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In a world full of the sick and dying, the hurting and desperate, and those lost in darkness, angels dwell. Messenger angel Sarah is focused, dedicated to the cause of heaven in the war against hell. For centuries she has watched other angels succumb to temptation and break the rules governing relationships between angels and humans. Sarah has vowed to never become one of the ‘Fallen’ angels, now demons cursed to wander the depths of hell for eternity. She knows that she is stronger than the others, incapable of emotional attachment and the feelings of love and desire that can be so dangerous to her kind

Jackson Bennett is alone in the world, and he prefers it that way. The former Army sergeant has seen more death than any human ought to experience in one lifetime. Even his dreams are haunted by the faces of those who have lost their lives because of him. He feels lost, purposeless, until an encounter with an angel reveals the secret purpose that he was made for. Born of a superior race of humans, Jackson learns of a special assignment. Should he accept, he will become an important part of world that exists between heaven, hell, and earth. After all that he has been through, Jackson doesn’t know if he’s ready to take on such a heavy responsibility; what he does know is that he could lose himself in the eyes of Sarah, the intriguing angel assigned to him. She is the only person who seems to understand the darkness and pain that have enveloped his heart; she is the only person capable of driving them away.

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In a battle between love or loneliness, divinity or damnation, Sarah's choice once seemed easy. What she finds is that the black and white lines that once defined her world are now impossibly blurred and gray. What she finds is that she may not be not quite as strong as she thought.



Reviews for Tempted

"Tempted is the second in the "Angels Among Us" series. The first book, Fallen, was a deliciously sexy, romantic read. Tempted is all that and more!

Jackson Bennett is a soldier who returned home from three tours in Iraq into the suffocating arms of his own post-traumatic stress, heavily laced with survivor's guilt. He's sunk to the quicksand of self-loathing and can't seem to climb his way back out. He's detached himself from the world, feeling unworthy and unlovable.

Sarah is a messenger of God's; an angel dedicated to fight in the battle between heaven and hell. The only passion she knows is her devotion to her "Father" and obeying His will as a good and faithful servant.

In this book, the author elaborates on the world in which her series takes place, explaining the powers and limitations of the different entities of heaven, hell, and yes, even earth. This background information plays a huge part in the relationship between Jackson and Sarah, leaving the reader absolutely riveted as we root for the good-guys now knowing so much more about what's at stake.

This is not only a tummy-flipping romantic read, but also a strong foundation for more in the "Angels Among Us" books. I cannot wait to see where the author will take us in the next installment! Beautifully written! Highly recommended!"
--By Karen Luellen (Author of the Winter's Saga)


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About Elise Marion

Elise Marion is a lover books and has a special place in her heart for sweet and sensual romance. Writing about love across all walks of life is her passion, as is reaching people through the written word. The Army wife and stay-at-home mother of two spends most of her time taking care of her children. Her second job includes writing stories about characters that people can fall in love with. When the Texas native isn’t caring for her family or writing, you can usually find her with her nose in a book, singing loudly, or cooking up something new in the kitchen.


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An Interview with Elise Marion
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Elise, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Tempted. First where did the idea for this emotionally-charged story originate?

EM: Tempted is actually the second book in my Paranormal/Urban Fantasy series 'Angels Among Us'. The original idea for the series came when I saw the movie 'City of Angels' for the first time. I was enthralled by the idea of people in love separated by separate worlds. The tragic nature of this kind of story, and the intensity of the emotion and love inspired me. And so I wrote the first book, Fallen, thinking it was going to be a standalone. After I wrote it, though, the secondary characters started speaking to me and one book grew into a three-part series.

HH: What do you like best about Sarah and why will readers relate to her?

EM: Sarah is an angel, and in the world I've created angels are very pure and untouched creatures. They are aloof and cold because they are not created with inherent emotions like humans. They learn emotion through experience, and because Sarah has not spent a lot of time around humans, she is not very caring or compassionate. Her focus is the cause of heaven and her job as a messenger angel. Of course, she cares for the people of Earth, but does not know empathy. She also cannot understand why other angels have allowed themselves to get into trouble by falling in love with humans. Angels who lose sight of their purpose become one of the Fallen and are cursed. Sarah, being so focused, just doesn't get it. She doesn't understand that love can be powerful enough to make an angel risk damnation.

What I love most about Sarah, is that she has several layers. She is presented at first as this cold, hard creature, and over time the layers start to peel back. The reader discovers that she is actually more emotionally involved than we first thought and someone who appeared cold at first becomes completely likable.As she falls in love with Jackson, she becomes someone you can root for.

HH: What do you like best about Jackson and why will readers love him?

EM: Of all the heroes I've written in romance, Jackson definitely resonates with me the most. He was created in the image of my husband, an Iraq war vet with extensive scars. He suffers from PTSD and survivor's guilt and has buried himself beneath a mountain of guilt and pain. Throughout the story, he discovers that he survived where his entire unit was killed because of a supernatural gift he didn't even know he possessed. He is a man struggling with his past, his identity, and his future.

I love Jackson's intensity and I love that he's a wounded hero--they're my favorite kind! I love how deeply and fully he loves Sarah. While everything else about his life is uncertain, he is definitely sure about one thing: his love for Sarah. As she struggles to deal with the ramifications of what loving him could mean, he is the rock in this relationship, the one who steadily waits out the storm. He has, after all, been through much worse.

HH: How did you go about creating the world in which their story takes place?

EM: It all began very simply in the first book. The concept was that angels are chosen to leave heaven and serve on earth in different ways: healers, messengers, etc. In this book, it definitely evolved into something more, with layers of heaven and hell overlapping into earth. In this book, people with supernatural powers are introduced and include Guardians who are chosen to protect ancient ceremonial artifacts and Naphil (half angel/half human) children, and Oracles who can see into the future. It became much more intricate, and this story includes a glimpse into the darker side of things by introducing demons.

HH: What was your favorite part of writing this original tale?

EM: My favorite part was definitely diving into the scenes involving war in Iraq. My husband and I worked very closely together on this, as I wanted the flashback scenes to be realistic and pull on the emotions of the reader. I had my husband sit down and tell me what it's like to be in the middle of a firefight, as well as the emotions that come with it, before and after. I have to say I'm very proud of the results. As hard as I worked to achieve that realism, I think that I succeeded.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

EM: As I am always working on at least 2-3 projects at one time, readers can expect a lot from me. I am currently working on book 3 in the 'Angels Among Us' series, which is entitled Redemption. It will follow the story of a fallen angel, Nathan, who was introduced in Tempted. I hope to have it released late summer/early fall. I am also working on my Historical/Fantasy series 'Kings of Cardenas', as well as preparing two Contemporary Romantic Comedies for release later this year.

HH: Where can readers find all of your works?

EM: My works are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Apple iBooks, Sony bookstore, Kobo bookstore, and All Romance Ebooks.

HH: What would we find in your to-be-read pile?

EM: I am currently reading the last book in the Redemption Series, Retribution by R.K. Ryals. It's an awesome YA Romance series about angels and demons and I'm loving the final book so far! Also in the to-be-read list is the third book in Claudy Conn's 'Legend' series. It's a fae series that has captured my attention and I'm currently waiting for the time to dive into book 3!

HH: What in person or online appearances will you be making this year?

EM: Well, a few weeks ago I did an internet radio interview with ParaYourNormal, where we talked all about Tempted and the 'Angels Among Us' series. That was by far the coolest thing I've done all year. I am not sure about in-person appearances for this year, although I do plan to attend the RT Convention in 2013! As far as online appearances go, I don't have a clear schedule, but I am always popping up on romance blogs for interviews and guest posts!

HH: When you're not reading or promoting you like to __________?

EM: I'm a book lover, so I'm usually reading something! Aside from that I like gardening--my flowers are looking good this year--cooking, music, and of course, playing with my two adorable kids.

HH: Thank you!


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