I write Chess-inspired ("mating") titles.
Gods from outer space. Sexy SFR.
Poking fun, (pun intended). Shameless word-play.

Rowena Cherry's youth was spent on the tiny British island of Guernsey: a mystical, idyllic setting with its prehistoric earth-goddess, historic Martello towers, underground gun emplacements, and legends of faery men.

Having been a school chess champion and winner of the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award, Rowena went to ancient Cambridge University for her four-year combined honors degree in English and Education, after which she taught at exclusive boarding schools, first in Dorset, then in London.

Eventually Rowena met and married her auto designer husband, who whirled her off to Germany to live the glamorous life of an alien abroad. Reassigned to America, she rode beside her husband in pace cars at the Indy 500 and Brickyard 400 and has flown in corporate jets to exotic locations.

Her fast-paced life so far has been fantastic inspiration for romance novel scenarios and alien-world building.

Rowena lives in Michigan with her husband and daughter.

Chess-Entitled Books so far:

Forced Mate (e-book, January 2005)
Forced Mate (Paperback, 11/2004)
Mating Net (e-book, short, 10/2005)
Insufficient Mating Material (Paperback, 02/2007)
KNIGHT’S FORK (Paperback, newly released 9/2008)

1. Forced Mate: ISBN 978-0-505-52601-4
2. Insufficient Mating Material: ISBN 978-0-505-52711-0
3. KNIGHT’S FORK: ISBN 978-0-505-52740-0

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Knight's Fork

The Queen Consort of the Volnoth needs a sperm donor, and only one green-eyed god has the right stuff. Little does she know she has pinned all her hopes on the crown jewels of the fabled Royal Saurian Djinn. Not only is he the son of her greatest enemy, but he has taken a vow of chastity.

The Saurian Knight is caught between a problem father who has all the moral integrity of a Mafia Don, and a married Princess who would stop at nothing to have his seed in her belly. No matter which way he turns, he’s “forked.”

Taking the wrong lover…in the wrong place, at the wrong time…is dangerous. And when the High and Mighty intervene, it can be fatal. Can true love and a pure White Knight’s virtue triumph, when society loves a right royal scandal?


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Insufficient Mating Material

Shot down for failing to mate in public and marooned on an island with a princess, Djetth discovers that when a Tiger prince is honor bound to hide his true identity, when his best seductive tool bears a damning tattoo and his life is in danger, survival is about more than making out.

But even in the wicked Tigron Empire, who would dare to attack a royal princess and her consort? So what if she had rejected his hand and turned her pretty nose up at his other princely parts? With the aid of two exiled empresses, some misplaced guitar glue, and a talent for disguises, he will prove his worth as a mate.


Watch a video for Insufficient Mating Material!

Watch a video for Insufficient Mating Material!

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Forced Mate


By all the Lechers of Antiquity, what is a god-Emperor to do when his chosen mate is caught on tape speculating that he is a brute and a bore in bed? Renowned for his sexual prowess all over the galaxy, Prince Tarrant-Arragon has a reputation for depravity to keep up, even if the reality of his private life is a far different story. His personal inclination would be to woo his intended with charm and wit, but politics and Tigron tradition call for abduction followed by swift consummation. Embarking on a skilled seduction, Tarrant-Arragon feels confident in his ability to take his queen. But he hasn't counted on the unpredictability of his little Earthling or the startling fact that she would make a pawn of his own heart.


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