Multi-published Canadian author, Jude Mason, writes in a variety of genres and adores stretching the boundaries. The bulk of her work has been D/s and femdom, but she enjoyed straying into fetish, pulp fiction, f/f, paranormal and sci-fi, and has become very fond of all things m/m of late. A picture, a smell, an unexpected glimpse of flesh, or a load of soil in the back of a pick-up, are all fodder for her writing. Her male characters run the gamut from the alpha male ruling his women with an iron fist, to a simpering purple-clad boy-toy, whose only desire is to please. As diverse and as richly depicted, her women find themselves in a myriad of exotic and erotic situations, and are as lusty as their male counterparts, of not more so. Jude has work in print, ebook form and audio

Interested, Google her name, you'll find her. ‘Readers needed: Come, explore with me...if you dare!

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I'd Die For You
ISBN: 978-1-59426-781-9

Snake Thompson is out of Corcoran and looking for revenge. He meets and falls for Abel, a lusty blond guy who winds up quitting his job and tagging along. Can the two of them find the truth and clear Snake's name, or will drugs and money send them both to the grave?

Kindred Spirits Book #1
ISBN: 978-1-907280-73-3

Ethan's Choice When two insanely hot guys encounter a few distressed spirits in the beautiful Whiskers’ Seaside Inn, love becomes entangled with a mystery that must be solved. Hunter's Light A haunted lighthouse, a handsome keeper and one freelance writer with a penchant for ghosts keep things hopping at Whiskers' Seaside Inn.

Untamed Hearts Vol 1
ISBN: 978-1-907010-91-0

The female scent is a powerful thing. Kai, leader of the cougar clan, finds that out the hard way. Can he and his life mate, Aric, find the stolen talisman before it's too late? Bear Combustion: Fire rages in the hearts of Tarek, the leader, Inuka, his fiery lover and Raven, the stoic companion who adores him. Can the flames of their love survive?

Spank Me Once
ISBN: 978-1-60592-028-3

Includes, Oh Behave, a femdom story by Jude Mason

Yes, Ma'am
ISBN: 978-1-59426-894-6

Fem-domme fiction at its finest! Phaze is proud to present the novellas of Jude Mason in print.

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