I wrote Romance novels for Harlequin Books for sixteen years, and have about a million books in print worldwide. Venturing into the universe of eBooks is a wonderful new experience, along with the opportunity to publish some on my early timeless favorites to digital venues.

I was born in Mobile, Alabama and went to convent schools until I was eleven. Dad was called up during the Korean Conflict, and I’ve been on the move ever since. I love destination travel and immersing myself in different cultures. After my children were grown and my husband left, I went to Central America where I lived first on an island off the coast of Panama, and later in a dry Pacific Rainforest -- except it is seldom truly dry. I lived as many of the natives do in a small village carved out of the jungle. During the day I sheltered beneath a thatched roofed bohio, cooked with wood on a native stove, bathed in the River Camito, dispatched snakes with a machete and harvested mandarinas, oranges, bananas, mangos and coffee. At dusk, I retired to my recama, a minuscule sleeping room where I read by lantern or candle light. I slept beneath a net while overhead tiny fruit bats taught their young to fly and geckos scampered over walls. I sometimes volunteered at a Sister’s of Mercy Mission where the focus was on Kuna Indian woman and children.

After I’d saved enough money give myself a new start, I returned stateside, went to college, earned a degree in History, and was fortunate to spend a semester abroad at Queens’ College, London University which was a treasure of new experiences. Truth to tell, I never considered sitting still long enough to write another book. Another truth: Divorce agreed with me. I was not looking for romance inside or outside of a book. Nope. Been there. Done that.

And then . . .

I went to a Shanghai Cowboy music festival in a small town square and met an interesting man. You know all those chills and tingles we romance writers give our heroines? It happens in real life, and to ordinary people. Yep. I discovered romance is ageless. That discovery got me to thinking about writing again. My experiences of the past few years have given me more insight into the human condition, especially how we women must cope in the face of adversity. Until last year, the only electronic device I was familiar with was my ATM card, so I’m just learning my way around the Internet, but you can . . .

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