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After their three-way pledge, Duncan sends Chris and Ylianor to spend the winter at Fair Haven, Chris’s home, while he trains his growing Virt at Black Rose, while planning the Hall’s future, which will include having his lovers as teachers of two very special courses -- Virt management and violence recognition and management. During the stay with the Templeton’s, Chris takes the opportunity to train Ylianor into becoming a real sexual slave, teaching her to overcome the confusion her aura reading Virt can cause and also urging her to take better care of herself. When they return to the Hall, things get fiery with the onset of the heat, a tempest of the senses that forces Chris, Duncan and Ylianor to have sex only with each other. It’s something they can’t resist, something they can’t fight, something they have to satisfy immediately lest it drives them out of their minds.

But things are burning also without the heat. The Hall’s routines hinge on sex, so everyone uses it to gain advantages and influence to rise to the top, where the leader is. Second most powerful man of the social ladder is his phase mate, Christopher Templeton, who relishes the extra attention and the games he himself orchestrates. A newcomer to this style of life, Ylianor catches up fast and soon becomes one of the most sought, also thanks to her relationship to both Chris and Duncan. And if that weren’t enough, the leader’s blatant favoritism, both sexual and in the council’s business, propel her to the top faster than Chris expected or was prepared for. But sex and gossip, the Hall’s second favorite game, quickly get in the way of the pledged trio, their effects worsened by the heat that leaves the three no time to think or to block the worse consequences of their frantic days.

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Mostly, they have no time to talk, and this feeds a general climate of doubts that starts with Ylianor having visions and dreams, when not downright accusing the leader of not trusting either Chris or Ylianor. True, Arthur and Charles’s ghosts are still working their evil inside her, but why hasn’t Duncan done anything to get rid of them? And why hasn’t he shared with them what Computer Virtus told him in the Nephis Valley? More importantly, why hasn’t he made Chris and Ylianor his co-leaders as he promised right after the Fitting? But things are spinning so fast, there isn’t even time to ask the questions, except for one -- will they manage to survive the heat and still be together?


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About Laura Tolomei

With original borderline stories at the edge of accepted conventions, Laura Tolomei guarantees an erotic earthquake with each new novel.

Born 1965 in Rome, Italy, I grew up in Nigeria, US and India, returning to Rome to complete my studies and start a working career. In 2008 I released my first short story in eXtasy’s Anthology Atlantis Allure and have been writing and publishing since then in both Italian and English. I have released several full-length novels and short stories at eXtasy Books, WCP and Romance Divine.

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The Princess, Virtus Saga #7, fantasy novel, eXtasy Books.

The Demon, Virtus Saga #8, fantasy novel, eXtasy Books

Traveling Through Souls, ReScue Series #3, contemporary novel


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An Interview with Laura Tolomei
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Laura, thank you so much for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is The Heat and is part of your wonderful Virtus Saga. First, where did the idea for the series come from?

LT: I kept seeing a dark-haired, handsome prince riding at dusk, lost in a land that should’ve been as familiar to him as home with a storm on its way to drown him. Luckily he stumbles on a rundown shack, and the woman who answers his knock is not just beautiful, but also resembles him. Does he know her? If so, he can’t remember the first thing about her, not even her name. Yet she belongs to him. That much he knows, besides the attraction and lust, which clog his senses to the point he must have her. Thus begins the saga, now at its Chapter 4.

HH: What can you tell about the books that came before in this series?

LT: That they’re all sensually dark and erotically charged. That they’re all evocative of a fantasy world where sex takes the place of violence. That they all have the same protagonists—lovers Prince Duncan Caldwell and Lord Christopher Templeton, and the woman who bewitched them both, Ylianor Meyer. Virtus Saga, or how three people can reach true union, apparently is a fantasy series that takes place during a three-year period on an invented world, Sendar, where a mechanical device turns violent impulses into sexual ones. This ensures a peaceful existence to all its inhabitants. But nothing is ever absolutely good or bad, so the device, called Virtus, isn’t only beneficial. He has some disturbing side effects our heroes will discover and battle against in the course of the eight books of the saga. The books should be read in sequence, because each one starts off from where the previous leaves off. Each moves the story forward, not just in time, but in the characters’ growth:

The Sex, Virtus Saga #1, where everything starts: the sex, the trio, but also the violence and mistrust.

The Game, Virtus Saga #2, where the story explodes: the passionate lust, the leadership, but also the estrangement + the chaos

The second chapter of the saga is a fiery hot piece of work.

The Festival, Virtus Saga #3, where the story continues: the reunion, the connection, but also the separation and the victory

The third chapter seals a destiny started with the first chapter, however its ending.

The Leader, Virtus Saga #4, where the story escalates: the love, the responsibilities, but also the threat and the commitments

The fourth chapter of the saga is the starting point of a new life and the affirmation of feelings long denied.

The Pledge, Virtus Saga #5, where the story culminates: the romance, the ménage, but also the past and the wedge

Seems like an ending, yet it’s a new beginning, this fifth chapter of the Virtus Saga brings the tale of Duncan, Chris and Ylianor to a new height.

The Heat, Virtus Saga #6, where the story gets complicated: the lust, the sex vortex, but also the gossip and the multiple partners

Don’t miss the latest chapter of this ongoing dark fantasy series, the Virtus Saga.

The further I go, the more I realize this saga is just an excuse to write about ménage and how difficult it is for three people to come together. The protagonists remain three throughout the entire series: Prince Duncan Caldwell, his lover Christopher Templeton and what will become their woman Ylianor Caldwell. For a series of circumstances, she’s the last one to join a passionate love affair started when Chris and Duncan were only teenagers. Over and beyond Chris’s fierce objections, she manages to slip under their skins, both of them. So what if he doesn’t like women in general, Ylianor in particular jealous of what she means to Duncan? The Saga is their personal struggle to reach a union they seem to find only in bed, where their mutual attraction works against their jealousies and prejudices. Of course, being a fantasy, they each have special powers that will work only if their minds and souls accept the other two as true mates, which complicates the mix and makes it all more exciting and interesting to follow.

What inspired me to start this ambitious work of mine are the characters themselves. They wanted to tell their stories and began narrating it to me back in 2006. Then it became like an obsession. I couldn’t get my mind free of them and had to write their whole story. So, here it is!

HH: How does The Heat continue it?

LT: Virtus Saga #6 The Heat is the book of reckoning. Three years have passed since my main characters first came together in The Sex. As Leader of the High Council, Prince Duncan Caldwell has brought his world out of the darkest moments of the Virtus emergency, so now he has to show everyone what sort of leader he’ll be. His lover and phase mate, Lord Christopher Templeton, basks in his privileged position and in his experience in the ways of the Hall. Their woman and quick learner, Ylianor Meyer, is fast ascending the Hall’s social hierarchy, having mastered the Hall’s unspoken rules. But what neither of them had expected was the damn heat, which is the usual consequence of a normal pledge. For the three who first enter a pledge together, the heat is going to have devastating effects, not just in bed where the sex and passion will reach levels they could only imagine, but mostly out of bed, where it combines with the Hall’s desecrating gossip and easy sex, an explosive mix threatening to destroy them forever.

HH: What did you enjoy most about writing this story and what do you think readers will take away from it?

LT: What I really loved about writing this saga is the characters. Duncan, Chris and Ylianor have not allowed me any rest until I put down their story on paper back in 2006, which is how long I’ve had them in my head. They’re just so erotic, so intriguing, so different and unique that I can’t stop thinking of them. I love it they’ve grown through the years and through the story that requires them to be strong men and women. I guess the secret to them is how much they’ve learned along the way and how, in spite of the mistakes, they want to stick together through thick and thin, never letting go of the special feelings that bind them above and beyond sex. Yes, the most intriguing aspect of all is that the Virtus Saga is actually a ménage in the making. It shows how two can become three, given sufficient time, love and willingness. So, if it took me the eight books of the saga to get to a point of true union, it’s because human relationships are never quick nor easy, not if they’re supposed to last a lifetime if not more. Therefore, for all those who were disappointed because at the end of Book 1, The Sex, neither of the men seemed to have any great feelings for Ylianor, I can only suggest to keep reading—You won’t be disappointed in the end.

As for the readers, I think they’ll enjoy reading about my very personal theories about energy and power. Just skimming the surface, they’ll realize this is no ordinary fantasy. The Virt that makes Duncan, Chris and Ylianor so powerful is the same energy we’re all made up of, only they know and train in the ways to use it to the most effective end. But not alone. Never alone. As readers soon discover, the saga’s main focus is that, to use one’s energy most effectively, one needs to share it, and that true sharing, thus true power, comes only on overcoming all petty, egotistical issues. And love is as much a part of energy as any fantastic Virt or superhero power. In fact, it’s the most important aspect of it, and that’s another lesson Duncan, Chris and Ylianor are learning, which I’m sure many readers would find useful in their very real, very earthly day-to-day life.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

LT: The end of the Virtus Saga for sure! Book 7 The Princess and Book 8 The Demon are my work in progress as I write, and I can’t wait to reach the words The End to this bewitching tale of love and power. But there’s no rest for me in sight LOL

Right after I’m done with the Virtus Saga, I want to finish another of my favorite series: ReScue, with Re-Scue, Book 1, and Tasting Leon’s Mark, Book 2 already released and with an Audio Book on the making. Yes, readers be prepared for Re-Scue the Audio Book, coming later 2013, and this is a great news that started my year on the right foot!!! Can’t hide how proud and excited I am, which is also why I realized it was high time I finished off Leon Sterling and Sean Davis’s story. They met first as Didri and Tylean, destroying one another in a dangerous game of sex and blood. As gazelle and predator, they didn’t fare any better, nor did they as Aural and Rhodri. Finally, reincarnated as Leon and Sean, they learned their lesson they could not grasp all the previous lifetimes, and moved on. That they are connected at a deeper level than either ever admitted became clear in Tasting Leon’s Mark, where Janet first glimpsed the truth of their relationship and forced them into accepting it. Now, the three of them are leaving for Atlanta, bound to return to San Francisco on a coast-to-coast trip that will change their lives forever. Funny thing I never realized while I was writing the other two book how this series is also a ménage in disguise, with the third one coming up so unexpectedly, it threw me off at first. But now that I see where these characters, as unruly as the ones in the Virtus Saga, I can’t wait to write the sequel of the ReScue Series, Book 3, working title Traveling Through Souls.

Oh, and to top it off, I’m also thinking of writing the third and final book to my Soulmate Series. For one thing, and this is a juicy piece of news, I’ll soon be coming out with the trailer of Pirate Drake and Devil Martin’s tale, which you can read in To Seduce A Soul Mate, Book 1, and The Pirate’s Surrender, Book 2. But their story, much like Leon and Sean’s, needs a closure, and though I haven’t been able to come up with a title or a definite plot, I know I’ll be writing it soon.

HH: How does 2013 promise to be different from 2012 for you?

LT: Since 2013 is my Chinese horoscope name sign, the Snake, it promises to be very different from 2012, if not more complicated as well. Being in your sign’s year isn’t always a good thing, at least according to most of the horoscopes I read on line, which all advise me to lay low, keep a low profile. But I don’t let this influence me. Instead, I’m convinced 2013 is going to be an arrival point in my writing and in my growth as an author. I’m looking forward to it, to all that I’m going to learn about myself and then use in my work, because the more I know of myself, the better I write. And it’s no coincidence that the Chinese New Year is set on February 4th, which is the date Kool Queer Blog will feature my post: Gender? What a bother at least according to my characters, during their Love is Love Blog Tour. So let’s hear it for 2013!

HH: Where do you find inspiration for your stories?

LT: It may sound trite, but most of my inspiration comes from me, the books I’ve read, the places I’ve been, the things I hear about on the news or that people tell me. Actually, anything can be inspiring to create a story, a setting or a strong character. For Spying the Alcove, my mate told me of the finding of a Roman medallion depicting a man and woman having sex on a triclinium and it inspired me to write the story. To Seduce A Soul Mate and its sequel The Pirate’s Surrender, instead, a friend told me so much about one of her boss Martin that it set off my imagination until I wrote his story. Sometimes, it can simply be passing a shop in a street like it happened with ReScue’s Series Book 2 Tasting Leon’s Mark that began when I saw an auto repair shop and imagined what it would be life for a woman to work in one. The first book in the series, Re-Scue, was inspired by an anthology call for stories of blood and passion, so I manufactured an original tale of two souls chasing one another through the lifetimes in order to play their bewitching game of sex and knife, a theme I’ve also used in Divinitas, only in a much profounder way. Other times, it’s enough to have the hot sun roasting my skin to spark off my fantasy. That’s how my Virtus Saga began. Now up to its fourth chapter, The Leader, which follows The Sex Book 1, The Game Book 2 and The Festival Book 3, it all started with the recurring image of a dark, handsome man riding at night, hurrying to avoid a storm yet having lost his way in a place he knows like the back of his hand. Then things get stranger when he finds cover in a rundown shack and the beautiful woman at the door is someone awfully familiar, but for the life of him, he doesn’t know her or her name. Well…that’s inspiration for you!

HH: What's your writing schedule like?

LT: Don’t have one. Never did to be precise. I go with the flow. I go with when I have the time to write. I go with when things come to me, which they don’t always when I want them to. It’s like when you buy a book and keep it on the shelf for ages until one day, by chance it seems, you pick it up and finally start reading it. At that point, you realize you weren’t ready for that book before, and that it had to wait until you were sufficiently grown up to understand it. So it is with my writing. I’m just not ready for some stories, which I’m sure will come to me later when I can understand them, even if the seeds are already in my head, much like the book you may have on the shelf still waiting for that right time. So, how can I possibly put a schedule to this?

HH: What's your favorite way to interact with readers?

LT: Through loops and chat mostly, but I also have many networking links through which they can reach me. Here are a few of them:

Laura's LallaGatta Website


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HH: What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

LT: On a global scale? Peace, love and happiness. Sounds trite, I know, but I think there’s never enough of them, and we all need reminding they aren’t as impossible to achieve as it seems in these very difficult times.

On a personal scale? To write more great stories and reach the hearts and minds of more great readers!

HH: Thank you!


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