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On New Year's Eve workaholic Melody Manning is informed by her ex he's getting married. Devastated by the news, she blames the slave-driver tactics of her former boss for her break up.

To release the heartbreak and provide herself with some much needed stress relief, she enlists the help of an exclusive matching agency specializing in one-night stands.

At the Castillo Resort and Winery in Sonoma Valley, Mel meets the mysterious Dom who has agreed to the last minute rendezvous. The sexy masked Master promises to get to the bottom of Mel's guilt and provide ultimate satisfaction under the safety of his stern hand.

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After an emotional night of submission and uninhibited passion, will her lover's unmasking lead to the end of their encounter or give Mel another chance at love?


Reviews for Night With a Dom

"I will say the BDSM scenes were intense. I read alot of BDSM but never has emotional intense as these. Let's just say when I read this, my rear was sore and I was seriously squirming in my chair. I really felt like I was part of the scene with Dominic and I normally don't feel that way when I read the sub-genre. Awesome job, Ms. Major. And thank you!"

"I highly recommend Night with a Dom for anyone that likes a steamy, emotional read that will have you squirming in your seat and sighing in the end. This is NOT your typical BDSM read folks. Its a highly emotional and gut wrenching tale with a Dom that pushes and a new submissive that realizes what is important in her life." - Harley's Book Blog


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About Casea Major

Prior to becoming a writer of romantic fiction, Casea Major worked in the legal field for a non-profit dispute resolution company for ten years.  She is now a full-time mom to three preschool children with whom she and her husband live happily...most of the time.  When she isn't chained to her laptop, she enjoys Cary Grant movies and crocheting.

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An Interview with Casea Major
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Casea, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Night with a Dom. What can you tell us about this mystery-laced erotic tale?

CM: Thanks you for having me here. I love The Romance Studio as a reader so it's a privledge to be here as a writer.

I came up with the idea for this 1Night Stand story while watching football one Sunday afternoon in late fall. I wondered what kind of catalyst would propel someone into experimenting with their darker sexual desires. What would cause someone to take a small step out of their comfort zone to seek fulfillment for a craving they'd never satisfied? That is how Night with a Dom was born.

HH: What can you tell us about Melody and what makes her unique among your heroines?

CM: Mel is a strong woman, driven and ambitious. More ambitious than my other heroines. She has pushed herself and is now the youngest jr. executive in the firm's history. But not without a price. There is always a sacrifice.

HH: What can you tell us about her Dom and why will readers love him?

CM: Dominic is older (late forties) but his body has no signs of wear. The age just adds to his air of authority. We think he has dark hair but is masked in a dimly lit room. What we can see is his intense gray eyes. And it's clear from the moment Mel (and the reader) meets him, he is in control.

HH: While BDSM is very popular in romantic fiction, it's still new to some readers. What recommendations do you have for readers interested in trying this intense subgenre of romance?

CM: I recommend starting light and working your way up to the heavier stuff. Night with a Dom has mild bondage and discipline. It's the playful side of BDSM. Not that there isn't some pain and genuine emotion, there is. But if a reader has never read the genre, I would suggest this story as a good starting point. The BDSM scenes are safe, negotiated and explained before they take place. I wanted the reader to understand that both parties were consenting and fully understood what was going to happen.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

CM: I am currently working on an Epic Fantasy Romance that I hope will release sometime later this year. A spoiled party girl inexplicably transports to another world where she meets the man of her dreams. He believes she's The One prophesied to defeat the Dark and he's been waiting for her so, together, they can restore his stolen kingdom. Unfortunately for her, the kingdom already includes his wife.

HH: How has the romance genre changed since you began writing?

CM: The shift from traditional paper backs to digital is the greatest change in publishing, not just romance.

HH: What changes in the market please you most?

CM: I love the idea that smaller presses and even indie published authors can bring their work to table. I believe there's room for everyone. Lots of people want to read and with the price of ebooks still self-regulating it's great as a reader to be able to get more wonderful stories from new and exciting authors.

HH: What sources of inspiration do you draw from for ideas?

CM: Anything and everything. Sometimes a character comes to me other times just a title. But the common thread in my inspiration is music. Music is the source of emotion in my writing. Usually, I'll hear a song and think of how it applies to my characters and strong plot elements form.

HH: What's your favorite book so far in 2012?

CM: I just recently finished The Crossroads Café by Deborah Smith. It is now in the top three of my all-time favorite stories. I was enchanted by her beautiful writing style and in awe of how she weaves emotional threads through her tale.

HH: What are you most looking forward to in 2012?

CM: Being print published. It's a personal goal I hope to achieve this year. HH: Thank you!


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