Riptide Publishing is a boutique purveyor of some of the finest gay fiction, romance, and erotica available today. Created by experienced M/M authors who were hungry for more favorable contracts, editing, marketing support, and royalty rates, Riptide Publishing seeks to fill a critical niche in the M/M market: quality books, pristinely packaged, that will satisfy readers' desires for rich, plotty, well-edited stories for which the author is fairly paid.

More than Just Romance

Riptide is a romance-focused house, but that doesn't mean it's all we do. First and foremost, Riptide publishes quality gay fiction. Erotica? Yes. Romance? Absolutely. But gay and transsexual literature also have a place at Riptide -- no romance required.

Riptide May Be New, But Our Staff Is Most Certainly Not

Riptide's founders -- Rachel Haimowitz, Aleksandr Voinov, and Chris Hawkins -- are more than just experienced M/M authors. We offer Big Six publishing experience, professional editing qualifications, business management experience, and genre-specific marketing expertise.

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Dark Soul Vol. 1
by Aleksandr Voinov

Once a Marine
by Cat Grant

Master Class
by Rachel Haimowitz

Romeo Club #1
by Brita Addams

Sucks & Blows
by Storm Grant

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