Deadline midnight EST 8/23/14.

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One $10 Amazon gift from A.M. Griffin
Two print books, Poems About Life, by JoAnne Myers
One ebook copy of Horsemen 1: Dream Stallion by Kate Hill
One ebook by Lacey Roberts
One ebook copy of the paranormal erotic romance Dark Velvet by Lisa Carlisle
One $10 gift card from Lynda Bailey
One ebook copy each of Shadow's Passion (prequel novella) and Shadow's Awakening in choice of formats (paperback or ebook - epub, mobi, pdf) by Molle McGregor
One ebook copy of Witches and Wolves 1: He Needs to Feed by Saloni Quinby
One ebook from the backlist of Sara Brookes
One ebook by Susan Horsnell

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