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Four years ago Erin’s life changed drastically. Her drug-addicted brother killed her parents, and her marriage disintegrated. Her husband, Matt, an FBI agent, had done his duty when he’d arrested Stuart, but she’d been too caught up in her own grief to allow him to help her move through the shadows of pain.

Now Matt is back, but it isn’t to attempt reconciliation. Her brother has escaped from Attica, and Erin is his next target. Matt will stop Stuart by any means necessary. But Stuart is a desperate man, and desperate men will do anything to get what they want.

Thrown together by treacherous circumstances, Matt and Erin fight a battle to stay alive and possibly figure out how to put the pieces of their destroyed lives back together again.

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Reviews for Extreme Measures

"Extreme Measures is a great suspense with a side of romance. It was refreshing to read more suspense then the romance aspect of the story. It worked for me and made it believable." ~The Jeep Diva

" I have read a number of books by Rachel Carrington and they have all come from different genres. They have all been unique and with each one, Rachel was able to captivate me right up to the final page. So it is not surprising to know that Rachel enthralled me with Extreme Measures as well." ~ Nomi's Paranomal Palace

"Extreme Measures is just my kind of romance, two lovers trying to find their way back to each other with suspense from page one until the end! While not as long as I would have liked (I wanted MORE MORE MORE), I can't help but Joyfully Recommend this gem to lovers of romantic suspense!" ~Melissa, Joyfully Reviewed

"I'm forever a sucker for second-chance romance, not to mention a fan of a solid mystery or thriller, and this book was the whole package. A fast story and even quicker read, Extreme Measures was a solid blend of suspense and romance with plenty of twists and turns along the way." ~ Change the Word


An excerpt from Extreme Measures


About Rachel Carrington

I started writing years ago, and my first attempt was a contemporary romance that will never see the light of day. I think I may even have thrown it away by now. It was absolutely horrific as I knew nothing about well…anything to do with writing.

After that, I started writing fantasy romances about wizards and wizards, and once those took off, I segued to paranormal romances (hello, vampires and ghosts) and romantic suspense. I also write articles for various magazines, including The Writer’s Journal, Writer’s Magazine, Writer’s Weekly, Writing for Dollars, Absolute Write, and Funds for Writers.

I’m fortunate to make my home in historical Charleston, South Carolina. Beautiful city. Beautiful people. When I’m not writing, I love to read, create videos, keep Target in business, play visitor in my city, and drink lots of coffee.

You can find me all over the internet, but here are just a few of the places:

My website: www.dawnrachel.com
Facebook: rachelcarringtonwrites
Pinterest: rcarrington2004
Goodreads: rcarrington2004
Wattpad: http://wattpad.com/RachelCarrington

Also by Rachel Carrington:

Rachel's available books can be found here: http://dawnrachel.com/now-available



An Interview with Rachel Carrington
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Rachel, thank you for talking with us at TRS. You featured story is Extreme Measures. Where did you get the idea for this intense story?

RC: A friend of mine was murdered, and her killer is in prison right now. I've often imagined what it would be like if he were to escape. Who would he go after next? Would it be the people that testified against him?

HH: What do you like about Erin and why will readers identify with her?

RC: I think Erin is a survivor, and most readers will identify with that. She's made some bad choices in her life, but she doesn't sit around and whine about them. She's chosen a new path, never thinking that she'd have a second chance with her husband.

HH: What do you like about Matt and why will readers love him?

RC: Though he is divorced from his wife, he never stopped loving her, never stopping thinking about her, and when he discovers she's in danger, he won't let anyone else take the assignment. Regardless of how she feels about him, he will protect her. I think anyone will identify with that kind of unconditional love.

HH: How did you bring the setting so vividly to life in this story and what sort of research did you do?

RC: I set the story in my hometown of Charleston, SC because I love this city, and I've been remiss in not including it in enough of my stories. It helps to know the area when you're leading a killer around a city. I'm fortunate that I have an arsenal of law enforcement, lawyers, and others in the legal field that I can go to for assistance with my books. For the most part, that was the research that was involved. I will admit I did use a bit of creative licensing by allowing a few things to happen that probably never would under ordinary circumstances.

HH: What do you think readers will enjoy most about this romance?

RC: It's about second chances, and every one of us has done something in our lives we're not proud of, maybe even have hurt someone we love. We all want that second chance.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

RC: On July 8th, my next vampire romance releases. Vampire's Fury is a spin-off of Vampire Betrayed which released last year.
On August 29th, my next thriller romance will release from Ellora's Cave's Blush line. A serial killer who is behind bars yet still manages to stalk a journalist. And on September 23rd, Souls Divided, another book in my Spirits series releases.

HH: What would most like to accomplish in your writing career this year?

RC: I have my eye on a publishing house, and I'd love to get a contract with them. That's my next goal, and I'm working diligently to try to achieve it!

HH: What hobbies or interests do you have outside of your writing?

RC: I create book videos, and I'm just getting into graphic design. I'm also taking Spanish lessons. I love to cross-stitch, shop, decorate my new house, and read, read, read.

HH: What's your favorite quote ever?

RC: It's from the movie, The Wedding Date. Nick tells Kat "I'd rather fight with you than make love with anyone else." That's just one of those lines that stick with you.

HH: What's your favorite social media and how to use it to let readers know about your books?

RC: This one is so difficult because I seriously love Facebook, but I'm also addicted to Pinterest, although, I think I spend more time just looking at the images on Pinterest than I do posting. I also love, love, love Twitter. I would probably say I use it more often to talk about my books. I like to share lines of dialogue and images of what I think my characters look like.

HH: Thank you!


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