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Polished, dignified and reserved in all things. That is a true nobleman.

Lady Clara of the Redding, a living statue of perfection, has been raised a true Redde noblewoman. She has been taught to never show emotion, to never raise her voice, to touch as little as possible, and to never act wildly or rashly. According to her people’s custom, the new generation cannot begin until the current one is settled. She is the last of her siblings without a husband and her pregnant sisters will remain in stasis until she’s married.

After Clara denies all suitable males on her home world, her parents are left with one choice—send her to a primitive planet where several noblemen await marriage. The men hardly appear picky about their choices, a perfect arrangement for a reluctant bride.

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An uninhibited woman to match his untamed soul. That would be his ideal wife.

Lord Vladan, Ealdorman Honorary of the Draig is not like his noble brothers. Adopted into their family after a mining accident killed his parents, he is every bit as titled as his new brothers, and every bit as welcome into the fold. Yet he can’t help but feel the pull of his commoner past. He loves his family, and will always do as duty demands, but a part of him still yearns to shift into dragon form and run free in the wild. It is a side he indulges every chance he gets. This is how he knows his bride will be the most wild of creatures, for he wants passion, not perfection. Surely the gods are mistaken when they bind him to the most refined, reserved, frustratingly perfect creature in the universe.

Warning: This book contains an alpha male reluctant to take his place as a nobleman preferring to run free in the forest and a woman unwilling to marry anything but a cultured and refined gentleman. Oh, and she doesn't like to get dirty...well, until now. Contains adult content.


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About Michelle M. Pillow

Michelle M. Pillow, Author of All Things Romance, is a multi-published, award winning author writing in many romance fiction genres including futuristic, paranormal, historical, contemporary, fantasy and dark paranormal. Ever since she can remember, she has had a strange fascination with anything supernatural--ghosts, magical powers, and oh... vampires. What could be more alluring than being immortal, all-powerful, and eternally beautiful? After discovering historical romance novels, it was only natural that the supernatural and love/romance elements should someday meet in my wonderland of a brain. She's glad they did for their children have been pouring onto the computer screen ever since.

She has been on the Amazon bestseller list multiple times, nominated for the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award 2011, the winner of the 2006 RT Reviewers' Choice Award, nominated for the 2007 RT Award, a Brava Novella Contest Finalist and a PAN member of RWA.

She writes a monthly interview column and is a journalist for Paranormal Underground Magazine. She has a BGS in History/Business with an English Minor, and a Photography degree. In 2009 she and fellow author Mandy M. Roth started their own highly successful self-publishing endeavor named The Raven Books.

She loves to hear from readers. They can contact her through her website michellepillow.com.
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An Interview with Michelle Pillow
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Michelle, thank you so much for talking with us at TRS BLUE. Your featured book is The Reluctant Lord and is part of your Dragon Lord series. First, what can you tell us about the series?

MP: The Dragon Lords series is by far a reader favorite. It's a futuristic shapeshifter romance set on another planet (and connected to a whole universe of books through spin off series). They focus on a population of alpha males who are raised to believe in a destined mate. They believe their gods will show them, unmistakably, who they are supposed to marry and love. So, when the time comes they're very eager for this to happen and don't question it. The women however are not so sure the decision can be made within two seconds of meeting someone. Being alphas, these men don't like letting go of what they consider theirs destined by the gods and are confused when the women don't instantly see it as well.

HH: How does this story fit into the series?

MP: Books 1-8 of the series have interconnected timelines. So you get to see hints of each story in the other stories, but to get the whole picture you need to read them all. It's challenging doing congruent time lines, but also a lot of fun.

HH: What will readers like about Clara and why will they empathize with her?

MP: Clara had literally been raised without affection, at least in any sense we recognize. She also has been taught not to show emotion, at all. So, she has a hard time expressing herself. Her people don't even smile. It's really quite sad if you think about it, but also empowering as she comes into her own.

HH: What will readers love about Vladan?

MP: He's patient. He also struggles with his position in society. He was adopted by a noble family, but he feels like he's missing out with his commoner roots.

HH: What makes this book different from any of your other works?

MP: Like the other females I write, Clara is strong, but unlike the others she doesn't necessarily fight the fact she's getting married. She sees it as her duty and doesn't try to ward off her husband. Her conflict comes from within, dealing with a new planet of very emotional people after being raised by a stoic society. There is comfort in the familiar so the experience can be overwhelming for her.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

MP: The next book, The Impatient Lord, will release 2014. I also just signed a contract with Entangled Publishing (yay!) for a brand new magickal series featuring modern day Scotsmen and a super fun plot line.

HH: Where do you draw inspiration from in your writing career?

MP: Everywhere. I love to learn and experience new things. Loving research is a plus as a writer since there can be a lot of it. Inspiration can come at the strangest times (in the shower, in the middle of the night, in a restaurant) and in the strangest forms (waitress dropping a tray, ants marching across a sidewalk, dialing the wrong number and getting a grouchy old lady).

HH: What are you most grateful for in your writing career?

MP: Being able to have one. My readers for allowing me to do what I love. My author friends for climbing that publishing ladder with me. My bestie and author and business partner, Mandy Roth who keeps me sane(ish).

HH: What are you reading right now?

MP: Honestly? Edits. LOL But when those are finished I'll start "The Dead Tell" the newest novella by Jaycee Clark (romantic suspense) coming out very soon. Yay for advance copies.

HH: Where can readers find you online?

MP: Website: www.MichellePillow.com
The Raven: www.TheRavenBooks.com
Twitter: @MichellePillow
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorMichellePillow

HH: Thank you!


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