Paige spends her days contemplating the complexities of romance and passion. She puts pen to paper, scribing elaborate stories for her many fans in her lush secluded office at her beach cottage. *snort*

In reality, Paige tries to convince her two growing boys that her space at the dining room table is an invisibility capsule, and she's not really there writing stories laced with humor and passion. Her husband of ten years looks on in devotion and love, encouraging her to write her little heart out. Oh, wait-reality. He wants her to be the next Rowling so he doesn't have to work anymore and can play more golf.

Paige is a master juggler of many personas-mom, wife, granddaughter, sister, jewelry designer, and coffee maker. Her family is her passion, and writing is the perfect outlet.

For romance that sizzles, come and visit Paige's fantasy world.

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