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Men and women who have sacrificed their personal identities to live in the shadows and uphold justice for all—no matter the cost.

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Hypnotized, Book 10 of the Incognito Series
978-1-60313-752-2 (trade paperback); 978-1-60313-751-5 (electronic)

Dr. Sherry Mansfield is a talented hypnotist who possesses the ability to use the power of suggestion in an eerie, supernatural way. When she sends the Network a message through a suicide bomber that she wants to escape her abusive husband—the leader of a small terrorist group—they offer her a deal: They’ll rescue her from her husband if she’ll use her special skill for them in the pursuit of justice. The Network also fears that a rival terrorist faction will target Dr. Mansfield, wanting to use her unusual gift for evil the same way her husband’s group does. Network operatives—and former secret lovers—Noah Harlow and Rhiannon Murray must rescue Dr. Mansfield to keep the world at large from falling into jeopardy.
You Gotta Read (highest rating)! "After being captured, tortured and finally rescued four years ago, Rhiannon Murray decided she wanted more out of life and love than what her team leader Noah Harlow could give. Trying to break clean from her former lover, she requests transfer to another unit in the network. Noah sees to it all her requests are denied. As team leader, he's determined to make sure she's safe, but is there more than lust lying under his cool exterior? Can he truly give Rhiannon his heart? Dr. Sherry Mansfield amazing mental ability is being misused by her husband, the leader of a terrorist cell and coveted by an even more dangerous group, but when she used a young suicide bomber to deliver a plea for help, the Network send Rhiannon and Noah undercover into the heart of danger as married counselors for a troubled teen ranch. How long will they be able to fight their close quarters and their hearts? Having read a few of the Incognito Series by Mrs. Wiesner, I applaud her ability to keep up the suspense all the way through book ten. Noah and Rhiannon's story doesn't disappoint with non stop tension, steamy love scenes and subplots that make you say, "What? No way!" An absolute pleasure to read, I hope hYPNOTIZED won't be the last of this series." ~Brynna Curry for You Gotta Read Reviews http://yougottareadreviews.blogspot.com/2009/10/review-hypnotized-by-karen-wiesner.html
5 Books! "Emotional investment and sympathy for the heroine grips and twists your heart as early as the opening scene in HYPNOTIZED, the tenth book in the Incognito Series by Karen Wiesner. Intermixed with a tale of suspense and intrigue is the very personable story of Rhiannon. She had a life-changing event that turned her beliefs upside down and sideways. What she accepted of her life and of herself no longer holds true and now she’s on a very difficult journey of discovering what and who she wants for and in her future. Not easy when we’re talking about The Network, the super secret agency that produces more heroes and heroines than the world will never know. She embraced the old company policy that falling in love meant corruption of their efficiency and was to be avoided—with dire results if caught breaking the rule. She is now willing to embrace the tantalizing new option in The Network, that love can be openly pursued and enjoyed—but there is a glitch. The one man who Rhiannon would dare to test the new policy with is stuck like a burr to the old policy, and it’s breaking her heart. But, true to the strength of character that Ms. Wiesner imbues her female agents with, Rhiannon is another woman who gets the job done while hiding the torment inside of her. The big question is how is she going to get her man? How can she get him to embrace and believe the new policy of tolerance is real?

"Noah is a stubborn, over-protective, self-sacrificing professional who doesn’t recognize love even when it’s smacking him upside the head. He has all the internal self-dialogue to prove to this reader that he really does love Rhiannon, but his mental blinders are so thick, he can rationalize it all away. Noah is a strong, principled man who has her under his skin so bad, he turns Neanderthal when he sees a threat to his mate. And he still rationalizes it away. It was romantic torture. Watching it unfold is fascinating agony.

"The internal conflicts aside, the threat to life and security comes from a compelling source; the ability for someone to hypnotize people into doing terrorist acts. The choice of unwilling victims is a bit disturbing. I’ve found that Ms. Wiesner does not shy away from controversial subjects. She tackles them head on and solves them in a way I wish were really possible. The research involved to make this seem plausible had to have been astounding. The possibility that someone somewhere could actually think of doing these vile things raised the hair on my arms as I read. The build-up of suspense during the tale kept me turning the pages because the villain is a stroke of genius. Dialogue is crisp, fast-moving and authentic-sounding. My adrenaline was pumping when the plot picked up speed and raced towards the exciting battle and its pivotal outcome.

"As I’ve come to expect, Ms. Wiesner’s grasp of the perfect kind of HEA for each of her characters’ personalities and situations is spot on. When finally Noah and Rhiannon overcome external and internal obstacles, it’s satisfying and romantic. HYPNOTIZED kept me riveted, emotionally invested and entertained all the while expecting and getting a well-rounded, expertly told tale. It’s adventure from the comfort of your couch.” ~Xeranthemum for LASR http://www.longandshortreviews.com
5 Delightful Divas! “Karen Wiesner’s HYPNOTIZED is the tenth book in her Incognito Series and, right from the very beginning, there was an energy that I could almost feel, especially when Rhiannon and Noah interacted. Frankly I was quite surprised because I don’t recall this happening before; I mean there have been plenty of times that I would get a strong sense of what was happening or the emotions would seep off the pages. But this was a totally different kettle of fish and, even after having raced through the story, I’m still at a loss to understand just what happened. Rhiannon and Noah had been introduced—although that may be too strong a word—in book four, DEAD DROP, when they were kidnapped by terrorists. We learned some about the torture that both Rhiannon and Noah endured, but it was a very bare bones recitation. Suffice it to say that getting the full details and then, from there, the story of Rhi’s and Noah’s romance was an eye-opener. Oh, and that’s the other point I found quite interesting; Noah is a by-the-book kinda guy and yet he and Rhiannon had a relationship when repercussions for agents ‘fraternizing’ were extremely serious; the threat of deadly seriousness existed. Karen Wiesner’s intense focus on Rhiannon and Noah, their individual and shared pasts, their thoughts and feelings and what’s happening now, they both become so real. I especially love that we see a part of Noah that no one else—except maybe for Angelo—knows exists. Even Rhiannon can’t see exactly who the man is, but then with her past and the walls that she’s erected to protect her heart, it’s very understandable.

“Like so many other operatives in the Network, neither Rhiannon’s nor Noah’s pasts were anywhere near ideal. That’s one very common thread I’ve found throughout the series, but it makes perfect sense. Why else would you commit the whole rest of your life, your very self, to a faceless, nameless organization if growing up had been normal? And that’s something else that Ms. Wiesner does a very good job at—taking sometimes damaged people, or at least people who had no one else in their lives, and making them believable as one-half of a couple. She makes them likable regardless of any negatives we know about them. Seriously, many of the characters in the previous books—and HYPNOTIZED—are people I didn’t have a very high opinion of. But by the end of their story, I’ve made a complete turnabout. And it’s due entirely to Wiesner’s ability to get below the surface so that we really know these people.

“HYPNOTIZED has some very surprising elements and Wiesner’s mastery of twists and turns once again guarantees a book that will keep you fixed on the story. You really don’t want to miss a thing. And even for the tenth book in the series, I had a great deal of trouble putting it down. Each story is so unique and so very much its own that I’m still rather awe-struck. And once again to Karen Wiesner, I say thank you.” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews http://www.darkdivasreviews.com/?p=4435
5 Stars! "Karen Wiesner is a master at combining espionage and romance. Her stories in this series are part thriller and strong on the romance. The plot moves along at a swift pace. The suspense quickly builds to the climatic ending. Fans of romance, suspense, mystery and spies will enjoy this series." ~Readers Favorite http://readersfavorite.com
4 1/2 Delightful Divas! “HYPNOTIZED by Karen Wiesner is the tenth book in the Incognito Series. I have read each and every book, and I have to tell you that they are all fantastic. They can be read as stand-alone titles, but why would you want to when you would miss out on so much? In this book, I got to know more about Rhiannon and Noah. I have met them in previous books, and theirs was a great story. Each of them have issues from their past, as most of the operatives do. As always, I am amazed by the sheer knowledge and cunning that the Network has. They have, once again, played chess master with this mission. I keep thinking that one of the operatives is going to get a one-up on this organization, but it never seems to happen just the way I think it will—which makes for an excellent book filled with suspense and adventure. If you have never read one of the Incognito Series books, then I highly recommend that you read them, but start with the first book, NO ORDINARY LOVE. I promise that you will not be disappointed! Karen Wiesner has once again created a complex, well-written plot, with realistic, well-developed characters. She is a master at writing, and I am always impressed by her obvious knowledge of the Network and the operatives. I may have read each book and be invested in the story and people involved, but never could I hold it together enough to create such an in-depth and thought-out book.” ~Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews http://ddrreviews.blogspot.com/2009/11/incognito-series-book-10-hypnotized-by.html
4 Cups! "Rhiannon is a woman with a tortured past, one that predates even her work within the Network. Noah had a loveless childhood with parents who did not coddle him, but did not show any affection either, which led him on a path similar to how he was raised.The twists and turns of this suspenseful novel grip the reader and will keep anyone guessing. The storyline kept me coming back for more and the action-packed ending was very fulfilling and definitely left me with a smile on my face." ~Danielle for Coffee Time Romance & More http://www.coffeetimeromance.com
4 Stars! “Wiesner continues her Incognito Series with book 10, which focuses on Noah and Rhiannon, a couple with a complicated, passionate history. This story offers everything readers have come to expect from this series of late: intense relationships, emotionally charged situations and covert operations.” ~Barb Anderson for RT Book Reviews http://www.rtbookreviews.com
4 Stars! “This story is still full of the romantic suspense which the series is well known for, but it also includes some paranormal elements. This adds a spicy zing to the story's flavor, which intrigues me to no end. If you are looking for story with engaging characters, as well as romance and suspense, look no further than this story by Karen Wiesner.” ~Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews http://www.huntressreviews.com/

“The sizzling sexual tension between operatives Rhiannon and Noah keeps the pressure up for the entire book, with a surprising sting at the end. The plot winds around and around with relationship ups and downs between the two main characters and the people they work with. Nice descriptions, good character building and great pace.” ~Sally Vanessa Hearne for Between the Lines Reviews http://blog.lyndacoker.net/2009/11/17/wrdf-review-of-hypnotized-by-karen-wiesner.aspx?ref=rss
"The latest Incognito romantic suspense is a terrific, action-packed thriller starring two super protagonists. The irony of the assignment enhances the fast-paced plot as Rhiannon does the undercover masquerade job because she is a strong, dedicated individual; her preference [for a partner] would be anyone but the man she loves. Ironically, Noah, the brute, wants her but his values make it impossible for him to go after her as he feels that it is inappropriate for a superior officer to make love with a subordinate even if he cherishes her above his own life. All this passion is inside a strong rescue mission as Karen Wiesner provides her tenth Incognito winner." ~Genre Go Round Reviews http://genregoroundreviews.blogspot.com/2010/01/hypnotized-karen-wiesner.html
Mind Games, Book 11 of the Incognito Series
978-1-60313-808-6 (trade paperback); 978-1-60313-807-9 (electronic)

Psychiatrist Jocelyn Dominica determines the fate of every operative in the Network. When the task falls to her to discover a traitor inside the government, Jocelyn finds herself on the run, not knowing who to trust. A fall that could have stolen her life as well as her memories puts her in the hands of a man who tells her he's her husband and he loves her...but may be trying to kill her.

5 Books and Book of the Week Nominee! “This is about a romance that defies death and betrayal and rises above the intrigue to soar into the stratosphere of pure love despite, or in spite of, the machinations of others. I wasn’t too sure about Jocelyn at first. I’ve heard her name throughout the Incognito Series and I know she can play hardball with the bad guys and win. What I didn’t know about was the damaged woman inside that hid and was in pain. Here is a character whose job it is to get into other people’s heads. To cure them, or to break them—she did it effectively. Ms. Wiesner gets a reader into Jocelyn’s own head and it is not pretty or happy or hopeful. At least, not from her point of view. Add to that the devastating news that she’s given and it’s remarkable she didn’t completely lose it. Jocelyn is an agent, trained with everyone else but never went into field work. Her training comes in handy when she least expects it. Her fortitude is tested along with her sense of self. Everything she has known is challenged and undermined. Who does she believe in? Who can she trust? Can she even trust herself? This book takes a reader deep into the mind of an abused and tormented woman. It shows how strong a woman can be and through each revelation and revealing of each clue, we see a broken woman come back to life. She stands up to be counted as a survivor and this reader totally was committed to watching Jocelyn win. The cost is high but the rewards are as romantic as this reader could wish.

“Chase is the man from Jocelyn’s past as well as her present. This book takes a reader on a journey where Chase has to face his inner demons if he’s to have any place in Jocelyn’s future. When the book starts, he and I had absolutely no idea just how dangerous, traumatic and shocking his course would be. As each scene unfolded and clues were dropped here and there, a reader gets a peek into this man’s own nightmarish reality. He has genetics against him, and although he has a sense of it, once he is forced to face the truth of it and its ramifications, Chase’s reaction is what every reader could wish. In the meantime, I was treated to flashbacks and memories which helped me understand how he became the man he is and why he needs to become the man he should be. There was never any doubt that Chase loved Jocelyn-- but love isn’t always enough.

“As I’ve come to expect from Ms. Wiesner, this eleventh book in the Incognito Series remains strong in elements of surprise, freshness and excitement. The convoluted, far reaching plot against the heroine and hero was another masterful handling of intricate detail and creative villainy. I thought I had it all figured out; right until the last shots were fired. I just sat there stunned. How cool it was that I had no idea who it was until the author wanted me to. I had an idea but at the last second, she pulled the old switcheroo. And yet, all I felt was a profound sadness because so many lies and deceits hurt two very beautiful people. Does the end justify the means? You bet. That Shannon from Oversight, the big cheese in charge of The Network did her clever Chess Master maneuvering again and darn if she wasn’t right--again. And even if a reader has never read any of the Incognito Series before, this book can stand alone with only Jocelyn and Chase’s story to carry it. It’s strong and well written. MIND GAMES, the 11th in the Incognito Series, continues the premier legacy of writing that Ms. Wiesner has imbued all her books with. This reader enjoyed well developed characters, amazing thought twisting intrigue, absolutely wonderful romance and emotion, and sensual and passionate scenes between Jocelyn and Chase as they reaffirmed their love that refused to die as it survived incredible odds. This story kept me on the edge of my seat and I read it in one sitting. I give this story a definite recommend to all romantic suspense readers because this book represents what this genre is all about. It delivers romance with meaning.” ~Xeranthemum for The Long and Short Of it http://www.longandshortreviews.com
5 Delightful Divas! “Wow! Okay, once again I’m feeling gob-smacked after reading one of Karen Wiesner’s Incognito books; this time it’s the eleventh book, MIND GAMES, and all I can think of is Mind games? It’s sooo much more than just games! and I’m not talking just about what Jocelyn and her ex-husband went through. My heavens, Ms. Wiesner has a serpentine imagination! Frankly, it’s no wonder that the series has, even after eleven books, stayed so incredibly intriguing and even breath-stealing. I may have thought that she threw some curveballs before, but this time? I don’t have the words to describe my feelings when I realized just where she had taken us…and I mean that it wasn’t until the very end that the biggest of them became clear. There were some pretty big surprises throughout, and I thought those were amazing, but where we’d been taken when the book was finished was leagues from where we’d been when MIND GAMES started.

“For me—and I know I’ve said this in regard to some of the other books, or characters, in the series—I was stunned when I discovered whose story this was, and how the two of them were connected. You could have knocked me over with a feather; then when I found myself more than a little sympathetic for what Jocelyn was going through…wow! But I’ve also said that a number of times before. And, out of the blue last night, I came to the realization that the reason for the surprise, if not out-and-out shock, about those who are featured in the books is that they are for all intents and purposes, complete and utter strangers. Even to people who’d known them for two-and-a-half decades…or more. I may have *thought* that I knew what Jocelyn was like, but I didn’t have a clue. And to find out just who the man in her life was? I didn’t see that one coming at all. And I’m definitely not going to spill it here. If you want to know, you’re going to have to read the book for yourself. Of course if you’re smart—and if you’re reading Ms. Wiesner’s books then I’d have to say you’re smart indeed—then you’ll work through the series just as I did. Because with each story told, with each pair we get to actually know, everything becomes more and more clear. To be honest, although I know the *who* in book 12, I haven’t clue one as to how this is all going to end. And, as much as I may think I know exactly where the subterfuge comes in, even after these many books, I am not at all sure just where Karen Wiesner is going to take us. And in a series this long, well, who’da thunk it? Not me! And, if you’ve also been reading the Incognito Series, and are honest, then you’ll feel just the same…at least I hope you will because I’d hate like the dickens to be so on tenterhooks yet again, all by myself.” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews http://www.darkdivasreviews.com/?p=4561
4.25 Stars! “I love mystery/suspense romances. They give you just enough of everything to keep you reading. MIND GAMES is a very good example of knowing how to measure everything out so you are never bored or getting too much of one thing. Chase and Jocelyn's relationship is a very big selling point of the book for me. I love how they are written. At first Karen Wiesner kind of makes it sound like they don't belong together, but the more you read and find out the more you realize it’s not them personally that don't belong together. They do in fact complement one another very well. It's their families and sometimes their lives in general that has made it hard for them to get along. Also, in my opinion, nothing can rekindle a romance like a mystery, to show you where you true loyalties actually lie!” ~Danielle for Once Upon A Romance http://www.onceuponaromance.net
4 Stars! “With only one more title left in this riveting series, author Karen Wiesner is pulling out the big guns to tempt her readers. While reading each story of the series, I have come across the character of Jocelyn more than once. I, too, believed Jocelyn to be hard and uncaring. This story finally tells readers why Jocelyn seems to function as a robot. It explains the various responsibilities her job title entails and the horrible choices she is forced (all too often) to make. Yet the author has succeeded in making Jocelyn HUMAN. The character of Chase is a good example of a flawed hero. In light of his revealed background, his wariness of others is totally understandable. Readers need to be ready for the unexpected as this story unfolds. Complex situations, combined with numerous multi-layered plots, create an intricate tale of mystery, lies, betrayals, and a second chance at love. Karen Wiesner writes drama at its finest!” ~Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews http://www.huntressreviews.com/
“In the Chicago underground, for over two and a half decades, Dr. Jocelyn Dominica has been the chief of the top secret Network Psychiatric Department. Those who meet her, even her clients mostly field operatives, consider her an iceberg as she never displays emotion; and has not since her marriage to Oversight Board member Chase Giovanni ended. Over the years, both have acted professionally as each understands the mission comes before hurt feelings—the only way to leave the Network is in a body bag. Recently Jocelyn has begun to notice a decline in her mental skills. Medical informs her she suffers from an incurable brain tumor. When she informs Chase she has a few months left to live, he is mortified. He never stopped loving his Jocelyn. As her health deteriorates, Jocelyn is placed on medical leave and moved to a safe house high in the mountains where she is expected to die. Her only companion is Scout the German Shepherd who will protect her and Matt the paramedic who will relieve her of pain. Chase wants to be with her as she is dying, but duty comes first as he works a sensitive case with ties to the President. Jocelyn calls him to inform him Matt has vanished and someone wants to move up her death date to yesterday. However, when Chase follows up, Matt insists he has been there the whole time. Incognito 11 us a terrific thriller with, ironically, a heartfelt heroine who has been the ice queen until now; as readers will get to know Jocelyn and what motivated her seemingly detached aloofness. Chase is terrific as he is jealous of Matt and even Scout because he wants to be with his beloved as she prepares to die. As always with this powerful saga, the story line is fast-paced but extremely complicated as Karen Wiesner moves forward her overarching theme with several interrelated subplots.” ~Harriet Klausner http://genregoroundreviews.blogspot.com/2010/09/mind-games-karen-wiesner.html

Dark Approach, Book 12 of the Incognito Series
978-1-60313-599-3 (trade paperback); 978-1-60313-598-6 (electronic)

Network operatives and lovers Lucy Carlton and Vic Leventhal have spent years living in shadows, the property of the covert organization they gave their loyalty to in the lofty pursuit of justice for all. Disillusioned, they’re now determined to live their lives on their own terms. When the Network’s arch enemies, a terrorist organization called R.E.D., secretly approach the two about defecting—freedom for information that will disable the Network—the couple must choose between love and loyalty. In the process, they jeopardize the Network’s anonymity...and its very existence.

5 Hearts and Sweetheart Award Nominee! “Karen Wiesner wraps up this excellent series with another thriller. A fan since the first book, I’ve always found it hard to believe she could keep this as exciting as she has throughout. This one is as good as the eleven installments that came before it. Character building excels as people who have skills that can kill if needed are humanized. In Lucy's case, sometimes she seems like a whiney little spoiled girl, but not when we're reminded of what she's been through to get where she is. For Vic, being the son of a man who is constantly trying to destroy The Network has made him even more honorable than most. Being swayed by the love he has for Lucy doesn't stop him from maintaining that sense of responsibility to those who saved him from a fate worse than death. This book will grab you and refuse to be put down from first page to last. A sense of impending doom keeps the suspense heightened throughout. One wrong move and things can go so badly. If you enjoy suspense with a love story better than Romeo and Juliet, any of the books in this series is a winner. I'm sorry to see them end but this finale couldn't be any better.” ~Dee Dailey for The Romance Studio http://theromancestudio.com/reviews/reviews/darkapproachwiesner.htm 
5 Books and LASR Best Book nominee! “The Incognito Series ends with a hard-hitting, gritty yet cautiously optimistic bent that delivers exactly what readers have come to expect from the talented Ms. Wiesner. I’ve often wondered how the author was going to pull off the final chapter and what astounding dark secret she would explore to a reader’s adventurous satisfaction. How could it be as diabolical as some of the exploits the Network has had to deal with in the past? What other dastardly thing had yet to be explored and conquered? I couldn’t wait to find out. This final story in the Incognito Series, DARK APPROACH, deals with Victor and Lucy. Lucy ends up being more special than anyone ever expected and it is revealed early on during the course of this tale. Shannon McKee, the head of Oversight who usually sticks her head and hand into the situation with brutal manipulation, is missing from this tale but Angelo, second in command, more than makes up for it when he has to play the most important life and death chess game of his career. In fact, even though Angelo has had his own happily ever after in DANCE IN SHADOWS, in my opinion, he is even more heroic in DARK APPROACH. The sacrifices he’s had to make over the long course of his time in the Network, with an end game that might or might not come to fruition, had to have been a severe and burdensome pressure on his heart and mind for that entire duration. In fact this book makes him all the more human because it gives readers an honest and open view of what demons drove Angelo, and it’s a whopper. I will say that…I sort of wanted to shake Lucy a few times [in the beginning] and tell her to snap out of her waffling and whiny attitude. But I stuck with it because I knew the caliber of Ms. Wiesner’s writing and figured she was painstakingly setting a reader up for what was about to happen and I should just let her do it. How right I was. Once Vic and Lucy get mixed up with the remnants of the terrorist organization who has finally found the ultimate weapon to take down the Network from the inside, the insipid waffle turned into a waffle iron and a reader gets hit with it right between the eyes. The action, the drama, suspense and the truly morally and ethically offensive plan against the Network is revealed. As usual, a reader’s emotions are engaged once Vic and Lucy realize just what it was they were seeing inside the terrorist cell. Sure there was horror, but fear, anxiety, anger and hopelessness rear their ugly heads too. Despite it all, the steadfast and burning love that Vic and Lucy have for each other rings true. It’s the internal dialogue that sheds light on it for a reader. With their determination and skills taught to them as operatives, their belief that they could pull off [leaving the Network] never ceased—dimmed maybe, but never truly stopped. They really are a credit to the Network and to each other. The interesting personal dynamics aside, this story does justice to the series. It presented a solid happily ever after for Vic and Lucy, which I enjoyed, and delivered a promise for a hopefully ever after for network operatives in the future. DARK APPROACH also touched base upon the very real possibility of the moral dilemmas scientists face today [with human cloning]. Yes we might have the technology but does that mean they should do a thing just because they can? The book reveals a very plausible reason why there is and should be a line in the sand. Sometimes the ends do not justify the means, and the author had Angelo face that very fact. Yes, they can make hard and difficult decisions but some things really are taboo and there’s a darn good reason why that is so. I happen to agree with Angelo and Celine, the doctor whose research it was, and in a roundabout way, the author too. The conflict, plot and delivery were well thought out and executed, and the drama once again kept me on the edge of my seat. DARK APPROACH is the end of a series that never became complacent, stale or predictable. The only thing I could count on was the hero and heroine would somehow some way, despite and in spite of all the risks and dangers, find the loopholes to love and flourish. This story delivers on that promise as well. The difference this time is that Vic and Lucy weren’t alone in wanting their happily ever after. They had some powerful help and it was bittersweet. Another good thing about this book is that it really can stand alone. I’ve followed this series from book one and found it to be a consistent element--all these books can be read alones because Ms. Wiesner focused on the hero and heroine but always provided just enough background to make it all fit without it ever coming close to an info-dump. Sure, it helped to have read the other books because a reader catches the deeper undercurrents--you know, to find out why it was easy to hate some characters and then be astounded when a reader found she couldn’t dislike them anymore because she got to know them as people and understood what made them tick. The Incognito Series was a wild and intense ride all the way through with some powerfully awesome and stellar writing to make it all come together in a memorable fashion. Thank you, Ms. Wiesner, for a truly riveting and entertaining reading experience. It was the best.” ~Xeranthemum for The Long And The Short Of It Reviews http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.com
5 Delightful Divas! “The final story—DARK APPROACH—in Karen Wiesner’s Incognito Series was a surprise, but it was also exactly right. Vic Leventhal was a character about whom very little was ever revealed throughout the series, but he was also always there somewhere in the background. Finding out this was his story left me wondering what I had missed. And Lucy Carlton—I never would have thought that hers was a character we’d ever learn about… I wasn’t sure I’d want to. When it’s mentioned in the story description that she and Vic are disillusioned—well, that is no surprise at all. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered Lucy when her disaffection for the Network wasn’t front and center. But, as usual, Ms. Wiesner knew exactly what she was about… you’d think I would have learned that by now. I know I’ve said this in many of my reviews of the stories in the Incognito Series, but the tension throughout DARK APPROACH was on-the-edge-of-my-seat thrilling, and I honestly didn’t know which way things were going, or how they’d work out. I think that’s one element about Karen Wiesner’s books that really keeps me hooked: even knowing these are romances, I was just never totally sure that things were going to work out. Part of it is that many of the HEAs throughout the series are not typical of the genre but, because this is the Network, they make excellent sense. I will say that, unexpectedly, I found this to be one of the more emotionally intense stories in the series, especially when one of the protagonists was not one of my favorite people. But Wiesner is a master at getting the reader connected and involved and that was never more obvious than in DARK APPROACH. If you are a fan of intrigue and mystery combined with romance; if you enjoy a story that is tinged with darkness and if you enjoy the unexpected, then I strongly recommend Karen Wiesner’s Incognito Series. And now, with all twelve stories available—no waiting—this would be the perfect opportunity. They are incredibly intense, emotionally as well as story and character-wise. But they are fantastically satisfying and, while not your typical romances, they’re riveting, compelling and ultimately re-readable. Wow!, they definitely would be a wonderful addition to my bookshelves. Ms.Wiesner, thank you!” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews http://www.darkdivasreviews.com/?p=6019
4 Stars and 2011 RT Book Reviews Reviewer’s Choice Award nominee! “The final book of the Incognito Series is spellbinding. Readers won’t be able to put it down until the last word has been read. As Wiesner revisits the Network, the world’s most covert organization, she has definitely saved the best for last. The cat-and-mouse game that plays out is absolutely fantastic. The reader never knows from one page to the next which characters are good or evil. Not only is the adventure A-plus, but the romance between Vic and Lucy is enchanting.” ~Amy Lignor for RT Book Reviews http://www.rtbookreviews.com
4 Stars! “This is the long awaited conclusion to the Incognito Series. When it comes to Vic's character, I cannot help but like him. He thinks up brilliant strategies to keep Lucy safe, yet manages to allow him to keep his honor intact. He always does the right thing, even if it puts himself at risk. That is, as long as it ONLY puts himself at risk and not Lucy. Vic's only real flaw is not being able to deny Lucy's whims and fantasies. All-in-all, this story is the perfect way to end the Incognito Series. Karen Wiesner keeps her complex characters true to their separate personalities, while giving her readers a suspenseful romance that will keep them breathless. I look forward, very eagerly, to seeing what this author comes up with next.” ~Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews huntressreviews.com  
4 Cups! “This story is a welcome addition to a very good series. Vic and Lucy are great characters, and Ms. Wiesner has brought them and all of their hopes and dreams to life. The plot is intricate and suspenseful with lots of twists and turns. I never knew what would happen next. The relationship between the two main characters was very tender and loving despite their profession, and Kovac and his cohorts are chillingly evil. This long running series keeps getting better and better.” ~Maura for Coffee Time Romance & More http://www.coffeetimeromance.com
4 Stars! “This is the final installment of Karen Wiesner’s Incognito Series. For those who have followed the series from book one, I know you have been awaiting this final chapter involving the Network. This is a cat and mouse tale to the very end that is sure to delight the readers of this excellent series. As usual, this book is filled with suspense, thrills, and romance. I’m more than a little sad to see this series come to an end.” ~Readers Favorite http://readersfavorite.com

“This is an incredible finish to a strong saga as the key threads are tied up in an intriguing ending. Fast-paced from the onset, fans of the long running Incognito Series will appreciate the final confrontation as Karen Wiesner pulls off a terrific twist. DARK APPROACH climaxes the dozen super thrillers with a great curtain call. ~Harriet Klausner for Merry Go Round Reviews http://harstan.wordpress.com/2011/04/10/dark-approach-karen-wiesner/  



Visit Karen Wiesner's web site

Read excerpts from INCOGNITO SERIES MEGABOOK, Volume 4


About Karen Wiesner

Creating realistic, unforgettable characters one story at a time…

Karen Wiesner is an accomplished author with 88 books published in the past 14 years, which have been nominated for and/or won 123 awards, and 14 more titles under contract. Karen’s books cover such genres as women’s fiction, romance, mystery/police procedural/cozy, suspense, paranormal, futuristic, gothic, inspirational, thriller, horror, chick-lit, and action/adventure. She also writes children’s books, poetry, and writing reference titles such as her bestsellers, First Draft in 30 Days and >From First Draft to Finished Novel {A Writer’s Guide to Cohesive Story Building}, available from Writer’s Digest Books. Her previous writing reference titles focused on non-subsidy, royalty-paying electronic publishing, author promotion, and setting up a promotional group like her own, the award-winning Jewels of the Quill, which she founded in 2003. Jewels of the Quill produced two award-winning group anthologies per year published by Whiskey Creek Press from 2005-2011. All were edited by Karen and others. Along with her writing, Karen enjoys designing Web sites, graphics, and cover art. For more information about Karen and her work, visit her Web sites at http://www.karenwiesner.com, http://www.firstdraftin30days.com, http://www.falconsbend.com and http://www.JewelsoftheQuill.com. If you would like to receive Karen’s free e-mail newsletter, Karen’s Quill, and become eligible to win her monthly book giveaways, send a blank e-mail to


Also by Karen Wiesner

Incognito Series (Romantic Suspense):

Woodcutter’s Grim Series—Classic Tales of Horror Retold (Romantic Horror/Paranormal):
“Papa”, Book 1 in SHADOWS IN THE HEART, A Jewels of the Quill Halloween Anthology
“Blood of Amethyst”, Book 2 in TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume IV, A Jewels of the Quill Anthology
WOODCUTTER’S GRIM SERIES, Volume I (Books 1-2 and bonus stories “Dancing to the Grave”, Book 3 and “The Amethyst Tower” (The Final Chapter)
“Moonlight Becomes You”, Book 4 in TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume VII, A Jewels of the Quill Anthology
“Bewitched”, Book 5

Denim Blues Mysteries:
Inspirational Romantic Mystery (Private investigation)
LOVE IS BLIND...AND IT DON’T PAY THE BILLS EITHER, Book 2 Inspirational Romantic Mystery (Police procedural)
Inspirational Romantic Mystery (Amateur sleuth)

Family Heirlooms Series (Inspirational Romance):
BABY, BABY, Book 1

Wounded Warriors Series (Contemporary Women’s Fiction):

Falcon’s Bend Series (Mystery/Police Procedural written with Chris Spindler):

FALCON’S BEND CASE FILES, Volume I (The Early Cases)

Angelfire Trilogy (Contemporary Romance):

Gypsy Road Series (Contemporary Romance):
FIRE & ICE, Book 3

Kaleidoscope Series (Contemporary Romance Novellas):
“Perfect Cadence”, Book 1 in CHRISTMAS WISHES, A Jewels of the Quill Christmas Anthology
“In Cahoots With Cupid”, Book 2 in MAGICAL KISSES, A Jewels of the Quill Valentine’s Day Anthology
“Behind Amethyst Eyes”, Book 3 in TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume V, A Jewels of the Quill Anthology
“Jordana’s Chair”, Book 4 in TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume VI, A Jewels of the Quill Anthology
“Paper Tiger”, Book 5 in HALLOWEEN TREASURES, A Jewels of the Quill Halloween Anthology
KALEIDOSCOPE SERIES Collection with Books 1-5 and bonus stories “Cabin Fever” (Book 6) and “The Longest Night” (Book 7)

Cowboy Fever Series(Contemporary Romance):
“Wings of Love”, Book 1 in CHRISTMAS GEMS, A Jewels of the Quill Christmas Anthology

Adventures in Amethyst Series (Contemporary Romance/Suspense Novellas):
“A Rose for Romeo”, Story 1 in TREASURES OF THE HEART, A Jewels of the Quill Valentine's Day Anthology
“Revenge in Amethyst”, Story 2 in TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume III, A Jewels of the Quill Anthology
ADVENTURES IN AMETHYST SERIES Collection (Books 1 and 2 and bonus stories : “Reckless Rose” (Story 3) and “Christmas in Amethyst” (Story 4)

Dame Amethyst Treasures:
“The Amethyst Angel” (Traditional Romance Novella) in TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume I, A Jewels of the Quill Anthology
“A Home for Christmas” (Inspirational Romance Novella) in SMALL GIFTS, A Jewels of the Quill Christmas Anthology
“The Amethyst Star” (Futuristic Romance Novella) in TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume II, A Jewels of the Quill Anthology
DAME AMETHYST TREASURES Collection with “The Amethyst Angel”, “A Home for Christmas”, “The Amethyst Star” and bonus paranormal romance novella “Creatures of the Night”

Writing Reference:
FROM FIRST DRAFT TO FINISHED NOVEL {A Writer’s Guide to Cohesive Story Building}

THE BLOODMOON CURSE (Contemporary Gothic Romantic Suspense with an Inspirational Slant)
SWEET DREAMS (Paranormal Romance)
RESTLESS AS RAIN (Contemporary Romance)
“Silver Bells, Wedding Bells” (Romantic Comedy Novella) in the MISTLETOE MARRIAGES ANTHOLOGY
SOUL BLEEDS The Dark Poetry and Other Wanderings of K.S. Wiesner (Poetry Collection)
CODY KNOWS with Linda Derkez (Children's Picture Book)
“Taking Responsibility Builds Trust”, Making Good Choices Series, Book 1 (Children’s Nonfiction Interactive Picture Book)
“Taking Care of Your Things”, Making Good Choices Series, Book 2 (Children’s Nonfiction Interactive Picture Book)



An Interview with Karen Wiesner
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Karen, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Please tell us about your featured release, INCOGNITO SERIES MEGABOOK, Volume 4.

KW: Many years ago, I had an idea for a series that utterly intrigued me. I loved the concept of a covert government agency—the Network—one that requires an operative’s identity in order to maintain anonymity. I also loved the fact that most of the stories could never have truly happy endings. Love was forbidden in the Network, and therefore operatives were risking their very lives by falling in love. As you can imagine, this made for some pretty intense situations as my characters “loved in the shadows.”

Selling the series was a long, hard road, but I finally got my break in 2005, when Whiskey Creek Press contracted Books 1-11 before more than two of the books had been written. The next nine were sold on mere speculation practically, as was Dark Approach when I realized the series needed at least one more and my publisher accepted it immediately. Needless to say, when I started gung-ho on the Incognito Series after I finally sold it, I didn’t imagine it would ever end. Book 1, No Ordinary Love,came out in July 2005. Starting in 2006, my publisher began releasing two books a year. At first, this thrilled me. I had titles and the main characters for Books 3-11—little more. Mind you, this series was far from the only series I was writing at that time. I started to get burned out by Book 5, which came very hard. Luckily, Books 6 and 7 were written fairly easily, and I thought I’d gotten over the hump. The next four books were nightmarish. I don’t know how I wrote them or how they turned out good—but luckily my streak of five star reviews has continued. I only knew that, by the time I finished Book 8, exhausted, I was beyond ready for the end of this series. I knew for sure I had to write the stories of eight more key players over the course of four books. Without those, the series wouldn’t feel finished to me.

I planned for the end of the series in previous books as I led up to Dark Approach. Orson Welles has said, “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.” I wanted to end Lucy and Vic’s story with a true happily-ever-after the way so few other couples in the series had gotten. I wanted to end with the possibility that all the couples in the previous books might also get their happily-ever-after someday. No Ordinary Love ended with a Network operative doing the impossible—finding safety, freedom, and peace outside the Network. Dark Approach brings the series full circle—in so many ways, it ends in almost the same way the first story began. To me, that wraps the series up in a satisfying way.

When I started the Incognito Series years ago, there were so many characters I wanted to write about. Originally, I planned to write stories for Vlad Vlademar and Cara Ross, Lona Reznik and Matt Shepherd, even Dr. Keisha Wallis and Roman Powell. The old proverb that says every end is a new beginning might prove true in a spin-off trilogy or series. If not, I can only hope that you, my readers, are never disappointed and can come back to these books I’ve written again and again to revisit this unique world and the fascinating warriors who populate it.

While I finished my Incognito Series in 2010, relieved to be done at last, there were several characters I wanted to write stories for, and I have plans to write a trio of novellas I’m calling Shadow Missions (which will be released separately as electronic books, then released together in an electronic and trade paperback collection), all with an overarching plot thread that begins in the first novella and only concludes in the third.The bonus story included in the collection won’t be part of that plot thread but will tie up the entire Incognito Series as whole series once and for all.

Return to Karen Wiesner’s award-winning Incognito Series, where you first met and fell in love with these intriguing operatives, in an interconnected trio of novellas. Six Network operatives, three dangerous undercover missions all to take down one terrorist organization that wants to right the wrongs tainting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“Guardian Agents”, Book 1
Romantic Suspense Novella
Coming April 2015 from Whiskey Creek Press http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com

Network operatives Matt Shepherd and Lona Reznik are assigned to the FBI Director when a misguided terrorist targets the justice superpower that believes itself above the law.

Network Operatives Matt Shepherd (featured in HYPNOTIZED and MIND GAMES, Books 10 and 11 of the Incognito Series) and Lona Reznik (a minor character in RENEGADE’S ROSE, Book 6)

“Guardian Spirits”, Book 2
Romantic Suspense Novella
Coming August 2015 from Whiskey Creek Press http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com

Long-time Network operatives Rockwell “Vlad” Vlademar and Cara Ross are placed undercover to find a terrorist who’s infiltrated a Native American reservation where the spirits of a troubled past are restless for revenge.

Network Operatives Rockwell “Vlad” Vlademar (frequently mentioned in most of the books in the series, but a minor character in BOUNTY ON THE REBEL’S HEART, Book 3 and MIND GAMES, Book 11 of the Incognito Series) and Cara Ross (often mentioned but never made an actual appearance in the series)

“Guardian Angels”, Book 3
Romantic Suspense Novella
Coming December 2015 from Whiskey Creek Press http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com
Network operatives Roman Powell and Dr. Keisha Wallis take up residence at the largest religious university in the country, where a terrorist plans to attack faith at ground level.

Florida Branch Network Operatives Roman Powell and Dr. Keisha Wallis (both were minor characters in DARK APPROACH, Book 12 of the Incognito Series)

Coming September 2015 in
Trade paperback from http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/karenwiesner
Electronic formats from Whiskey Creek Press http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com
Will include Books 1-3 released previously in separate electronic formats with a bonus story available only in this collection; to be released in one electronic and trade paperback volume.

Bonus story: “Out of the Shadows”, The Final Mission
Romantic Suspense Novella

Long-time Head of Network Operations, Angelo Pluzetti, has sacrificed his personal identity to live in the shadows and uphold justice for all—no matter the cost. For many years he and his wife, Dr. Celine Savage, have secretly risked everything to ensure that retired operatives live out the rest of their lives in safety and contentment. When the unthinkable happens and Angelo becomes ill, can he and Celine secure the same safe, contented future for their children as well as the family of operatives currently serving the organization?


My upcoming 2012 releases:

Paranormal Romance
Trade paperback from http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/karenwiesner
Electronic formats from Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Coming April 2012

"Losses and Gains" {Cowboy Fever Series, Book 2} 
Contemporary Romance Novella
Electronic formats coming May 2012 from Whiskey Creek Press http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com

Contemporary Romance
Trade paperback from http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/karenwiesner
Electronic formats from Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Coming May 2012

DEGREES OF SEPARATION, Book 1 of the Falcon’s Bend Series reissue with Chris Spindler
Mystery/Police Procedural
Trade paperback from http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/karenwiesner
Electronic formats from Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Coming June 2012

TEARS ON STONE, Book 2 of the Falcon’s Bend Series reissue with Chris Spindler
Mystery/Police Procedural
Trade paperback from http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/karenwiesner
Electronic formats from Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Coming July 2012

"One Night of Eternity" {Woodcutter’s Grim Series, Book 6} 
Romantic Paranormal Novella
Electronic formats coming July 2012 from Whiskey Creek Press http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com
FALCON’S BEND CASE FILES, Volume I (The Early Cases) reissue with Chris Spindler
Mystery/Police Procedural
Trade paperback from http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/karenwiesner
Electronic formats from Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Coming August 2012

THE FIFTEENTH LETTER, Book 3 of the Falcon’s Bend Series reissue with Chris Spindler
Mystery/Police Procedural
Trade paperback from http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/karenwiesner
Electronic formats from Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Coming September 2012

WOODCUTTER’S GRIM SERIES, Volume II (including Books 4-7)
Romantic Paranormal Novella Collection
Trade paperback from http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/karenwiesner
Electronic formats from Whiskey Creek Press http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com
Coming September 2012

ROMANTIC NOTIONS, Book 4 of the Falcon’s Bend Series reissue with Chris Spindler
Mystery/Police Procedural
Trade paperback from http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/karenwiesner
Electronic formats from Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Coming October 2012

FALCON’S BEND CASE FILES, Volume II reissue with Chris Spindler
Mystery/Police Procedural
Trade paperback from http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/karenwiesner
Electronic formats from Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Coming November 2012

"For Always" {Cowboy Fever Series, Book 3} 
Contemporary Romance Novella
978-1-61160-280-7 (electronic)
Electronic formats coming November 2012 from Whiskey Creek Press http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com

CLUMSY GIRL’S GUIDE TO FALLING IN LOVE, Book 1 of the Friendship Heirlooms Series
Inspirational Contemporary Romance/Chick-lit
Trade paperback from http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/karenwiesner
Electronic formats from Whiskey Creek Press http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com
Coming December 2012

HH: Thank you!


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