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Wayne and Nancy grow up on opposite sides of the country, each certain they must have love better than what others will settle for. Something stronger, something richer, something worth searching for. During the turbulent nineteen-sixties, they meet while he is attending blue-collar Drexel, and she is at neighboring, Ivy League Penn. Although irresistibly drawn to each other, they must overcome obstacles posed by the class and social differences separating them, as well as opposition from both families, and later, a twist of fate that will be the cruelest test of all. Can they reach the emotional heights they seek? Can they overcome time's downward pulling inertia? Coinage of Commitment is dedicated to all who ever paused and wondered about the altitude love might soar to.

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Reviews for Coinage of Commitment

"Rob Costelloe has created a very thought provoking book that plays on many levels....The standard of the writing is of the highest quality. He states in his biography that he has been writing since he was 8 years old, and that does not surprise me, he is a skilled and splendid wordsmith....The ending of the story comes with a very strange twist in the tale, and one that will surprise the reader."--Simon Barrett, Reviewer,

"This is not about a light empty headed romance full of fluff but a real down to earth, soul seeking love story that could be compared to some of the great works of literature. Stories like this are few and far between..." --Terry Studer, Reviewer, Front Street Reviews. com


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About Robert Costelloe

Rob Costelloe’s contemporary love stories explore the height that love can reach. These are characters certain they must have love better than what others will settle for. Something richer, something higher, something worth holding out for. And something that will last through time. These aspirations invariably give plot directions a unique twist. Rob designs his own covers, and they strive to give an illustration of the plot tension within. Rob and his wife live near Houston, Texas.


An Interview with Robert Costelloe
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Robert, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Your featured story is Coinage of Commitment. Where did you get the idea for this incredible story?

RC: The story is between a cloned soldier and a hybrid (half human and half shifter) who are supposed to be enemies, but end up falling in love.

HH: What do you like about Nancy and why will readers identify with her?

RC: Nancy is a California Girl from a wealthy family. But she is not without emotional difficulties. As the middle of three daughters in a competitive family, she struggles for parental love and attention. Plus she experiences a tragic romantic experience as a high schooler. These factors give her a unique outlook on what she wants from the love of her life.

HH: What do you like about Wayne and why will readers love him?

RC: Wayne comes from a large, East Coast Catholic family that is upwardly mobile from its Blue Collar roots. He’s a city kid who is bored when his family moves to the suburbs. This gives him time for reflection, and as an adolescent he discovers an attraction to romance unlike anything experienced by his peers. This makes him thoughtful about love and overly sensitive to romantic disappointments. He wants a love better than what he sees in others, but he’s not sure what to do about it.

HH: What edge do you think a male author brings to a romantic story like this one?

RC: A male author has a natural edge in portraying the male characters.  I’ve tried to compensate for my natural disadvantage in portraying the female characters by seeking the help of editors -- all of whom were women. My wife helped me with some of the subtle fashion issues.

HH: What do you think readers will enjoy most about this romance?

RC: This story is different because it features protagonists who want more out of love than what they see in others. This gives the basic love story a more compelling priority. Then too, this novel goes in unexpected directions. On top of that, its climax features a surprise ending unlike anything this author has seen in literature. This novel will leave you wondering long after the last page is turned.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

RC: My other novel, Pocket Piece Cameo is a coming of age love story that poses the question: What if the love you’ve dreamed of your whole young life is destroyed by another? And you don’t even realize it? Jill and Blake grow up in a small town. They attend the same church and public school, but are otherwise physical and personality opposites. Yet a quirk of fate and an act of kindness will draw them into an improbably chain of events. Who would guess they would fall in love? Their love soars to stratospheric heights, only to be destroyed by a treachery that neither is even aware of. Now, thousands of miles apart, with every reason to hate each other, they each know they must heal, rebuild shattered dreams, and go on. And yet...they are ineluctably moved by forces they can't define and do not understand. What is this restlessness they feel, even as love is pledged to another? This is a coming of age love story that tests the limits of what love can endure -- and what it can recover from.

HH: What else can readers look forward to from you?

RC: My newest book will feature a teenage star of independent films who goes incognito in a small Pennsylvania town after suffering a nervous breakdown on the set of her latest movie. While there, posing as a high school senior (she actually already has a GED), she will get involved in romantic currents of some intricacy -- given her secret identity and the career she hopes to return to. The story will carry beyond its original setting to something (hopefully) of even more complex proportions. I don’t have a schedule for completion, but the project is proceeding well.

HH: What hobbies or interests do you have outside of your writing?

RC: As a way of unwinding after a long day of writing and promoting, I enjoy a good love story of film. As an alternate, I enjoy playing computer games.

HH: What's your favorite quote ever?

RC: Actions speak louder than words.

HH: What's your favorite social media and how to use it to let readers know about your books?

RC: I enjoy Pinterest, but its promotional value is small. For that, Twitter and Facebook are mandatory.

HH: Thank you!


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