Annie Rayburn is a Red Sage published author of erotic romance. Her stories feature contemporary settings, sizzling sexual tension, sinfully hot heroes, strong heroines and heart-warming romance along with light sci-fi and paranormal twists. Readers and reviewers have described the world she's created as a unique and fascinating culture, fresh and different. Her writing is praised as breathtaking, tantalizing, a delightful treat and packed with emotion.

Annie's latest release from Red Sage, Bittersweet Obsessions, follows Insight, a short story, and Phantoms & Fantasies, a novella. Both were re-released by Annie shortly before Bittersweet Obsessions was released in June, 2011.

Insight: Outside a Denver mall, Crainesian female, Sela feels the instant, powerful pheromone attraction of her life-mate, Jonavon. She makes a bold move only to learn he has a fiancÚ. Confused by his ability to resist her, but hoping his insight, plus mind-mating and dream-sharing will bind him to her, Sela gives him three days to succumb to her pheromone lure.

But Jonavon is half Human and untrained in Crainesian ways. So, what's a strong Crainesian woman to do when her life-mate is too clueless to follow when beckoned? Seduce him with his own desires, of course!

Phantoms & Fantasies: After a devastating trauma, Zeenie attended a college mixer and experienced powerful, Crainesian life-mate pheromones between herself and Turk. Unprepared, she panicked and fled.

Turk has waited and yearned for Zeenie for years while staying dialed in to her recovery. Finally, rumor says she's ready to date again, and he's determined to make her short list, even if it means resorting to a little trickery. On a blind date, he surprises her with patience and maturity when she fights against their pheromone bond, then shows tenderness and consideration when phantoms of her past arise.

As she learns more about Turk, Zeenie entertains heated fantasies and makes tentative forays into his sensual world. But her initial rejection broke with Crainesian custom and continues to cast a dark shadow on their future. Can she embrace her sexuality and summon enough courage to claim her man in true Crainesian style, or will their growing love be tainted forever?

Bittersweet Obsessions: In a culture where it's believed each person has only one life-mate, what happens when yours is beyond your reach? Teriza feels the mating call to a married man. Unwilling to be the cause of infidelity, Teriza distances herself from her mate after an intense pheromone-charged encounter that endangers her health. For treatment, she's sent to a Swiss clinic where sexual surrogates heal such conditions.

After Paul Craddock's life-mate died, he turned to surrogacy to ease the pain of loneliness. He's surprised by his attraction to her and learns she feels the same. They experiment with Human courtship, but the ultimate bond that Crainesians experience eludes them.

Though they are falling in love, they're in uncharted territory without the engulfing pheromone storm of life-mates to guide them. Will they learn to trust their feelings and listen to their hearts before it's too late?

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Bittersweet Obsessions
Red Sage Publishing
ISBN 9781603106481

Phantoms & Fantasies
ISBN 978-1-4524-7220-1

ISBN: 978-1-4524-6262-2

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