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"Sarah, Nathaniel, and Lily resist unconditional love as they feed primal desires. Not believing the possibility of having it all, they struggle to believe that they, the “least of these”, rightfully deserve a lifetime of love and happiness-- Especially with how graphically and unconventionally they choose to express themselves.

Each of the characters comes to realize how tortured their lives have become. Violent images, dreams, and actions occur as they spiral downward into their dark lives. As they each reach a personal impasse, they must decide how they will make their lives better. In the process, they must also mend broken intimate relationships with the ones they love.

This erotic, edgy tale describes and embraces elements of s/M lifestyle. Their personal proclivities are not condemned.

If a fish does not have fins, it becomes lifeless and sinks helplessly to the bottom of the water.

Humans are exactly the same way.

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Reviews for Finless

From Morton Syndicate:

“Davee Jones’ surprisingly light, erotic novel, Finless, opens with the, “Transformation” of Sarah, our main character, and uses the first two chapters of her novel to give relatively brief histories of said character and her first, “Master” Nathaniel. Affectionless childhoods and small towns are almost excuses for their participation in the taboo world of BDSM. Nathaniel, Sarah’s boss at a big architecture firm, is immediately infatuated with her; drawn to her subtle essence of power and womanly figure. Slowly, he develops their professional relationship with weekday dinners and the occasional business trip, waiting for the opportune moment. I felt little sexual tension in the mechanical dialogue and was relieved when, in chapter six, Sarah smacks her head on a coffee table in Nathaniel’s office and after coming to makes the first obvious move. Jones leaves little to the imagination in this steamy scene.

…If it is possible for someone to write a light story about whips and rough sex, Davee Jones has done it. Erotic and peppered with religious transformation, Finless is a sexy novel one can enjoy reading out loud to a lover.”

From The Austinist:

“If it all sounds a bit trite or two-dimensional, that’s because the central metaphor has not yet been explored and it’s Nathaniel who, from a dream, gives us a glimpse of the deeper meaning of the book:

"...the fish was floating helplessly on the top of the water, blood droplets sinking in small circles away from it. .. More shocking, the fish had no fins and was slowly, helplessly descending to the rocks at the bottom of the tank… As Nathaniel approached, his curiosity turned to horror as he saw the boy holding the fins of the fish. The boy had ripped the fins from the fish and was now staring at them in his cruel grasp... Nathaniel drew in a sharp breath when he realized the face he was staring into was his own boyhood self... ‘Is this what I have done to Lily [Girl 2] -- she is now essentially finless?’"

Besides several more moments of introspection like these, the sex scenes (i.e. what we’re here for) are also handled with literary finesse, lines like, “Without hesitation, he took her from behind, driving his pulsing cock into her waiting center. Over and over he continued his welcomed assault into her tight feminine cave,” and “He was wearing nothing underneath and his rock hard endowment pushed free of the trouser fabric, almost smacking Sarah in the face.”


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About Davee Jones

Davee Jones began a career in the counseling field with her M.Ed. She then diversified and began work for the federal government. The dryness of the day to day assignments fostered the desire for her to do something more creative. Because writing was always a passion, she used every opportunity to journal and create fictional worlds with her words. She began writing short fiction and books, inspired by the events around her.

Now avidly writing, in the little spare time she has, she has several other books in progress. She has books that draw from eroticism, romance, suspense, drama, and sometimes comedy. A few of her books garner only one flame, but, others will secure all five flames in the heat index.


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