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Raised by wizards who never missed an opportunity to remind him of his deficiencies, Ned grows up believing his mage skills are seriously lacking. Conscripted at an early age, he fears it’s a back-handed way to ensure he sustains an honorable death in battle.

Struggling against prejudice, insidious lies and lack of knowledge about his mage powers -- which are really quite different from wizard magic -- Ned finds ways to keep going. His first mission away from the wizards teaches him he’s stronger and more resourceful than he thought. Against stiff odds, he learns different isn’t necessarily bad and true love has a way of shining through.

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Reviews for Fortune's Scion

5 star -- "Ned is a human mage who has never quite fit in the wizards. Amanda is the daughter of a couple struggling to survive in a dystopian society. Though there is a touch of romance, much more can be found in this very entertaining read by Ann Gimpel. Ann's world-building skills truly amaze as she bounces from dystopian San Francisco, to the wizard's stronghold, and to an evil god's lair. Be prepared for multiple POV's, but being in the major character's heads gives you a great sense of the story. This a totally different read for me, even from Ann's previous works. The ending was actually quite dark and surprising, but totally realistic despite the fantasy aspect of the story. Can't wait to see what Ann comes up with next!"



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About Ann Gimpel

Ann Gimpel is a clinical psychologist, with a Jungian bent. Avocations include mountaineering, skiing, wilderness photography and, of course, writing. A lifelong aficionado of the unusual, she began writing speculative fiction a few years ago. Since then her short fiction has appeared in a number of webzines and anthologies. Several paranormal romance novellas are available in e-format. Three novels, Psyche’s Prophecy, Psyche’s Search, and Psyche's Promise are small press publications available in e-format and paperback. Look for two more urban fantasy novels coming this summer and fall: Fortune’s Scion and Earth’s Requiem.


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An Interview with Ann Gimpel
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Ann, thank you so much for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Fortune’s Scion. What can you tell us about this incredible tale?

AG: Thanks so much for inviting me, Holly. It’s a pleasure to be here. Fortune’s Scion is a coming of age tale about Ned, a young human mage raised by wizards who belittle him at every turn. It takes place in a dystopian near-future where Earth’s resources have run dangerously low. Infernals (dark gods and their minions) have gained quite the toehold and the wizards are gearing up for what they fear will be a no-holds-barred battle against the dark. After a particularly severe skirmish, the wizards send Ned on his first solo mission. Forced to rely on his own resources, he finds he’s stronger and more resilient than he ever would have guessed.

HH: What do you like best about Ned and why will readers be cheering for him?

AG: Ned grows into a man over the course of the story. Self-doubts fall away. He learns the meaning of courage and sacrifice and discovers he’s capable of both. He falls in love for the first time, not just with Amanda, but with her close-knit family, something he’s never had.

HH: What can you tell us about the other characters? Who are your favorites and why?

AG: Karras is the crusty, old wizard who raised Ned at the wizard stronghold. He was the only one amongst the wizards who ever gave Ned a chance, but he left the stronghold when Ned was a young teen. Rolf and Lori are Amanda’s parents. They moved their family to a remote location when society began to crumble only to have their son abducted within the first year. Rolf and Lori have secrets of their own -- and fears they aren’t entirely human.

Another favorite is Lira, one of the wizards, but I can’t tell you why. It’s quite the plot spoiler.

HH: How is this different from your other works?

AG: Blush. This is pretty much pure urban fantasy with romantic elements woven in. It’s a New Adult book in that the protags are 18 and 21. There’s no descriptive sex, but a whole lot of yearning and fumbling as Ned and Amanda express their blossoming feelings.

HH: What did you enjoy most about crafting this tale?

AG: I’ve always loved the “story within a story” motif. Fortune’s Scion holds several story arcs. There’s Ned’s journey of discovery. Amanda finding out evil truly lurks in the world. Lori and Rolf finally facing their fears and accepting who they really are. Lira discovering she has compassion after all. Karras and some of the other wizards coming to terms with their arrogance, and doing something to fix it. Beneath it all is a crumbling Earth that’s fallen prey to men’s rampant greed.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

AG: To Love A Highland Dragon, an adult urban fantasy with, ahem, romantic elements and descriptive sex, releases 9/5 from Taliesin Publishing. Earth’s Requiem, another adult UF with hot romance, releases 10/4 from Musa Publishing.

HH: Where do you draw inspiration from?

AG: Snort. Hard to say. Stories simply float into my head. Usually, they start with a single scene and the story just unfolds from there. I’m not a plotter. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work for me. But I do trust my process after all the books I’ve written. The most amazing thing is I frequently have no idea how something will end until I get close to writing it.

HH: What's your writing schedule like?

AG: I aim for a chapter a day (3000-3500 words). That takes a couple of hours. Generally, I work in the afternoons and early evening. Adding in editing and marketing, I have no problem filling my days from morning to bedtime.

HH: Where can readers find you online?

@AnnGimpel (for Twitter)

HH: What's your favorite place to hang out online?

AG: Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter

HH: Thank you!


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