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Immortal Confessions is the larger novel that the novella Surrender To Me (9-2011, my first publication) was taken from. Immortal Confessions is a prequel to Promise Me, providing not only the full story of Danial and Devlin's feud over Anna, but also Devlin's backstory of how he came to be the villain he is through the first books of the Promise Me Series.

At the turn of the 19th century, former aristocrat turned lowly vampire Devlin Dalcon gets by on his supernatural charms until he meets bride-to-be Annabelle. Smitten by Anna’s forthrightness, intellect, and bravery, Devlin risks his life to spirit her away to Fontainebleau, France. There Devlin begins his ascent to power in a desperate bid for wealth and social standing for himself and Anna. Forging alliances with other supernatural leaders, he usurps the vampire Lord of Fontainebleau, amassing many enemies during his brief reign. Within a few years, he and Anna are again forced to flee for their lives to America. Living in hiding, Devlin is determined to amend his ways. But when tragedy strikes, Devlin’s dark side, never fully extinguished, emerges
rampant, securing him the bloody throne of America even as his malevolence and loneliness consumes him.

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Reviews for The Promise Series Books 1-4

This is a series that plays on your emotions so you should be aware, the sex is probably a 3-4/5 range and the number of pages devoted to those situations is a bit more than needed but far from an erotic level. The overwhelming majority of the pages are devoted to moving the plot along (which I always appreciate, I hate authors who waste my time on pages and pages where nothing really happens).

Take a look at the teaser on Amazon of book 1 “Promise Me” and see if you are hooked into this story which still has several more tales to tell in the future it seems. - 5 Stars, Bitten by Paranormal Romance


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About Tara Fox Hall

Tara Fox Hall’s writing credits include nonfiction, horror, suspense, action-adventure, erotica, and contemporary and historical paranormal romance. She is the author of the paranormal fantasy Lash series and the paranormal romantic drama Promise Me series. Tara divides her free time unequally between writing novels and short stories, chainsawing firewood, caring for stray animals, sewing cat and dog beds for donation to animal shelters, and target practice.


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An Interview with Tara Fox Hall
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Tara, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Immortal Confessions. First, what can you tell us about the Promise Me series which it is a part of?

TFH: I’ve loved vampires since I saw Frank Langella in the first “hot vampire” version of Dracula years ago. That love intensified in my later teens with The Lost Boys, and reading Interview with the Vampire, along with anything vampire I could get my hands on. But I wanted more than the evil monster chasing young virgins, more than the sweet, misunderstood handsome fanged stranger that becomes the perfect mate for the woman who captures his heart after so many lone centuries. I wanted a vampire so well-crafted in detail that I could believe he was real. I wanted something different to happen in the story, other than girl becomes vampire, or vampire becomes dust. I wanted passion, tragedy, romance, suspense, action, and the haunting sweetness of poetry and song floating on a soft night breeze. So I penned my own vampires. The Promise Me series tells the journey of heroine Sarelle, a country woman of modest means, through the years after she meets the vampire detective Danial Racklan. Most books are told through her eyes, but some -- like Immortal Confessions -- are told through the eyes of other characters. What began as a simple vampire romance in the first book between this couple blossoms into a much larger story of about ten major characters: their triumphs, losses, defeats, loves, and the way what they experience changes them. Some heroes become villains... and some villains become heroes. Hearts are broken and made whole again. If you are looking for a standard vampire romance, this series might not be for you. If you are looking for an epic, it might be right up your alley.

HH: What can you tell us about the books that came before this one in the series?

TFH: Promise Me details the budding romance between Danial and Sarelle and their tribulations as a couple truing to adapt to one another’s completely different worlds, with a commitment by both at the story’s end.

Broken Promise tells of how easily a heart can be broken through not just withholding the truth, but also by misunderstanding. Danial and Sarelle split to face danger, hardships, and life-threatening situations alone instead of together, leading to more than a few climactic suspenseful moments. By the book’s end, Sarelle is falling in love with another supernatural man, a werecougar by the name of Theo O’Connor who comes with baggage of his own, a pregnant ex-girlfriend. Danial has risen in status through dethroning his brother, Promise Me’s major villain, Devlin.

Taken in the Night is the story of how Theo is severed from Sar a few days after their engagement and the birth of his werecougar daughter, Elle. Sarelle is crushed, yet tries to take Elle and raise her alone. But within a short time, she turns to Danial for help. While Theo is missing for close to two years, Danial helps Sar raise Elle, dealing with impossible questions while both of them try to heal. Because of her love for Elle and Danial, Sar agrees to try to have a half-vampire child, something Danial has wanted from the first, birthing Theoron with great difficulty. Sar is just settling into her new life when a friend, concerned about her turning into a vampire, tells her that Theo is alive.

Taken for His Own tells of how Sar goes west alone to find Theo, their reuniting, and return as a couple to the east. Devlin, who is absent most of the third book, reappears suddenly, saving Sar’s life. Enemies abound, and after an attack, Sar is taken prisoner, rescued in the nick of time by Devlin. These two have had chemistry from their first meeting, one thing leads to another, and though Sar initially resists, she eventually succumbs to Devlin. After a similar episode with Danial a few days later which angers Theo and makes it seem as if Sar is close to turning into a vampire, the book ends with Sar about to embark on a risky plan to curb her wanton behavior, as she does not under any circumstances want to be a vampire herself.

HH: How does Immortal Confessions continue the series?

TFH: Immortal Confessions does not continue the series. It’s a prequel that can be read at any time in the series, detailing Devlin Dalcon’s feud with his brother Danial over his soul mate Annabelle, and what happened that caused the two brothers to still be enemies close to two hundred years later when they show up in the first Promise Me book. I had Immortal Confessions placed here in the series sequence as there are very relevant parts of Devlin’s past that I wanted readers to know before reading the sixth book in the series, Her Secret.

HH: What do you like best about Anna and Devlin’s love story and what makes it unique?

TFH: That is doesn’t have a happy ending, but it’s still so unbelievably romantic and moving. This isn’t the story of a couple that loved and then broke up. Devlin loved Annabelle from the moment he first spent time with her until the day she died in his arms, and he never stopped loving her. Annabelle did what most women would consider terrible things, and he forgave her, just as Devlin did terrible things and Anna forgave him. That kind of immortal love is very compelling.

HH: What can you tell us about the books to come in the Promise Me series?

TFH: I said a little about this in question one, but I’ll narrow it down to the next book, Her Secret. This sequel takes up where Taken for His Own, Book #4 left off, in present day. Here is the blurb, not previously released:

In a desperate effort to halt her transformation to vampire, and stop her longing for the sultry Devlin, Sarelle willingly takes a drug to kill her desire, even as Danial prepares for the introduction of their son Theoron at a Vampire Gathering on New Year’s Eve. Faced with Theo’s betrayal at the eleventh hour, Sarelle must either trust in Danial to save her, or join forces with Devlin, revealing her secret desire for him.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

TFH: I have many, many books in store. Another six or seven Promise Me titles before that series concludes (Her Secret should be out this fall), another five or six Lash books for that fantasy series (Book #3 War came out in August, and #4 Revenge releases soon), and another few erotic short stories, beginning with Man Up just released in late September. There will also be a Latham’s Landing anthology with the two previously published novella-length stories of my haunted half-sunken island mansion plus a triple length new tale of terror. Lastly, The Tightening Spiral, a collection of my short suspense and horror stories, some previously published and some new, also releases this fall.

HH: Do you have appearances, in person or online, planned for the fall?

TFH: I have a Facebook party I am cohosting with several other authors all month in October. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/207016906125995 Stop by if you have time. I’d love to chat with you.

I’m also having a booksigning in Water’s Edge in Endwell NY from 1-3 on October 16th. Stop by and say hi if you are in the area! Most of my fans are online, but I love to meet them in person. https://www.facebook.com/events/369883803141803/

HH: What inspires you in your writing?

TFH: Anything: a song, a conversation, the way someone is dressed, a phrase I overhear, a scent on the breeze, an odd sound outside... anything is possible book fodder. My mom got me a shirt that says, “Be careful or you will end up in my novel.” And that’s the truth!

HH: What are you reading at the moment?

TFH: I’m on the first few pages of Call of the Canyon by Nancy Pennick. I don’t usually read YA romance, but I like this series, the first book of which is called Waiting for Dusk.

HH: Do you celebrate Halloween, and if so, how?

TFH: At our house, it’s always Halloween. We’ve got pictures of Frankenstein and film vampires and witches and dragons on the walls permanently. We’ve got snakes and bats on the premises roaming and flying wild, and black cats that are tame members of the family. The spider and pirate welcome mats are out year round, and the spider clings never come off the front door glass. But from September to October 31st, we decorate with spiders, bats, skulls, and pumpkins, too. We go to an annual pumpkin carving with friends (which is where the photo comes from on the FB party link -- I carved that big pumpkin devouring the little one). We also go to an annual costume party. I’m still trying to decide what to go as this year. The problem is I have so much fun dressing up I need more than one party to go to. Lastly, I grow my own pumpkins. One is out on the porch right now, looking festive! Thanks again for having me here today. Have a spectacular Halloween!

HH: Thank you!


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