B.J. McCall

A Hellhound on the scent is relentless.

Hellhound Haydn North is hired by Ridax Pharmaceuticals to track down stolen vials of it s new heart drug which has an unexpected side effect. Stolen by a lab tech, the aphrodisiac is now on the streets being sold under the name of Raptus.

Private procurer Kartinka Kruse is hired by a wealthy client to acquire the vials of Raptus only to find Haydn is on the case. This isn't the first time she and the Hellhound have crossed paths.

Haydn has been romancing Kartinka for months, and his relentless pursuit is wearing her down a kiss at a time, but alpha male Hellhounds like to lead, and Kartinka doesn't like to follow.

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Haydn's hunt for his alpha mate is over. All he has to do is convince Kartinka she's his perfect mate.


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About B.J. McCall

BJ McCall lives in sunny California, just steps away from the Pacific Ocean. She loves writing, walking and hanging out at the shore spotting dolphins, sea lions, otters, whales and the occasional shark.

She is multi-published and writes in the paranormal, sci-fi, futuristic and contemporary genres. She loves hearing from readers and invites them to contact her through her website.

BJ hopes all her readers have a wonderful 2012.


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An Interview with B.J. McCall
By Megan Garbe for The Romance Studio

MG: B.J., thank you for talking with us at TRS! Your featured book is Relentless and is part of a multi author series at Changeling Press. What can you tell us about the series?

BJ:Author Selena Illyria is the creator of the Hellhound Detective Agency. Each book in the series features hellhound/paranormal beings that use their talents to find and track people down. The agency's motto is "We'll get your man no matter what it takes."

MG: How does Relentless fit into this series?

BJ: My book is the third book released in the series and my hero, Haydn North is a hellhound who works for the agency.  So far four books have been released: Hell Hath No Fury by Anne Kane, Demon's Captive by Selena Illyria, Relentless and I Won't Be Gentle by Leona Grey.

If readers would like a taste of the Hellhound Detective Agency, they should visit the Changeling Press website and read my free Encounter, Hellhound Detective Agency: Feel of Fur.  

MG: What can you tell us about Kartinka and why will readers relate to her?

BJ: Kartinka never had it easy and the important people in her youth really let her down. She's tough, independent and reluctant to trust. Despite the obstacles she faced, Kartinka carved out a unique career.  Her profession is private acquisitions and she's good at it. Whatever her clients want, Kartinka finds it - for a price. She doesn't ask why her clients want a particular product and they wisely don't ask how she obtained it.

I think readers will like her because she's a tough business woman who marches to her own drummer, but deep in her heart she really wants to be loved.

MG: What can you tell us Haydn and why will readers love him?

BJ: Haydn is a guy comfortable in his own skin or fur, depending on his form. He's good at his job, tracking and finding whatever or whoever he's after. Kartinka is no exception. Haydn loves her and no matter how often she rebuffs him he won't give up. He knows she's the woman for him and his pursuit of her is relentless.

MG: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

BJ: This month the second book of my Dragonfire series, Chosen will be released by Changeling Press.  This year I'll be writing another book for Changeling's Spaceport series and another book in my Moonlust series.

Kela's Guardian in the Something Wicked This Way Comes IV anthology will be published in 2012 by Ellora's Cave.

MG: What do you enjoy most about being a writer?

BJ: I was always a daydreamer and I love bringing the characters and the stories spinning in my head to life.

MG: What advantages are there for writers now as opposed to when you started out?

BJ: I think the ability for authors to self-publish and not have their books be viewed as vanity press is a real change in the industry.

MG: What are you reading at the moment?

BJ: In Her Name by Michael R Hicks and Sudden Death by Michael Balkind.

MG: What is one of your all time favorite books?

BJ: I love Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. It's a grand story about a woman who takes control of her own life in the worst of circumstances, becomes a business woman when its socially unacceptable, supports her entire family, screws up the greatest romance of her life, and still on the last page refuses to give up. What's not to like.

MG: Any goals you've set for yourself this year?

BJ: Write, write and write.  I'm hoping to have six to eight books published this year.

MG: Thank you!


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