Shirley Martin

A man and a woman who fear to love each other must work together to save the kingdom from betrayal.

Fear and betrayal threaten the kingdom of Avador. Keriam, a princess with supernatural powers, must save her father from assassination. But can she trust Roric, or is he part of the plot?

Roric loved once and lost. He wants to put his past behind him and love Princess Keriam, but he fears she is a witch. And witchcraft is forbidden in the kingdom. If found guilty, she will be burned at the stake. Not even her father could save her.

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Reviews for Night Secrets

"Night Secrets" is a wonderful fantasy filled with magic, human kindness and evil...If you enjoy good versus evil fantasy, this one must be on your to be read list." Chere, Paranormal Romance Reviews

"Passionate, exciting, gripping and romantic, Night Secrets is as impossible to put down as it is to forget." ~ Julie Bonello, eCataRomance


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About Shirley Martin

Born near Pittsburgh, Shirley Martin attended the University of Pittsburgh. After graduating from "Pitt", she taught school for one year, then obtained a position as a flight attendant with Eastern Airlines. Based in Miami, she met her future husband there. After raising three sons, she devoted her time to writing, something she had always wanted to do.

With a vivid imagination and a love of storytelling, Shirley has always enjoyed writing. Her first published novel, "Destined to Love" reflects her familiarity with western Pennsylvania, where she hails from, and her love of romance writing. From this historical romance, she blossomed out to other romance genres. "One More Tomorrow" is a vampire romance, one her publisher dubbed "a sizzling seller". With several fantasy novels and novellas, her writing should appeal to just about every reader of romance. Her books have been sold at Amazon and most major book stores and have garnered great reviews.

A widow, Shirley lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with her two cats.

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An Interview with Shirley Martin
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Shirley, thank you so much for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Night Secrets. Where did the idea for this wonderful romance story originate?

SM: Holly, first, thank you for having me. As for "Night Secrets" I wondered what it would be like if someone who can astral travel overheard several people plotting an assassination, and the victim was her father.

HH: What do you like about Keriam and what's her greatest strength?

SM: Keriam is strong-willed, willing to do everything to save her father. She is brave and resolute. She fights her love for Roric but is irresistably drawn to him.

HH: What do you like best about Roric and what makes him different than most heroes?

SM: Roric is also brave and resolute, but he is vulnerable. He lost his wife and baby years ago to what he feared was witchcraft. He suspects Keriam of being a witch and fears getting close to her.

HH: How did you go about creating the world where their story takes place?

SM: I read quite a bit about the ancient Celts but enlarged on their civilization a bit, changing a few aspects.

HH: What did you enjoy most about writing this story?

SM: Everything!  I enjoyed creating a story that takes place in a fantasy world and creating characters that fit the story. I enjoyed writing of a developing love between Keriam and Roric.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

SM: "Enchanted Cottage" was recently published, the story of a beautiful woman who suffers from a witch's curse that makes her ugly. I'm very excited about this novel, in which I show that love can transcend many obstacles.

HH: What are you most excited about in your career right now?

SM: I'm excited about getting back into writing. I stopped a few years ago, due to family tragedies. But I'm happy to be writing again.

HH: What are you looking forward to most in the rest of 2012?

SM: Writing more romances, fantasy and paranormal.

HH: What are you reading at the moment?

SM: Ken Follett's "Winter of the World." Definitely not fantasy or paranormal, but a novel of what leads up to WWII.

HH: Do you have a writing hero and if so, who would it be?

SM: I have favorite authors, if that's what you mean. I enjoy Dean Koontz, Terry Brooks, and Terry Goodkind.

HH: Thank you!


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