romantic paranormal/fantasy and mystery/suspense, creating stories that celebrate the joy of love in all its forms. Known for writing great characters, snappy dialogue, and unique and exhilarating stories, Declan is the award-winning author of 40+ books and has been writing for over a decade under several noms de plume.

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An Interview with Declan Sands
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Declan, thank you for talking with us at TRS! Your featured book is Hoaley Inexplicable and is part of your Hoale Construction Mysteries Series. What can you tell us about the series and where you got the idea for it?

DS: Thanks so much for having me!

The Hoale Construction Series is based on a sexy, thirty-something, gay construction company owner with the unfortunate name of Adam Hoale and his mostly gay group of professional associates. Adam’s business partner, Maddy, is a lesbian, his realtor, Mink, is gay, and his big, loveable but angst-ridden dog Walter is... well... neutered. The mysteries in the series are tied to the places Adam and his gang flip or rehabilitate and Adam does a fairly decent job both of solving the mysteries and getting on the admittedly twitchy nerves of their friend and hetro cop with a stick up his ass, Detective Craig Clandestine, CC for short. The mysteries are fun, fast paced, and anchored by the on again, off again romance of Adam and his secretly gay lover, Dirk Williams, who is a B-level Hollywood actor.

I wanted to do a m/m series that was different from what was out there. A ton of m/m series feature a cop as one of the lovers, I decided construction guys had the potential to be just as sexy as lawmen and the concept of working in different locations all the time offered a lot of opportunity for mysteries to pop up.

HH: What can you tell us about the first two books in the series?

DS: A Hoale Lot of Trouble really introduced the crew in a fun way. In Book 1 Adam is flipping an old house in a wealthy neighborhood and finds a four-fingered hand in the wall. The discovery puts a serious crimp in his construction schedule so Adam sets out to “help” CC discover why it’s there and how, decades later, someone is still willing to maim and kill to preserve the mystery. In Book 2, Hoaley Ill-Manored, the gang visits the countryside in southern Indiana to rehab a huge, 200-year-old manor house that was the scene of an apparent suicide and is rumored to be haunted. What they discover there is terrifying enough, even if there is no ghost, and Dirk nearly loses his life before they find out who’s behind a rash of property defacings and attacks. Book 2 has a gothic murder mystery feel that’s very unique for the genre and a lot of fun.

HH: How does Hoaley Inexplicable continue it?

DS: At the end of each book in the series, Adam and Maddy decide what their next project will be so the reader knows what’s coming in the next book. In Hoaley Inexplicable the gang helps Mink and their friend Bobby rehabilitate their investment of a training facility. Unfortunately, the project gets thrown off course by the corpse hanging over the new lat machine. All clues lead to Bobby having killed the guy and CC has his hands full trying to keep to the letter of the law so he doesn’t get thrown off Bobby’s case. So Adam and Maddy get involved (of course!) to help him. But when Mink disappears they start to wonder if everybody they know is involved in the mess.

HH: What do you like best about your heroes and why will readers love them?

DS: The most frequent feedback I’ve gotten is how much readers love the characters in this series. This is a fun group, quick to self-deprecating humor and with a healthy sense of friendship and loyalty that’s very refreshing. Each character in the series has a strong personality and they feed off each other in ways that create a lot of laughter and some really tender moments. It’s a fun series and a great bunch of characters.

HH: What can you tell us about the books to come in this series?

DS: I have lots of fun planned for Maddy and the boys! I’ve decided to offer my first Hoale Construction Mystery novella in December, entitled Oh Hoaley Night. #:0) In this novella readers will be introduced to Adam’s quirky family as he and Dirk travel to Madison, Indiana to spend Christmas Eve with Adam’s peeps and they discover a body in the Christmas Creche.

Also, Book 4, slated for January 2014, will take place in a huge old church with a pretty massive secret in its basement. Hmm, what could that be? LOL

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?


I started a new paranormal series in 2012 and I plan on adding Book 2 to that series in 2013. Here’s the blurb for Book 1 of the City of Lights series, Bright City Lights:

Sometimes it's harder to be together than it is to be apart.

Rabb is an alpha shifter, a werewolf, who likes to defy both the odds and authority. He prefers the city lights over the open spaces most shifters enjoy.

Brant is a politician with a secret that's becoming harder and harder to contain. As mayor of Bright City, he's determined to keep the city free of shifters to protect his secret.

The two men share a fair amount of distrust, along with a smoldering history that threatens to drag them under again. But when shifters begin to die in Bright City, Rabb and Brant need to find a way to work together again. Especially when one of them inadvertently steps right into the murderer's deadly path.

HH: What do you enjoy most about being an author?

DS: I can make stuff up without getting into trouble!

HH: How has your writing career changed since you started out?

DS: I’ve become much more oriented toward the business side of writing, which is both good and bad. It’s a necessary evil I’m afraid, but it does cut into the magic of creation a bit.

HH: What do you think has been the most positive change?

DS: Years ago, after I sold my first book, I sat down and looked at the computer and asked myself, “how am I ever going to create another whole story?”. It seemed like that first book took everything out of me. But slowly a story started to fill the creative well and, though I won’t say it was an easy process, eventually it got written. The next book was a little easier and the next a little more and so on. Now I’m a creative monster. Stories just flow into my head at all hours. It really is true that the more you use a creative muscle the stronger and sharper it gets.

HH: Where can readers find you online?

DS: I do a lot of blogging with giveaways and readers can follow my blogging exploits by connecting with me on Twitter and Facebook. I announce all my appearances there:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Blog

HH: Thank you!


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