Book-a-day Schedule

Date Title Donor Type
2014-08-21 ***Week's releases*** Changeling Press Publisher
2014-08-21 Hollywood Dreams and Buttercream Sandra Sookoo author
2014-08-22 Seven Sensuous Days Tina Donahue author
2014-08-22 It Had To Be Us Elizabeth Lawrence author
2014-08-23 A Suitable Wife Carol Burnside author
2014-08-23 ***Winner's choice*** Darragha Foster author
2014-08-24 ***Week's releases*** Amber Quill Press Publisher
2014-08-24 Something About Jayden Sharita Lira author
2014-08-25 Still the Best Woman for the Job Sharon C. Cooper author
2014-08-25 WAR CLOUD'S PASSION Karen Kay author
2014-08-26 Earthly Desires Keira Andrews author
2014-08-26 Design for Dominance Diane Leyne author
2014-08-26 Campus Cravings Cassandra Carr author
2014-08-27 ***Winner's choice*** Torquere Press Publisher
2014-08-27 Playing the Game Stephanie Queen author
2014-08-27 Distant Mountains Tricia McGill author
2014-08-27 Texas Two Step Cynthia Dalba author
2014-08-28 ***Week's releases*** Changeling Press Publisher
2014-08-28 In Too Deep (Due South Book 1) Tracey Alvarez author
2014-08-28 Tail of the Dragon Sultry Summers author
2014-08-29 Her Latin Love Lucy Monroe author
2014-08-29 Red Tails in the Sunset Deirdre O'Dare/Gwynn Morgan author
2014-08-30 I Love it Rough M/M Sharita Lira author
2014-08-30 Dangerously His A.M. Griffin author
2014-08-30 SINN Tina Donahue author
2014-08-31 ***Week's releases*** Amber Quill Press Publisher
2014-08-31 ***Winner\'s choice*** Kacey Hammell author
2014-08-31 Brody: The Long Road Home Jan Scarbrough author
2014-09-01 TBA Cheryl Dragon author
2014-09-02 Lord of the Hunt Shona Husk author
2014-09-03 Bishop\'s Angel Tory Richards author
2014-09-04 Forever Eva Missy Martine author
2014-09-05 Perfect Ride Eva Lefoy author
2014-09-06 For His Eyes Only (ebook or print) Liz Fielding author
2014-09-07 ***Winner's choice on one back list ebook*** Kristina Knight author
2014-09-08 ***Winner's choice of one backlist ebook*** Leigh Ellwood author
2014-09-09 Jackson\'s Sub (The Doms of Club Mystique 2) Mardi Maxell author
2014-09-10 Their Temporary Sub Mardi Maxell author
2014-09-11 A Highlander In Peril Kara Griffin author
2014-09-12 Tyler Robbins / Robin Badillo author
2014-09-13 Born to Fly: You Save Me Aliyah Burke author
2014-09-14 TBA Rhian Cahill author
2014-09-15 TBA Cerise DeLand author
2014-09-15 The Warlord's Comeuppance Gail Koger author
2014-09-16 TBA Kayelle Allen author
2014-09-17 Stolen Desire Tina Donahue author
2014-09-18 Healed by a Heart Cynthia Woolf author
2014-09-19 The Hot Shots Stephanie Queen author
2014-09-20 TBA Susan Carlisle author
2014-09-21 Hunted by the Past Jami Gray author
2014-09-22 Mistress Says Faster Sultry Summers author
2014-09-23 TBA Carol Burnside author
2014-09-23 TBA Darragha Foster author
2014-09-24 Outlaw Muse Lauren Linwood author
2014-09-25 A Duel With Death Louisa Bacio author
2014-09-26 Riding Irish Sara Brookes author
2014-09-27 Queen of the Stars Lorelei Orion author
2014-09-28 Sinfully Wicked Tina Donahue author
2014-09-29 Christmas at Rakehell Manor Elizabeth Hanbury author
2014-09-30 TBA Celia Kyle author
2014-09-30 Not Just the Greek\'s Wife Lucy Monroe author
2014-10-01 Mating Ritual Tory Richards author
2014-10-02 Space Bride Missy Martine author
2014-10-03 Project Recruitment Ann Raina author
2014-10-04 2in1 Planet of the Veils & Casino - Star Shine Sultry Summers author
2014-10-06 TBA Liz Fielding author
2014-10-07 ***Winner's choice on one back list ebook*** Kristina Knight author
2014-10-08 ***Winner's choice of one backlist ebook*** Leigh Ellwood author
2014-10-13 Interwoven Aliyah Burke author
2014-10-14 TBA Rhian Cahill author
2014-10-15 TBA Cerise DeLand author
2014-10-15 The Nasty Vamp Gail Koger author
2014-10-19 The Beachcombers Stephanie Queen author
2014-10-20 TBA Susan Carlisle author
2014-10-21 TBA Jami Gray author
2014-10-23 TBA Carol Burnside author
2014-10-23 TBA Darragha Foster author
2014-10-24 TBA Celia Kyle author
2014-10-28 Riding Irish Sara Brookes author
2014-10-29 A Game of Chance Lauren Linwood author
2014-10-30 The Greek\'s Pregnant Lover Lucy Monroe author
2014-10-31 Claiming Magique Tina Donahue author
2014-11-01 Shadow\'s Curse: Book 4 of the Kyn Kronicles Jami Gray author
2014-11-02 TBA Cheryl Dragon author
2014-11-03 Up in Flames Tory Richards author
2014-11-04 My Chameleon Loves Missy Martine author
2014-11-06 TBA Liz Fielding author
2014-11-07 ***Winner's choice on one back list ebook*** Kristina Knight author
2014-11-08 ***Winner's choice of one backlist ebook*** Leigh Ellwood author
2014-11-13 Highlands at Dawn Aliyah Burke author
2014-11-14 TBA Rhian Cahill author
2014-11-15 TBA Cerise DeLand author
2014-11-15 I Hear Voices Gail Koger author
2014-11-16 TBA Kayelle Allen author
2014-11-17 The Yearning Tina Donahue author
2014-11-18 The Beachcombers Stephanie Queen author
2014-11-19 Written in the Cards Lauren Linwood author
2014-11-20 TBA Susan Carlisle author
2014-11-21 Hey Santa Jessica E. Subject author
2014-11-22 ***Winner\'s choice*** Kacey Hammell author
2014-11-23 TBA Carol Burnside author
2014-11-23 TBA Darragha Foster author
2014-11-24 For Duty\'s Sake Lucy Monroe author
2014-11-25 TBA Celia Kyle author
2014-11-26 Holidays
2014-11-27 Holidays
2014-11-28 Holidays
2014-11-29 Holidays
2014-11-30 Holidays
2014-12-01 Bishop\'s Angel Tory Richards author
2014-12-02 Meredith\'s Pride Missy Martine author
2014-12-03 Download My Love Eva Lefoy author
2014-12-04 Christmas Rescue Sultry Summers author
2014-12-06 TBA Liz Fielding author
2014-12-07 ***Winner's choice on one back list ebook*** Kristina Knight author
2014-12-08 ***Winner's choice of one backlist ebook*** Leigh Ellwood author
2014-12-13 Till We’re Not Strangers Anymore Aliyah Burke author
2014-12-14 TBA Rhian Cahill author
2014-12-15 TBA Cerise DeLand author
2014-12-15 Just My Luck Gail Koger author

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