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he Legendary Warriors, Book 3

Ten years after she survived a cholera epidemic that wiped out her entire wagon train, Carolyn White is on a quest to shake off the bad luck that follows her everywhere and which now threatens her adopted family. The unending string of mishaps can have only one source: the gold piece that she, in childish innocence and wonder, once took from a stolen cache.

She tells herself her journey to Crow Country is merely to put the piece back in the cave where she found it. Yet in her heart, she knows it’s the memory of Lone Arrow, the boy who sheltered her there. The boy whose face, now that of a man’s, inhabits her dreams.

Lone Arrow’s anger knows no bounds. Anger with the white woman he suspects isn’t being truthful to him. Anger with himself that he cannot ignore the beauty who captured his heart even as a boy. Though trust is in short supply, he can’t deny his burning need for her. Whatever else she may be, she is his destiny.

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Reviews for Lone Arrow's Pride

"LONE ARROW'S PRIDE is part of The Legendary Warriors series. Readers may enjoy reading the first two book, WAR CLOUD'S PASSION and WOLF SHADOW'S PROMISE. This is a well-written historical romance about an ancient legend that will have readers unable to put the book down." - Wanda Augustine

"LONE ARROW'S PRIDE is an entertaining tale of the love between two people from very different backgrounds. Lone Arrow and Carolyn make a delightful couple and the story focuses mainlyy on them. There are a few secondary characters who shed light on the couples lives and move the story along. There is genuine tender love between Lone Arrow and Carolyn that is touching. Lone Arrow and Carolyn are from two entirely different cultures but they face life's struggles head on and grow stronger together. The story moves along at a fast-pace keeping me turning the pages... Ms. Kay is one of today's premier Indian romance writers and has given readers another delightful tale that provides pure enjoyment I heartily recommend LONE ARROW'S PRIDE to everyone!"" - Carol Durfee

"LONE ARROW'S PRIDE has not only humor and the supernatural, but it also shows two people in love yet afraid to admit it, trying to integrate two very different cultures into one relationship that will last as long as time itself. I highly recommend LONE ARROW'S PRIDE as a must read, enjoyable with every page turned." - Catherine Loney, Romance Reviews Today

"Once again Ms. Kay has gifted us with a story so rare in its beauty, so rich in its sensitivity and so full of heart, it gives us pause, makes us ponder, brings us peace. I've never read a Karen Kay story that hasn't moved me to tears and tugged my heart strings. This book, the third in her Legendary Warriors series, is no exception. It's a treasure for our hearts. Read the entire series beginnign the Wolf Shadow's Promise followed by War Cloud's Passion. The sensitivity and tenderness in this series is overwhelming. Don't miss these stories or any other of this author's work, including her Blackfoot Warrior series and Lakota series. Each story should be read, savored and placed on your keeper shelf." - Suzanne Tucker


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About Karen Kay

Author of seventeen American Indian Historical Romances for such prestigious publishers as Berkley/Penguin/Putnam, AVON/HarperCollins and Samhain Publishing, Karen Kay has been praised by reviewers and fans alike for bringing insights into the everyday life of the American Indian culture of the past.

Karen Kay, whose great-great grandmother was a Choctaw Indian, is honored to be able to write about the American Indian culture.

"With the power of romance, I hope to bring about an awareness of the American Indian's concept of honor, and what it means to live as free men and free women. There are some things that should never be forgotten."


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A note from Karen...

Tour Pictures of the tour done for Lone Arrow's Pride -- 2002


An Interview with Karen Kay
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Karen, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Lone Arrow's Pride and is the third story in your Legendary Warriors series. Why is is series one readers won't want to miss?

KK: Hi Holly! Good question. Legends abound in Native America -- legends that inspire us, that bring about the best in us -- and many of these are legends that are not generally known -- one's we've never heard. Each of these stories (and there are 4 books in this series) features a story built around an actual legend. So it's sort of a story within a story. But what I love about the series is bringing into the romance genre, some of these beautiful legends.

HH: What can you tell us about the first two books in the series?

KK: WOLF SHADOW'S PROMISE is the first book in the series. It's available by the way in a newly issued ebook. Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_1_13?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-text&field-keywords=wolf+shadow%27s+promise&sprefix=WOLF+SHADOW%27S%2Caps%2C850 -- The book is based on the real life legends of Zorro type of characters -- translated into Native America -- The Blackfeet tribe very specifically. It's one of my best selling books. Now, interestingly, one of my "best" friends at the time of the release of that book, went on Amazon and wrote horrible reviews of that book -- posting them 2-3 times in a row (the same horrible review). I didn't learn of this of course until years later when a computer geek who was working with me on another project tracked her down. Needless to say, I was shocked, but then it sort of explained some other things that happened from this person who was pretending to be a friend. Goodness!

The second book in the series WAR CLOUD'S PASSION is a very passionate book, centering on the very real aspect of the orphan trains that brought children out of the cities and into the country. It is, to this day, one of my most favorite stories. Here's a link to find out more about that book -- it's been re-released by Samhain Publishing. Here's the link: http://store.samhainpublishing.com/karen-kay-pa-1676.html

HH: How does Lone Arrow's Pride fit into it all?

KK: After writing such a passionate book, WAR CLOUD'S PASSION, I wanted to write a story that was a little lighter in tone. LONE ARROW'S PRIDE is just that. I chose the Crow tribe for the first time, because a friend of mine on the Crow Reservation asked me why I hadn't written about the Crow. My response was that I was afraid to because of the language of the Crow -- the Crow Indians to this day speak their language -- English is a second language to them -- and I was afraid of making mistakes. Well, my friend there edited the Crow language passages for me -- making sure I got it right. This book, by the way, is based on a very real legend that is centered around the Superstition Mountains in Arizona. I brought the legend, however, to Crow country and was able -- by doing so -- to include in the book the very real American "Stonehedge" -- nestled high up in the Big Horn Mountains.

HH: What do you like about Carolyn and what will readers think about this amazing heroine?

KK: I always pattern my heroines after my friends. I think this is because I'm then closer to them. I really loved this heroine, who goes through so much in her life -- and I love her determination to set things right, once she realizes that she carries a "curse" because of an action committed in her youth -- it was innocent, but it set an age-old curse into motion.

HH: What do you like best about Lone Arrow and why will readers love him?

KK: I love the hero's honesty and compassion -- and I love that he never compromises with what he believes is right -- even when his heart tells him he's very, very wrong. :)

HH: What makes this book unique compared to the rest of the books in the series?

KK: I think what makes this book unique is twofold -- one is that it is light-hearted -- even though the subject of the book is rather serious. The other is that it is written about the Crow tribe, which is a very unique tribe, with customs and ideas about things that are very different from other tribes. The Crow men were quite handsome, by the way -- still are.

HH: What can you tell us about the books to come in this series?

KK: The next book in this series is SOARING EAGLE'S EMBRACE -- a book I love wholeheartedly. This book takes us back to the Blackfeet tribe and the time period is different -- the 1890's. The characters (both male and female) are inspired by my love for the old Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy movies -- from the 1930's.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

KK: I'm working on a new story at present -- one set back on the prairie and with the LAKOTA TRIBE. It's another one of those very passionate books -- at least it is so far.

HH: Where can readers find all of your works?

KK: Many of my books are now in ebooks (not all of them yet, but at least 11 of them). And nine of those eleven books can be purchased here: http://store.samhainpublishing.com/karen-kay-pa-1676.html

As I mentioned above, WOLF SHADOW'S PROMISE can be purchased here: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_1_21?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-text&field-keywords=wolf+shadow%27s+promise&sprefix=WOLF+SHADOW%27S+PROMISE%2Caps%2C522

And the book, THE PRINCESS AND THE WOLF can be gotten here (in ebook format): http://www.amazon.com/The-Princess-Wolf-ebook/dp/B0083DJS72/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1340950143&sr=1-1&keywords=THE+PRINCESS+AND+THE+WOLF

My other six titles are only available in mass market at AMAZON -- those titles are:







HH: When you're not reading or promoting you like to __________?

KK: What I like to do is sing and play piano, but normally when not reading or promoting, I'm generally studying law, nutrition or cooking up something in my kitchen. Life is certainly really, really busy!

Thanks, Holly, for taking the time for the interview today! May God Bless!

HH: Thank you!


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