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When you save Time’s tush -- or its version of one -- it ought to cut you a break, not kickyour tush some where and some when. Though boo yah on providing a hot guy in leather to pull that tush out of the impact crater that Ashe so did not make despite the somewhat damning evidence to the contrary. 

So, the sitrep:

  • She's stuck on primitive planet
  • Time Tracker suit down
  • Lurch (her nanite) unable to connect to any tech (see primitive above)
  • Surrounded by a bunch of buccaneer types who haven’t been around nubile, young women cause it's against their law
  • The one guy (Vidor Shan) she’d like to kiss on the mouth is off limits (time rule)
  • Someone gunning for Shan from somewhere in time
  • And, oh yeah, some really strange meteorites are making landfall in some very strange ways.

Seems Time has a new hobby: kicking Ashe (and shame on It for doing it when she’s down).

Not that she plans to stay down. Or give up the guy.

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Reviews for Kicking Ashe

"KICKING ASHE by award winning author Pauline Baird Jones is the final awesome book in the Project Enterprise series...Fast paced suspense with just a dash of romance, KICKING ASHE is the perfect ending to a favorite sci/fi series." Single Titles

"Whether you prefer straight science fiction or like yours with a dash of romance, this is a very enjoyable read." LASR-SFF

"If you love science-fiction romance, then you will want to read KICKING ASHE..." Romance Junkies

"Jones concludes her Project Universe series with this fun, fast-paced tale. Ashe is a tough, no-frills heroine with plenty of spunk and a lovable companion, her nanite Lurch, who steals the show with his snark. Filled with plenty of humor and sexual tension, this quick read is ideal for lovers of sci fi romance." RT Book Reviews

"This is a series of stories that I can see myself revisiting again in the future when I want something fast paced and fun with strong heroines and hunky heros, even if some of them are completely alien!" Reviews by Martha's Bookshelf

"Pauline's novels are perfect for smart women on the move. Her heroines love adventure but are, at the core, still women….Kicking Ashe is an awesome read, so don't pass up the chance to experience Ashe, Vidor and Lurch's adventure." FirePages


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About Pauline Baird Jones

Pauline Baird Jones reads across genres, so it shouldn’t have surprised when her writing went cross genre. Thankfully she does not need to understand cross genre-ing to do it, though she does concede it is a bit whacky for a confirmed hermit to write about crossing space and time.

She began her writing career penning romantic suspense (because fictional murder doesn’t get you strip searched) but she had a secret longing to ramp up the spills, chills and daring do.

Her first novel, The Spy Who Kissed Me (aka Pig in a Park) was the first digital-only release to be nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice award and her book,The Last Enemy was the first eBook to win a Romantic Time Reviewer’s Choice award. Her books have also garnered another Romantic Time Reviewer’s choice award, a Dorothy Parker Award, a Dream Realm Award, a Bronze IPPY, and two Epic Book Awards.

Pauline planned to continue writing romantic suspense and humorous mystery, committing fictional mayhem on her characters, but a funny thing happened on the way to finishing Out of Time. This time travel to World War II was suspenseful, but it also had lots of action and high adventure. And she liked it. And she got to keep committing fictional mayhem on her characters. Win-win.

She wrote The Key, sure it was an action and adventure romance -- and it was -- but someone pointed out it was also science fiction romance. Wait a minute. Could it be that she’d been mixing fiction into her science since high school? (Oops, sorry science teachers!) Hmm, why not go where she hasn’t gone before? So she did.

The Key was the first in her Project Enterprise series, which concluded with #6,Kicking Ashe.


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An Interview with Pauline Baird Jones
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Pauline, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Kicking Ashe. First where did the idea for this amazing story originate?

PBJ: There's an intergalactic, resale store called "The Plot Shop." I got it from the "Ideas that Will Almost Make Your Head Explode" section. (I don't recommend "Ideas that will make your Head Explode," though. There was, well, brain matter all over the section. Apparently just reading the ideas are, well, explosive.) You can also pick up characters there for cheap, though I also believe in recycling, so I reused a couple of characters from STEAMROLLED in KICKING ASHE.

HH: What do you like best about Ashe and why will readersrelate to her?

PBJ: Ashe, wow, honestly, I didn't like her that much in STEAMROLLED. Doc called her a twit and she kind of was, hence the need for an Ashe kicking so she could deal with her character quirks that were twit-ish and live up to her potential. I was happy to see she had a little of her great-great-great-great-great (okay, I don't know how many greats) but her grandma in her and she rose to the occasion, demonstrating suitable heroine qualities. In the end, what made her likable was when she a) fell in love and b) her refusal to give up. I like a "never say die, never surrender" heroine. :-)

HH: What do you like best about Shan and why will readerslove him?

PBJ: Okay this is pretty funny (or not), but Shan was actually a kind of minor bad guy, or maybe fly in the ointment in both GIRL GONE NOVA and STEAMROLLED. So you could say that Ashe and Shan were made for each other. I had to kick him through several alternate realities and bring on some bugs, to get him up to hero standard, though he had hot and handsome down from the get-go. (I actually got a few requests to make him a hero…and one request to kill him painfully).

HH: How did you go about creating the world in which their story takes place?

PBJ: It was a distant planet in a distant galaxy, so I kind of made it up as I went along. Then changed it as the story kept shifting realities. Most of the design came from the question: how can I hose my characters even more?

HH: What did you enjoy most about writing this highly imaginative -- and refreshingly original -- story?

PBJ: It was a big relief when my head didn't explode. I mean, I could have gotten a refund because it was only supposed to make it almost explode, but its hard to get a refund when you're dead. So I was really glad not to be dead. And, since this book was the end of my Project Enterprise series (at least for now), it was fun to end with a little stroll into the past to see how everyone from the previous books had fared. And yeah, my head not exploding. Really enjoyed that not happening.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

PBJ: Well, you heard, er, read it here first. (single drum roll – tight budget) I'm am actually writing my first romantic suspense novel in nine years. Or it might be ten. Math is not my forte, except the fictional kind. But I am working on a romantic suspense novel set in New Orleans, a steampunk novel set in an alternate reality US and another science fiction romance novel. So I'm either going to have a very productive year. Or my head will actually explode. (No refunds for that either. The Shop was quite clear that an author assumes all risks while pursuing multiple books in the same reality/timeline.)

HH: Where can readers find all of your works?

PBJ: My twelve novels are available in all the usual online bookstores, or more information is easily available on my website at

HH:What would we find in your to-be-read pile?

PBJ: Oh wow, I've been trying not to make eye contact with my TBR because it is much easier to sit and read a book, than write one, but for you, I'll take a peek at my print TBR (its too risky to look at the virtual one:

ENDER IN EXILE by Orson Scott Card
THE TRUTH SLEUTH by Jacqueline Seewald
CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
VAMPIRE EMPIRE by Clay Griffith & Susan Griffith

And in non –fiction:


(can we say tip of the iceberg?)

HH: What in person or online appearances will you be making this year?

PBJ: I will be appearing at ApolloCon (Houston) in June and ArmadilloCon (Austen) in July. But most of the time, I'll be hunkered down writing, writing, writing. And maybe reading. Some of those books look really interesting...

HH: When you're not reading or promoting you like to _________?

PBJ: I watch Big Bang Theory and Phineas and Ferb? And I like watching movies and reading, too. Oh, and eating chocolate. And bacon. I like bacon. Eating it. Cooking it is very messy, but when its done, its good.

HH: Thank you!


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