Kayelle Allen

Jawk, Tales of the Chosen
Pleasure. Trust. Possession. Is a betrayal of the heart forever?

Jawk Brighton works at Batchelors, a hip restaurant/club in the Top Tier district of Tarth City, where he meets the immortal Luc Saint-Cyr. Luc offers Jawk a deal too good to pass up, one night showing him and his Chosen, Wulf Gabriel, a good time in exchange for far more than his usual pay. The question is, will one night with Jawk tear apart the immortal and his Chosen -- forever?

Content: M/M sex, M/M/M sex, voyeurism, multiple partners, alien sex, more M/M sex - and a heated and softly padded dungeon floor for those "tender" moments...

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Reviews for Jawk

Jawk was nominated for a 2009 Gaylactic Spectrum Award

Two Lips Reviews calls it "... an incredibly complex book that will capture your attention and keep you turning the pages."

Love Romances and More
"With a light touch and a sweep of her pen, Ms. Allen captivates you with a story full of hope, romance and seduction all tangled within a mass of secrets that will leave you flipping the pages to see what happens next."

Joyfully Reviewed
Fascinating and unique, Jawk is a mixture of science fiction, future fantasy, mild BDSM, hot sexual encounters and several interconnected love stories.


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About Kayelle Allen

Kayelle Allen's motto is "romance lives forever." She enjoys hiking, movies, reading, and SciFi conventions. A multipublished, award winning author with character-driven, plot-heavy SciFi Romances, her worldbuilding skills include alien languages and 10k years of future history. Kayelle is known for unstoppable heroes, uncompromising love, and unforgettable passion. In 2011, Kayelle founded the company The Author's Secret, geared toward coaching authors about marketing, branding, providing services such as book trailers, and holding the hand of readers and authors on the web while they set up social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. Kayelle calls it "Affordable phone support for the non-geek among us." She is married and lives in north Georgia with her husband, two banshee-shrieking parakeets, a territorial dove, and a neurotic cockatiel.


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A special treat from Kayelle -- a word search puzzle with words taken from the book, and an answer key. To play, print out the booklets. For custom wallpaper based on characters in the books, visit my Wallpapger page at http://kayelleallen.com/Wallpaper.html

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An Interview with Kayelle Allen
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Kayelle, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is part of your Tales of the Chosen. First, what you can tell us about this tremendous series?

KA: In the Tales of the Chosen series, secrets conceal multiple players on both sides of power, hiding layers of partial truths and centuries of political manipulation so convoluted only the Sempervians - the immortals whom the Chosen serve -- can follow the trail, and sometimes, even they're a mite confused.

CHOSEN stands for:
Called to serve
Honored to protect
Obedient to the Vow
Safeguarding the truth
Enabling life
Neutralizing threats

HH: How do Wulf and Alitus kick off the series?

KA: Wulf introduces us to the concept of the Chosen, and shows how their families serve the Sempervians for life. Wulf Gabriel is the seventh generation of his family to be born into Luc Saint-Cyr's service. Wulf grows up seeing the immortal as a powerful man, but when Wulf's father is killed, Wulf blames Luc and refuses to serve him. Twenty years later, they meet again when Wulf is in mortal danger, and their relationship goes from protector and protected, to lovers.

In Alitus, another Sempervian, Empress Rheyn Destoiya, is introduced. Known as the Conqueror, she is the twin sister of the Sempervian ruler, Pietas. Alitus had been her lover for several years, and she intended to make him her Chosen. However, to test him, Pietas requires that he prove he's over his deepest fear. Destoiya had rescued Alitus from rape at the hands of five male guards, so he demands Alitus submit to a round of sex with another male. Luc's Chosen -- Wulf -- is picked. What no one expected was for Alitus and Wulf to fall in love, against all laws among the Chosen.

HH: How does Jawk continue it?

KA: Jawk picks up the story with Wulf and Luc still together after five years as lovers, but their relationship is rocky. To keep spice in their partnership, they engage in an occasional ménage, one in which Wulf plays a slave role to Luc. Wulf's heart is no longer in it, but because he's a Chosen, he can't just walk away. Jawk is a Kin, a feline humanoid, and this brings out Wulf's hidden prejudices. Wulf stages a huge fight with Luc, and walks out. To get back at him, Luc takes Jawk on a week-long voyage. By the end, Luc is torn between his broken relationship with Wulf, and his growing love for Jawk. But Jawk is not at all what he seems, and his reasons for being with Luc are strictly his own. The book has several strong twists, and throughout the series, the questions asked by the books' blurbs do not necessarily have what seems to be the obvious answer.

Wulf:  Lust. Power. Forgiveness. Can a romance live forever?

Alitus:  Passion. Addiction. Loyalty. Can true love bare its heart forever?

Jawk:  Pleasure. Trust. Possession. Is a betrayal of the heart forever?

I should tell you that while each book contains a happy ever after, it also contains a happy for now.

HH: How did you go about creating the world their story takes place in?

KA: I created a history for the Tarthian Empire, and even designed a tour readers can take to visit the various planets. Start here: http://kayelleallen.com/TTC-Home.html

The history includes a background revealed throughout the books. The Sempervians are immortal, so they have had recurring roles in the past. For example, Empress Destoiya was also Empress Destine Pietan, and Luc Saint-Cyr was once Ran Holding, who fought for farmer's rights against the empire, and won. Many of the place names in Tarth City reflect names of Sempervians from the past. The Typhin River (after Cyr de Typhin - one of Luc's names) flows through Tarth City Park, past the Destine Pietan Stadium, and in Alitus, Luc builds the Thomas Gabriel Stadium nearby, to honor Wulf's father and mark his fifth anniversary with Wulf. A map of the city is available on my wallpaper page, as are wallpapers for all the major characters in my books. I created them myself, often using the same images from my books' covers, although the covers were done by either Laura Givens or Anne Cain. You can find the wallpaper here: http://kayelleallen.com/Wallpaper.html

HH: What will readers like about Jawk, Luc, and Wulf?

KA: Luc is an alpha, and he's strong, capable, and confident. He's also incredibly flawed and has a tortured past. Watching him reach out to Wulf and then to Jawk, and having things not go too well for him tugs heartstrings. But don't worry if the ending doesn't come out the way you think it might, because Luc gets his forever love. ;)

Wulf is a former supermodel, and he's Luc's right hand man at work. He's funny, irreverent, and sexy. He has his flaws, and they are big ones, but he's loyal to his friends and he wants to protect Alitus no matter what it costs him personally. In fact, the forbidden relationship between those two is as much the heart of this book as the relationship of Luc and Jawk.

Jawk is the son of a female breeder from his homeworld. She fell in love with a human military man stationed on her world and left it to live with him on Tarth. Her husband discovered that she'd borne a son (Jawk) who'd been taken from her shortly after birth and sent away. He went back, found him, and brought him to live with himself and his wife. The scandal that created got the man kicked out of the military, but he was willing to sacrifice his career to save the child. Jawk was reared by him, and has many human sensibilities, but he has no love for the Imperial Armada and what they did to his father. He's 100% on the side of the rebels, and to hell with the empire and the empress. Kicking the immortal out of power is part of his secret agenda, which places him diametrically opposed to Luc, who's her ally. So what is he doing in Luc's bed? The quirky young Kin and his curiosity make him a perfect viewpoint character for us to see into Luc's amazing, privileged world, and the world of all the immortals. His viewpoint lets us see some of the seedy underbelly of Tarth as well.

HH: Will there be more books in this series?

KA: The Chosen serve the Sempervians, but there is another level of immortals who are out there secretly fighting against them. All is not well in the paradise of the immortal homeworld, and one day the Elite will be introduced. They are servants of the immortals on the other side of the fence, and their secrets are even more layered and complex than the Chosen's. All the Elite know who the Chosen are, but none of the Chosen know the Elite. Well... excerpt for the Chosen who are secretly with the Elite... but that's for another day.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

KA: Last time I mentioned that I was working on a sequel to the book Surrender Love, which features Luc Saint-Cyr and his forever love. I'm still working on that. But I also have plans for some other books set elsewhere in the galaxy, that don't involve the immortals.

HH: What sources of inspiration do you draw from for ideas?

KA: I get ideas from everywhere, but there are certain things that inspire me more. I like political conspiracy movies, action flicks, and Science Fiction. I'm very picky about what I watch, however. Some of my favorites have been Transformers, Star Wars, Star Trek, Contact, the Terminator series, and I enjoy movies about time travel. If I gave you a list, it would be far too long for this interview. ^_^

HH: What's your favorite book so far in 2012?

KA: I just finished reading Immortally Yours by Ashlyn Chase, and loved it. The writing is splendid, the sex is hot, and the characters are lovable. It's a terrific book.

HH: What are you most looking forward to in 2012?

KA: My Yahoo Group, Marketing for Romance Writers is hosting Marketing Summer Camp, an online conference, July 14-15. Members of the group are putting a lot of effort into this, making it both entertaining and educational for authors. I love that we are working together to do what this group was created to do: help authors learn how to market and promote. We'll hold the workshops and panels on the group itself, and there will be no charge for any of the programs. I'm creating a banner and helping with the organization, and I'll be doing a presentation on how to prepare for interviews. The group members are doing everything else. Karen Cote' is in charge of promotions. Rochelle Weber will be creating a conference program guide, and we are getting donations from Romance Junkies and of course the Romance Studio. (Thank you!) CoffeeTime Romance is helping us arrange pitches with publishers, so that authors will have a chance to share their ideas with someone who can make their dreams a reality. To me, creating opportunities is what it's all about. I hope to have a book out this year as well, but right now, the high point of the year will be the Marketing Summer Camp. The group URL is http://is.gd/mfrwgroup

Anyone interested in signing up to be a speaker can do so at http://mfrw.blogspot.com/p/volunteer-sign-up-mfrw-summer-camp.html While you're there, you can learn more about the group, and read both blogs (one for marketing info, one for promo). There's a category on the sign up sheet called "Prize Giveaway." You can offer donations such as how-to guides, free reads, gift certificates, or other services. We want to make the Marketing Summer Camp a true community affair, and invite all authors in all genres, fiction or otherwise, to take part by teaching, or attending.

HH: Thank you!


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