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Sarah is in Victoria to expand her father’s chain of wine bars into the Australian market. It’s a hectic job that leaves little time for a social life but that doesn’t mean she’s going to ignore her carnal needs entirely. She contacts an exclusive escort agent who promises to send her a man capable of fulfilling her every desire. David, the man who arrives, is nothing like the practiced lothario she expects, yet the night that ensues is more intensely passionate than any she’s experienced. Sarah is just starting to consider making David a kept man when she realizes the chilling truth.

David isn’t an escort at all. He’s a vineyard owner who’d planned to approach Sarah with a business proposition. She thinks he set her up but the truth is David barely expected to speak with Sarah, let alone sleep with her. It’s an honest case of mistaken identity that resulted in the best night of David’s life. And for David, one night of Sarah will never be enough.

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About Sami Lee

Despite falling in love with creative writing in her teenage years, Sami worked a wide variety of jobs on her way to eventual publication. As a bartender she used to scrawl snatches of dialogue on the back of flyers advertising $2 drink specials. Now she types on a computer like a bonafide, professional author--but she wouldn't mind finding a bar that still sells $2 drinks. If you know of one, please email her at sami at samilee dot com, or contact her on Twitter or Facebook. An author of hot, unashamedly romantic stories, Sami and lives in Australia with her husband and two stupendous daughters. If that's too far away for you, vist her webhome at


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An Interview with Sami Lee
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Sami, thank you for talking with us at TRS. You featured story is Just One Taste. Where did you get the idea for this sizzling story?

SL: Like most of my ideas it started with a single scene. I saw a well-dressed woman sitting in a bar waiting for a man and I started running through all the possible scenarios. Who was the man she waited for? Why was he late? I got a sense of time and place and then just started to write. Just One Taste was one of those seat-of-my-pants books (my favorite kind).

HH: What do you like about Sarah and why will readers identify with her?

SL: I like that she is a warm person with whom average women could identify, despite her having had a very privelaged upbrining. She appears to be someone who has it all, but inside she is lonely and stressed, as confused about her future as anyone else.

HH: What do you like about David and why will readers love him?

SL: Ooh, I love that David is an ‘average’ guy who isn’t really average at all. He is nice, handsome, and even a little shy, yet he’s more than a match for the ultra-cosmopolitan Sarah. In fact, he’s exactly what she needs emotionally, which makes him perfect hero material.

And he makes his own wine, so that’s a huge draw. ☺

HH: What do you think readers will love in this new story?

SL: It was a lot of fun for me to turn the status quo around a bit by making the heroine the rich, powerful character and the hero a person from a fairly humble station in life. It took the financials out of the equation somewhat, and forced David to be everything Sarah needed in every other area (emotionally, sexually, spiritually), because when it came to money he couldn’t give her more than what she already had. I also think there’s a great dynamic between the characters. Not only are they from different worlds, they are from different countries. Sarah is an American residing in Australia, and there are a few cute moments when David has to explain the difference in culture and slang to her. It’s fun to watch two people who seem to be polar opposites finding their soul mate in each other.

HH: Tell us about the setting and why you chose it.

SL: As I said above, the initial scene I envisaged came with a sense of time and place. I felt that it was in cold region, where there’s nothing better than curling up in front of the fire with a glass of red wine. Once I realised David was a wine maker, I knew I had to set the story in Melbourne and the Yarrah Valley, a winemaking region in Victoria, Australia. And I’ve always wanted to set a book in a winery!

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

SL: I have a book entitled Unforgettable Summer coming out with Samhain Publishing in November 2013. It’s the first book in a series called Wild Crush, and it’s an erotic romance about a professional surfer reigniting his love affair with the girl who got away.

HH: What else can readers look forward to from you?

SL: There’s another release I can’t talk about yet, but news is on the way. I’m always working on something!

HH: What hobbies or interests do you have outside of your writing?

SL: Boy, I wish I had time for some hobbies and interests! Between my family, my day job and writing, I don’t have much to spare for anything else. I do enjoy cooking, I love music. I love to cook to music with a glass of wine in hand, actually. ☺

HH: What's your favorite quote ever?

SL: It’s so hard to pick just one! But the one I come back to time and again is from Elmore Lenoard, who said “I try to leave out the parts people skip” (I hope I’ve quoted that to the word!). Whenever I’m struggling with writing a scene, I ask myself if I’m struggling because I’m bored, if readers would skip this scene if I left it in. It’s amazing how many times the answer to that is ‘yes’. Many of my words have suffered an untimely demise due to this valuable writing advice.

HH: What's your favorite social media and how to use it to let readers know about your books?

SL: I’ve grown very fond of Twitter. It’s so immediate and the ability to engage with readers and other authors makes it a lot of fun. I always respond to @ tweets, and if anyone wants to say hi my handle is @divasamilee. I’m also on Facebook and Pinterest, as well as trying to update my own blog and the two group blogs I write for (Down Under Divas and International Heat)

HH: Thank you!


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