A love that's out of this world...

By day I see myself as Clark Kent -- or maybe a girl version of him. I'm working hard at the day job, trying not to blow my cover. Then, in the face of danger -- or in my case, at night, I'm a raunchy, X-rated super-hero.

In my head, I'm fighting crime wearing a black-leather cat-suit. Of course I have the body to make my outfit work. I'm wearing a black mask, kind of like an S&M one (but I can see) and my black hair is hanging down my back, minus the split ends. To top this sexy ensemble off, I'm wearing fire engine red lipstick over full, sexy lips. On my skinny sexy legs, I have on stiletto boots that ride up to my knees.

Now I'm ready to fight crime -- sexy like (wha-cha).

Oh wait, I let my imagination run away from me. I don't fight crime, I write science fiction, romance erotica in my pajamas. Which, to keep the flow on the sexy side, could be imagined not as flannel with snowflakes pictured on them, but as black silk.

So with my black silk pajamas on, after putting in hard hours at the day job, at night I sit at my computer looking sexy as hell and spin tales of alien invasions, sexy alien kings, tough-as-nails Earth women, fighting, murder and of course, lots of hot sex.

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