Erica Miner: A Journey from Violinist to Romance Novelist

By Erica Miner

My debut novel, Travels With My Lovers, explores the steamy romantic exploits of an independent career woman and single mom. Inspired by my own experiences traveling through Europe on holiday to some of the most exotic locales in the world, it tells of a woman's journey of self-discovery through five distinct periods in her life, each providing a provocative glimpse into her evolving hopes, dreams and desires.

It’s a story about the love of travel. With its multiple enticing worldwide locations, the book fulfills many people's personal fantasies - to go to Europe and beyond and fall in love. It’s also the story of the struggle to find someone to love - and everyone can relate to that.

Why did I write Travels With My Lovers? It was created in response to two major life-altering experiences.

The first occurred in my previous life as a professional violinist, when my husband of ten years left me for another man. Rather than be defeated by a devastating situation, I chose to take life by the reins and do something I had always wanted to do: travel. With each voyage, I became wiser and more experienced, and I journaled to keep a record of the fascinating places and people I discovered in my expeditions to these exotic locales.

The second one came several years later, after I had raised my two children on my own, when injuries I suffered in a car accident forced me to give up my musical career. In searching for an outlet for my creativity, I turned back to my lifelong love of writing. From my journals I penned my novel, Travels With My Lovers. It won the Fiction Prize in the 2003-2005 Direct From the Author Book Awards’ and sent me on yet another journey.

In exploring the whole new world of promoting my book and meeting all sorts of wonderful people, I have also been giving lectures in the US and abroad, on such subjects as: 'A journey from violinist to novelist' and ‘Relationships and the Single Mom.’ I recently returned from a well-received lecture tour on Celebrity Cruise Lines. I've had book signings, guest appearances on the radio and online - and all because of my book!

The response to my novel from readers all over the globe has been overwhelming, especially from women. Those who have traveled to the places I've described say that the book takes them back to these beloved locales. Those who have been hesitant to take the leap and travel on their own have been inspired to do so. And there has been a deep sense of identification with the book's heroine, whose adventures have depicted - 'with humor and wisdom,' according to one reviewer - both the frustrations and the excitement she experiences in a sensitive and entertaining manner.

My review comments range from: ‘The essential guide to sex and single motherhood, with style!' to ‘as hot as a Florentine cobblestone in the month of July!’

The ultimate purpose of my book? First, to entertain; and second, to encourage all generations of women to express their emotional freedom.

What makes my message unique? Me. This is based on my story and it is one that so many women can identify with. I want to give this message to women all over the planet: celebrate the woman in you – and do it with a passion!

Copyright 2004, Erica Miner

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