Book-a-day Schedule

Date Title Donor Type
2014-11-23 Sunset Beach Sizzle Carol Burnside author
2014-11-23 Peyton's Ride Jennifer James author
2014-11-23 Moon of Ripening Diane Davis White author
2014-11-23 Cocktail Cruises: The Collection Allie Boniface author
2014-11-24 For Duty\'s Sake Lucy Monroe author
2014-11-24 The Dove Kristy McCaffrey author
2014-11-24 Confessions of the Sausage Queen Ute Carbone author
2014-11-24 Kit's Ultimate Deal Gwynn Morgan author
2014-11-25 A French Affair Lucy Felthouse author
2014-11-25 Toy Soldiers Justus Roux author
2014-11-25 Alaskan Heat Pam Champagne author
2014-11-26 Holidays
2014-11-27 Holidays
2014-11-28 Holidays
2014-11-29 Holidays
2014-11-30 Holidays
2014-12-01 Bishop\'s Angel Tory Richards author
2014-12-01 Christmas at Rakehell Manor Elizabeth Hanbury author
2014-12-02 ***Week's Releases*** Torquere Press Publisher
2014-12-02 Meredith\'s Pride Missy Martine author
2014-12-02 Shadow's Pleasure Molle McGregor author
2014-12-03 Download My Love Eva Lefoy author
2014-12-04 ***Week's Releases*** Changeling Press Publisher
2014-12-04 Christmas Rescue Sultry Summers author
2014-12-05 Good Faith by Liz Crowe Tridestiny Publishing author
2014-12-06 Four Classic Contemporary Romances Liz Fielding author
2014-12-06 Forever Mine Monica Burns author
2014-12-07 ***Winner's choice on one back list ebook*** Kristina Knight author
2014-12-08 ***Winner's choice of one backlist ebook*** Leigh Ellwood author
2014-12-09 ***Week's Releases*** Torquere Press Publisher
2014-12-09 A New Beginning Jennifer Mueller author
2014-12-10 TBA Serena Fairfax author
2014-12-11 ***Week's Releases*** Changeling Press Publisher
2014-12-11 Tall, Dark & Apocalyptic Sam Cheever author
2014-12-12 Toy Soldiers Justus Roux author
2014-12-13 Till We’re Not Strangers Anymore Aliyah Burke author
2014-12-14 TBA Rhian Cahill author
2014-12-15 TBA Cerise DeLand author
2014-12-15 Just My Luck Gail Koger author
2014-12-16 ***Week's Releases*** Torquere Press Publisher
2014-12-16 TBA Kayelle Allen author
2014-12-17 Stewart Realty Anthology by Liz Crowe (3) Tridestiny Publishing Publisher
2014-12-18 ***Week's Releases*** Changeling Press Publisher
2014-12-18 Christmas at Rakehell Manor Elizabeth Hanbury author
2014-12-18 ***Winner's choice*** Marla Monroe author
2014-12-19 ***Winner's choice of one ebook*** Phaze Books Publisher
2014-12-19 Adored Tina Donahue author
2014-12-20 TBA Susan Carlisle author
2014-12-20 Kissed by a Dark Prince (Eternal Mates #1) Felicity Heaton author
2014-12-20 Her Bad Boy Protector: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol. 5 Anita Lawless author
2014-12-21 Things That Go Bump for the Holidays Jami Gray author
2014-12-21 The Sparrow Kristy McCaffrey author
2014-12-21 BDSM Mega Boxed Set Anita Lawless author
2014-12-22 TBA Celia Kyle author
2014-12-22 Warrior\'s Moon Lucy Monroe author
2014-12-22 Surrender Series Boxed Set Anita Lawless author
2014-12-23 ***Week's Releases*** Torquere Press Publisher
2014-12-23 Nobody's Baby Carol Burnside author
2014-12-23 TBA Darragha Foster author
2014-12-24 Holidays
2014-12-25 Holidays
2014-12-26 Holidays
2014-12-27 Holidays
2014-12-28 Holidays
2014-12-29 Holidays
2014-12-30 Holidays
2014-12-31 Holidays

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