Ami Blackwelder

This novella focuses on when Keenan and Diamond meet within the novel THE SHIFTERS OF 2040.

Will Keenan betray Diamond? Or has he found the love of his life?

If you have the novel, you don't need this novella.

If you have not read the novel yet, you will enjoy this novella which may inspire you.

The novella contains romance, action, adventure, clones, military soldiers, shifters, hybrids, and military personnel.

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About Ami Blackwelder

Ami Blackwelder is a romantic suspense writer in the YA paranormal, adult scifi and adult historical genres.Sub-genres include thrillers, dystopia, urban, and steampunk. Growingup in Florida, she graduated UCF and in 1997 received her BA in English and additional teaching credentials. Then she packed her bags and travelled overseas to teach in Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, China and Korea. Thailand is considered her second home now.She has always loved writing and wrote poems and short stores since childhood; however, her novels began when she was in Thailand.

Having won the Best Fiction Award from the University of Central Florida (Yes, The Blair Witch Project University), her short fiction From Joy We Come, Unto Joy We Return was published in the on campus literary magazine: Cypress Dome and remains to this day in University libraries around the USA. Later, she achieved the semi-finals in a Laurel Hemingway contest and published a few poems in the Thailand’s Expat magazine, and an article in the Thailand’s People newspaper. Additionally, she has published poetry in the Korea’s AIM magazine, the American Poetic Monthly magazine and Twisted Dreams Magazine.


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An Interview with Ami Blackwelder
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Ami, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Your featured novella is Embrace and it's part of your Shifter Evolutions series. What makes this series different from what readers have seen so far?

AB: The story is between a cloned soldier and a hybrid (half human and half shifter) who are supposed to be enemies, but end up falling in love.

HH: What can you tell us about the books in the series?

AB: The book The Shifters of 2040 is being made into an indie short film for Dec 2013. The books follow the lives of a handful of shifters and humans and we see how their choices and lives affect each other and eventually intersect into a culminating end.

HH: How does Embrace enhance the series?

AB: This is a tidbit for readers to see if they might find the series interesting.

HH: Why will readers like Diamond?

AB: She is full of spunk and some kick-ass.

HH: What will readers love about Keenan?

AB: He is heartfelt and sweet.

HH: What do you think readers will enjoy most about this world you've created?

AB: The futuristic dystopian settings and the love and friendship that defies odds.

HH: What else can readers look forward to from you?

AB: Mermaids and angels in 2013.

HH: What hobbies or interests do you have outside of your writing?

AB: Reading, movies, mall, beach.

HH: What's your favorite quote ever?

AB: "To see life for what it is, to see it, to know it, and to love it, and then to put it away." -Virginia Wolf

HH: What's your favorite social media and how to use it to let readers know about your books?

AB: Twitter and Facebook of course:)-

HH: Thank you!


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