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Sorcha Bronson, the beautiful daughter of a slain dragon trainer is determined to take over her father's business. To make a name for herself means showing off her skills in a tournament where she goes up again the best dragon rider knight she can find. But first, she must convince him to accept her challenge. When the knights of the Dragon Fighter's Society turn her down because she's a woman, she tries using feminine wiles to change one man's mind. Soon, she discovers a game of love that seduces and distracts her. Uncertain she has any real chance at winning Sir Henry's heart, she struggles to stay focused on her career.

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Handsome, charming, free-spirited Sir Henry Pembroke loves riding dragons and competing in the kingdom's tournaments. With a penchant for harmless fun, he's unprepared for the ambitious lady who wants to participate in a dangerous sport meant for men. He makes it his mission to keep her from getting hurt, but the tavern wench shows unfaltering determination when she attempts to barter sex for a chance to compete. Sir Henry finds himself more attracted to the beguiling and passionate beauty than he bargains on. Yet he has to wonder if Sorcha is just playing on his emotions to get what she wants. Or, can her love be real?


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An Interview with Brenda Williamson
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Brenda, thank you for talking with us at TRS BLUE! Your featured book is A Tavern Wench to Bed. Where did you get the idea for this steamy tale?

BW: This is the third book in my Dragon Fighter Romance Series. Book one, my hero was a serious man, book two, my hero was a depressed man. The hero in this book, Sir Henry Pembroke was the free-spirited, fun loving younger brother of the other two and appeared in book one, A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS (Red Sage Publishing). I had readers ask when would Henry get his own story. This is it. I had to do him justice and pair him up with a woman that would appreciate his charming forwardness and what better way than to introduce tavern wench, Sorcha Bronson into the series. She's adventurous and is independent as Henry. While this makes him a nervous, it also intrigues and attracts him. Her personality compliments his well, balancing out his rambunctious nature -- maturing him in way he never expected.

HH: What do you like best about Sorcha and why will readers relate to her?

BW: She's a determined woman. She wants to train dragons and doesn't let anyone tell her it's an occupation a woman can't do, especially arrogant men. She works hard toward her goals and doesn't let life's pitfalls get in her way.

HH: What do you like best about Sir Henry and why will readers love him?

BW: He's fun and lovable right from the start. He falls in love for Sorcha immediately, and isn't afraid to show her how deep his affections are, even though he's hesitant about expressing his love verbally.

HH: What sort of research did you do for this story?

BW: A lot of the research for this story was done when I was writing the first two stories. Deciding how best to describe a dragon's moves, his coloring, his personality were one of the biggest things, since dragons never existed. So I layered what is a standard concept of what a dragon looks like and gave him coloring of a reptile, and moves like a horse, and personality of a pitbull.

HH: What else do you have in the works?

BW: I work on multiple stories at once, but my biggest projects are finishing the sequel to RANGE WAR BRIDE (Whiskey Creek Press Torrid) and a sort of vampire story set in futuristic Earth.

HH: How do you view the future of ebooks?

BW: Electronics are never going away. As much fun as it is to touch a book and flip pages, ebooks will become the common form of reading and make paper books obsolete.

HH: How much of your day is devoted to your writing career?

BW: Not as much as I like. But I manage to squeeze in five or six hours.

HH: What's your favorite way to interact with readers?

BW: Face to face. There's nothing more enjoyable than meeting someone that's read one of my books and getting the chance to talk to them about everything in their life.

HH: What is your favorite Halloween type/themed story? Why?

BW: Witches. They are Halloween. Hardly a year has gone by that I haven't dressed like a witch. It has always been my most favorite holiday. Probably because I was born on Halloween.

HH: What do you most enjoy about Autumn?

BW: Cooler weather. I live in the deep south of the United States and the summers are always hot and humid. Even with air conditioning, I can't ever seem to be completely comfortable. Give me autumn, crisp cool air and no grass to mow, and I'm happy.

HH: Thank you!


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