Adera Orfanelli

For discharged soldier Dougaln, the Winter Holidays are simply a time of little work and no prospects. But when he hears a beautiful tenor voice during a stroll in the Reclamation Gardens, Dougaln's dark days suddenly brighten.

Exiled from his people, Reynau travels from world to world sharing his people's spiritual traditions and learning new ones. For him, the Longest Night is a time to celebrate joy, ensuring that the new year brings happiness and light.

But Reynau refuses to be anyone's "secret," and Dougaln has too much to hide. Can a retired soldier open up and let a young man sing the light back into his life?

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Reviews for Singing Up The Sun

"Adera Orfanelli put together present day issues in a futuristic setting to make a worthwhile read."
-- Coreopsis, Whipped Cream Reviews


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About Adera Orfanelli

Adera Orfanelli began writing several years ago when she discovered how fun it was to write stories about hot men and adventurous women living and loving in outer space. With the universe to explore, she lets the stars light her way and her imagination play.


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