Chocolate, Flowers, and Lingerie

By Sultry Summers

Where did it all begin? So many, many years past most people blame either the Greeting Card Companies or the Candy Industry. Wrong!! It started in Rome, the City of Love. In addition, the man who started it was named Valentine or perhaps Valentinus. He was not very popular with the Emperor of the day who wanted his army made up of single men. Valentus would, in secret, marry young lovers. When the Emperor caught him, he had him executed. That is one story among several. Another legend says Valentus himself started the tradition of sending love notes while he was in prison. The object of his affections was the jailor's daughter no less. No doubt that went over well with her Dad.

Over the centuries, the date February 14th or 15th has been attached to other ritualistic events that went with love or fertility. Valentine's Day came to be celebrated in remembrance of Valentus' death, around 270 AD. Aphrodite and Aries' son, Cupid, that cute little cherub with his misguided arrow has been a Valentine's Day symbol almost since the beginning. The Romans really liked this holiday until Pope Gelasius declared February 14th, and the fertility lottery that went with it, un-Christian and outlawed it in 498 AD.

During the Middle Ages people considered Valentine's Day as the day birds began their mating rituals. They figured what was good for the birds was good for them. However, the British really started most of our more modern traditions in the 1700's by sending small token gifts, handwritten love notes, and sweets to their sweeties.

In the twenty-first century Valentine's Day has become one of the most loved holidays we celebrate and one of the most profitable. Men especially feel the pinch. Have pity on the soul and body, not to mention the relationship of the man who forgets his love on Valentine's Day. Where as the old traditional gifts of chocolate, and flowers, might get a man by, these days if he really wants to impress his significant other he will go a little further in his efforts.

Jewelry is always popular and expensive, and the jewelry companies are quick to let the buyer know that while candy is sweet and flowers smell nice they do not last. If you want that relationship to last, maybe a gift that lasts as well, is the better choice. Then there are the more personal gifts like lingerie!

Lingerie is so very personal, it does last a little longer than candy and flowers and it lets the recipient know what's on your mind well. Now it is up to the lady to model it. Still this is the twenty-first century and the recipient may be the gentleman and he may be doing the modeling. Now adays more women are buying sexy garments for their men. There is nothing like a good-looking hunk walking around in a tight pair of silk boxers or briefs. After all these years, why shouldn't we ladies start getting a little return on the market?

Now the Greeting Card Association has estimated that 85% of the One Billion Valentine's Day Cards sent will be by women. Just makes you wonder, how many pairs of sexy boxers' underwear women will bye? Now that heart shaped shoe to buy for Valentine's Day in on the other foot. We ladies mustn't forget our guys. Maybe a box of good chocolates would do, everyone loves those, but guys really aren't into flowers. Of course, Jewelry is always a wise choice even for a man and there isn't a thing wrong with taking him to dinner. That would be a nice change too. Still a gift of sexy nightwear or underwear for a man is going to not only surprise, but make Valentine's Day night a more special evening than last year's.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sultry Summers

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